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The facts come home to roost: On January 8th, 2002, San Juan Capistrano (CA) police  arrested a man who had threatened to shoot up the San Onofre Nuclear Power Station and his former coworkers etc. at the plant.

He had an arsenal of almost 300 weapons, including illegal assault rifles, 5,000 rounds of ammunition, an antitank rocket launcher, four live hand grenades, tear gas, survivalist material, etc. etc..

Are you scared yet?  Now, you folks in the media seem to no longer be reporting that he threatened the plant -- but where do you expect him to go to find all those coworkers he was threatening?  And considering that the nuclear industry believes a meltdown is no big deal beyond the perimeter fence, it is ABSOLUTELY ASSURED that this perpetrator had NO IDEA how much death and destruction he could really create with his weapons.

The man was 43 years old, a former maintenance worker at the plant.  He was fired in December, 2001, after 17 years. He had previously had access to nuclear area, but it was revoked in 1995 and "never restored".  So he knew exactly where to go and how to get there.


Anyone who remembers how hard a time the Los Angeles police had with just two heavily-armed bank robbers live on television knows it's not so simple to stop a well-armed attacker, especially one who has inside knowledge about exactly how a plant is laid out and when particular areas are most vulnerable.

Security at San Onofre has been described as lax, over and over and over.  Yet no one listens.  There is no way to protect a nuclear power plant properly.  Sure, theoretically, you could do a lot more than is being done.  But you CAN'T do it cost-effectively.  So the plant must be shut down.

Animated history of America nuclear power:
Poison Fire USA ("POIFU")

How does a nuclear power plant work?:

The Demon Hot Atom: Internet Glossary of Nuclear Terminology:

Here is a list of all nuclear power plants in America, with details about each one:

Here is a list of about 400 books and videos about nuclear power:


Hopefully people will be taking a new look at these and other books, "the word" will finally become mightier than "the sword", and we will stop this nonsense, close all the nukes, build wind power and other renewable energy solutions, and SAVE THE PLANET before some nut-case takes out a nuclear power plant, either mine, yours, or someone else's.


Ace Hoffman
Concerned Citizen, Carlsbad, CA

First, a free media moment:    

Let's all see it again!

Links to Meltdown movie on FX
Nuclear Thriller Directed By Jeremiah S. Chechik

Premiered Sunday, June 6, 2004, 8 PM ET/PT

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It's time to close all the world's nuclear power plants!
They are expensive, dirty, dangerous, and extremely vulnerable.

The object of many of these essays, SAN ONOFRE NUCLEAR (WASTE) GENERATING STATION, in Southern California, is an accident waiting to happen.

Welcome, SAN ONOFRE EMPLOYEES (and their friends and family).

We have obtained a copy of the letter from San Onofre's Nuclear Communications Department which was distributed to all 1500 San Onofre employees on December 16th, 2004 (Subject: Recent Media Coverage of SONGS Steam Generator Replacement).

View our response here! (Adobe Animate required)

So you can call Ray at PAX 89880 if you want.  Just be sure your UNION DUES are paid up, just in case you ask too many questions and are labeled a troublemaker!  Coming here was a much better idea!  Get out on the Internet and get the REAL facts!  Cross-check everything you find here nine ways to Sunday -- you'll find it checks out.

Please feel free to contact me any time if I can answer any questions you might have.  Compare my answers to whatever you can get out of the Nuclear Communications Department at San Onofre.

We're working on this issue for YOU, too!  You probably know coworkers who have gotten sick and died -- we keep hearing about them, as well.

Furthermore, you would be the PERFECT crew for building clean, renewable energy solutions if California does decide to switch.  So FEW of you really are tied to the nuclear portion of the plant -- you're electricians, hydraulics specialists, welders, pipefitters, and so on.  Relatively few plant employees actually work in the "Control Room" (aka: Terrorist's Most Likely Primary Objective) or handle the nuclear fuel (aka: Terrorist's Most Likely Secondary Objective).


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Letter to EPA Dec. 26th, 2001
, followups: 1, 2
Letter to Deseret News (Utah) concerning nuke waste Dec. 18th, 2001
Trio of fine articles in the Orange County (CA) Register, Sunday, December 9th, 2001
SUGGESTION: Please read an excellent article on San Onofre in the Dec. 9th, 2001 OC Register!
Jim Hoerner shows his know-ledge (Dec. 8th, 2001) (Dec. 9th, 2001 followup; Dec. 10th, 2001 followup; Also: (Dec. 11th (1); (2); 21st; 24th, 2001); Jan. 4th; 6th, 2002;)
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IT TAKES A MELTDOWN: Senator Clinton calls for 50-mile nuclear evacuation plan (November 21st, 2001)
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Connecticut, my birthplace, is at extreme risk from nuclear terrorism (November 18th, 2001)
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Who are the other 1700 - 2200 bombs for, Mr. President? (Letter to President George Bush, Nov. 13th, 2001)
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Further comments regarding my "25 simple ways to destroy a nuke" posting (correspondence from Oct. 16th, 2001)
PWR CRACKS!!! Just as I FIRST predicted so long ago!!! (Second letter to R. Hoffman from Dr. E. Siegel, Oct. 15th, 2001)
60 Seconds on 60 Minutes by Russell Hoffman, Oct. 15th, 2001
PWR CRACKS!!! Just as I FIRST predicted so long ago!!! (letter to R. Hoffman from Dr. E. Siegel, Oct. 14th, 2001)
Vulnerability of nuclear power plants to terrorist attacks is much greater than Progress Energy wants to admit... -- by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 14th, 2001
San Onofre nuclear reactor, Unit II, shut down for approx. 20 days for repairs; x-rays should be done for circular cracks in the reactor vessel -- by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 13th, 2001
Freedom includes the right to know -- but has been totally removed! (October 12th, 2001)
Seven questions still left on 10-11-2001 -- by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 11th, 2001
Vulnerability issues at San Onofre -- with terrorists in our midst, should I have posted my "25 simple ways" document online? -- by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 11th, 2001
Note to readers, media + msgs from Bill Smirnow, Jack Shannon (Oct. 8th, 2001)
Katie Burns' article in the NC Times Oct 7th, 2001 full of hokey and wishful thinking (by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 7th, 2001)
Gov't officials near Diablo Cyn warn SoCal citizenry of increased terrorist threats (by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 7th, 2001)
Representative Darrell Issa should be recalled; Beedle should be asked to name names (letter by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 4th, 2001)
Cassini space probe questions for David F. Doody and others at NASA (letter by Russell D. Hoffman, Oct. 2nd, 2001)
Religion gets involved in politics... by Russell Hoffman Oct. 1st, 2001
Followup: Bob Aldrich's 3rd letter to Russell Hoffman, Oct. 1st, 2001
This is NOT spam, Mr. Aldrich, this is personal (Bob Aldrich's 2nd letter to Russell Hoffman, Oct. 1st, 2001)
Bob Aldrich's 1st email to Russell Hoffman, October 1st, 2001, with a response by Russell Hoffman Oct. 1st, 2001
Environmental Health Coalition statement to the California Coastal Commission regarding San Onofre, with a response by Russell Hoffman Oct. 1st, 2001
Congratulations, North County Times, on your fine editorial! by Russell Hoffman Sept. 30th, 2001
Front page article in Friday's NC Times (Southern California) about new FAA airspace restrictions by Russell Hoffman Sept. 29th, 2001
Correspondence with Sierra Club on the subject of safety of nuclear plants and the millions of tons of waste that have been created since they first sidestepped the issue. by Russell Hoffman Sept. 27th, 2001
25 Simple Ways... by Russell Hoffman Sept. 27th, 2001
Letters to the Editor -- Welcome, Morocco, to the nuclear world! by Russell Hoffman, Sept. 24th, 2001
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Why Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) won't help close San Onofre (as explained by Lissa Adams, with a response by Russell Hoffman), Sept. 24th, 2001
Additional considerations regarding nuclear power plants and the NRC's assurances by Russell Hoffman, Sept. 23rd, 2001
I told you Ray Golden was a liar, Phil! by Russell Hoffman, Sept. 22nd, 2001
I told you Ray Golden was a liar, Mr. Robbins! by Russell Hoffman, Sept. 22nd, 2001
Subject:  (lies, lies, lies), posted Sept. 22nd, 2001
Re: Recent quotes on VULNERABILITY OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS TO AIRPLANE ATTACKS (includes a letter by Patricia Borchmann), Sept. 22nd, 2001
Fwd: More News Updates  -- SONGS is vulnerable!  Save us!  Save us! by Russell D. Hoffman, Sept. 22nd, 2001
Re: LA TIMES Article shows Ray Golden is a liar, nuclear plants are vulnerable, NRC is a lap-dog agency by Russell D. Hoffman, Sept. 22nd, 2001
Re: Nuclear waste transport issues, nuclear safety issues (letter from Barbara Byron), Sept. 21st, 2001
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Re: Nuclear waste transport issues, nuclear safety issues by Russell D. Hoffman, Sept. 21st, 2001
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Nuclear terrorism threatens our lives!  America needs to examine these issues... by Russell D. Hoffman, Sept. 20th, 2001
Two more chilling articles on NPP terrorism to be forwarded to the responsible authorities ASAP by Russell D. Hoffman, Sept. 20th, 2001
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Re: Responsibility run-around continues unabated while vulnerability remains high... by Russell D. Hoffman, Sept. 19th, 2001
Subject: Re: Forwarded E-mails(II) by Russell D. Hoffman, September 19th, 2001
Re: Forwarded E-mails by Russell D. Hoffman, September 19th, 2001
Bob Aldrich gave me your name as the responsible person in CA gov't regarding nukes by Russell D. Hoffman, September 18th, 2001
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Followup letter from Bob Aldrich, California Energy Commission, to Russell Hoffman, Concerned Citizen (with response) by Russell D. Hoffman, Sept. 18th, 2001
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Circular cracks in reactor vessels (revisited) -- Sept. 6th, 2001 (incl. Aug 15th, 2001 letter)
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I wonder if Mr. Robbins thinks I've forgotten he owes me a public apology for his careless libel last month? by Russell D. Hoffman, July 23rd, 2001
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OC REGISTER search 20010702 -- correction requested by Russell D. Hoffman, July 2nd, 2001
California law not being upheld by state agencies; proof obvious, urgency obvious. -- by Russell D. Hoffman, June 30th, 2001
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to NRC regarding crane safety issues related to the June 1st, 2001 accident, submitted by Russell D. Hoffman, June 28th, 2001
Summation of phone conversation between Pat Gwynn (NRC) and Russell D. Hoffman, June 26th, 2001
Tsunami threats to coastal nuclear power plants (letter to Russell Hoffman from Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis, June 26th, 2001)
Fire and probably a big explosion at San Onofre: What was thrown onto the road?  How big and how many pieces? by Russell D. Hoffman June 25th, 2001
A loophole you can drop a crane through (and San Onofre did just that) by Russell D. Hoffman, June 21st, 2001
The Nuclear Industry is not properly regulated! by Russell D. Hoffman June 21st, 2001
Re: The threat of tsunamis to coastal nuclear power plants (lunch with Gary Robbins -- additional comments) -- by Russell Hoffman -- June 19th, 2001
Re: Gary Robbins' role in the reputation of the OC Register and the fate of the Earth -- by Russell Hoffman -- June 17th, 2001
Re: Gary Robbins' additional comments to Russell Hoffman -- June 16th, 2001
Re: Gary Robbins' (Orange County Register) libelous comments to Russell Hoffman -- June 15th, 2001
Clarification Letter to Governor Gray Davis by Russell D. Hoffman -- June 15th, 2001
Letter to Governor Gray Davis by Russell D. Hoffman -- June 14th, 2001
The Living Will Envy The Dead (Letter to Arthur Doucette) by Russell D. Hoffman -- June 14th, 2001
Letter to the North County Times by Russell D. Hoffman -- June 14th, 2001
California Coastal Commission Submission by Russell D. Hoffman -- June 13th, 2001
Is Yucca Mountain dead? Let's hope so! Also: San Onofre Drops a 50,000-lb Egg -- June 2nd, 2001
You Win When... (A Poem by Russell D. Hoffman) -- June 1st, 2001

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Please visit our friends at who are also working on getting San Onofre closed.

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THE EFFECTS OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS by Russell D. Hoffman (written Spring, 1999)

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This web page lists documents created in the course of ongoing efforts to shut San Onofre Nuclear (Waste) Generating Station in Oceanside, California. This effort started on June 1st, 2001 when the author was made aware of the dropping of an 80,000 pound crane by the operators of the plant, the SAME DAY they restarted one of the two reactors at the site after a four-month outage following a fire.

What really got to this author was that THE SAME DAY, Ray Golden, spokesperson for San Onofre, stated on local television that activists who opposed San Onofre didn't understand the laws of physics.

It's not fair!

But that's what it's like to be a so-called "anti-nuclear activist" (the correct term is "realist"). Your opinion is ignored. It gets frustrating, because you know that 99% of the time you know way more than the jerk who's jerking you around, and the rest of the time, you know they know they're lying!

The opinions expressed at this web site are based on careful study of the dangers versus the advantages of nuclear power.

If you know very little about nuclear power, this web site will terrify you. But rest assured, beginners: The more you know, the more terrified you will be!

The balance did not tip against nuclear power on September 11th, 2001. It was never any other way. Nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants have both failed society utterly, from day one, and right now they threaten to destroy society any day, any hour, at any of 1000s of places around the globe.

If terrorism now knows no limits (as it certainly appears to many), then we MUST reduce our vulnerabilities!

Nuclear power is the best place to start. First of all, it already kills millions. The only way to stop this ongoing horror is for society to get serious about two things:

The problem for society is this: Nuclear power has money and some very crafty scientists on their side. All we have is democracy on ours. The world's citizens must exercise their God-given right to protect themselves, and close all the nuclear power plants.

Various world governments pretend that every one of the problems with nuclear power, including all the ones discussed at this web site and many others -- there are thousands -- separately or together, are each and all insufficient for society to decide that the world has had enough of these awful energy systems and weapons.


If you live in California, please contact Governor Gavin Newsom and demand that he shut down the 2 nuclear power plants (both located at Diablo Canyon) IMMEDIATELY and FOREVER.

Every day California's two nuclear power plants remain open, another 500 pounds of High Level Nuclear Waste is produced (nearly all of it in the form of spent nuclear fuel). Spent Nuclear Fuel is just about the most deadly stuff ever created (far more deadly than fresh nuclear fuel, by the way).

Legal Disclaimer: The author is sure there is nothing here the terrorists haven't already thought of, being professionals at that sort of thing. It's America that needs to wake up. The terrorists are already wide awake.

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