Note to readers, media + msgs from Bill Smirnow, Jack Shannon

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Subject: Note to readers, media + msgs from Bill Smirnow, Jack Shannon
From Russell D. Hoffman
Date: October 8th, 2001 (6:10 am local time)

Note to readers, media:

Accidentally, both statements which I issued yesterday (Sunday, October 7th, 2001) had the previous day's date on them.  Corrected versions have been posted at my web site:

Gov't officials near Diablo Cyn warn SoCal citizenry of increased terrorist threats:

Katie Burns' article in the NC Times full of hokey and wishful thinking:

I regret the error.  I wish the rest of what I said was wrong, because it's pretty scary.  However, I am confident that what I said yesterday, along with the rest of my web site, is all extremely accurate, and the warnings I have been presenting to humanity MUST be heeded, or we are in for a big heap of hurt, or at least -- financial ruin.

Three point for the media to ponder:

1) Don't you think I would have been forced to shut down years ago, say, over the Cassini battle, if my message were inaccurate (minor corrected and correctable errors like the above notwithstanding)?  Don't you think folks like "G.R." or "B.A." (to give just the initials of two of the more recent threateners) would have initiated a case against me if they thought they had one?  The truth is hard to stop, legally.  Morally, it's impossible.

2) Censoring my message will not save lives or stop nuclear terrorism and holocaust, and is immoral.

3) Shutting the nuclear power plants down and switching to renewable energy might very well save millions of lives, and undoubtedly will save society countless billions of dollars.  Each day we wait, we increase our risks substantially and deplete our natural resources more than necessary.

I have included (below) two related recent statements by others.  Please visit my web site: San Onofre: An Accident Waiting To Happen for more information:


Russell D. Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

P.S. Among the many things our NPPs are vulnerable to, they are not protected from a squad of suicide terrorists breaching the perimeter with motorized hang-gliders in a coordinated attack.  When the NRC tells you the plants are safe, don't believe it!  Their damage-assessment studies were done decades ago with weaponry which was not nearly as destructive as modern, easily-obtainable weapons would be.  (And the studies were also done long before motorized hang-gliders could be obtained by anyone for a few hundred bucks.)  For example, the NRC might claim the NPPs are protected against terrorist attack, but they only envisioned terrorists using small-caliber arms.  In fact the plants are extremely vulnerable to a modern RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade), or high-velocity armor-piercing rounds from a modern 50-caliber machine gun.  Few if ANY of the many large pipes at the plant are as thick and strong as the Alaska Pipeline, which was recently pierced with a single round from a high-powered rifle.  But a few hundred thousand gallons of spilled oil and a nuclear meltdown are many orders of magnitude different disasters.  I suggest reporters ask the NRC about what modern high-powered weapons could do to, say, a Dry Storage Cask, Spent Fuel Pool, or a Control Room.


>>>>> LETTER FROM BILL SMIRNOW, OCT. 8th, 2001 >>>>>

From: "Bill Smirnow" <>
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        "Russell D. Hoffman" <>

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 00:08:54 -0400

  NOT shutting down all nuclear power facilities
makes [for] NRC and nuclear industry complicity in
offering targets to terrorists. This makes them
terrorists!!! They know they're endangering the
public to an extraordinary degree and they don't
care so long as their profits continue to flow.  If
there are one or more "successful" attacks on a
commercial nuclear facility in the USA [and their
counterparts in all 43 other countries with
commercial nuclear facilities] the NRC and
N-industry as well as all media that didn't call
for the immediate shutting of all NPPs permanently
and the permanent stationing of anti-aircraft
batteries, creation of PERMANENT NO FLY ZONES and
massive strengthening of security in and outside
commercial [and military] nuclear facilities
should be arrested, [and tried] for complicity in
[capital] crimes against humanity. For the
resulting nuclear devastation certainly will be a
crime or crimes against humanity.

IMMEDIATELY. Think how a terrorist would for a
minute -- sabotaging a nuclear facility[s] would
cause ENORMOUS  economic, environmental and human
damage. See the NRC mandated, Sandia Labs carried
out CRAC-2 study which didn't even consider an
accident or attack spreading to what is by far the
most dangerous part of the facility, the spent
fuel pool which stores enormous amounts of spent
nuclear fuel:  Even this
watered down, industry friendly report provides
astonishing proof of the devastation that can and
may soon be upon us.

   Also, as just one example of how the NRC LIES
LIES LIES to the public and sides with industry,
Call Congressman Ed Markey
[202-224-3121-Congressional Switchboard] and
ask him about this. Read Paul Leventhal of the
Nuclear Control Institute in Washington, D.C.:

  Lastly see the best site on sabotage of nuclear
facilities I've ever seen:

   -Mr. William Smirnow
Appalled and Appealing To Media & Gov't To Do Their
Job Of Protecting The Public Before We Have A
World Trade Nuclear Power Catastrophe[s]
Bin Laden associates have already made the threat.

<<<<< END OF LETTER FROM BILL SMIRNOW, OCT. 8th, 2001 <<<<<



...I am a former Nuclear Physicist and Nuclear Engineer for the General Electric
Company. The majority of my career was spent designing nuclear power plants
for the United States Navy. During this period I designed the most widely
used Naval Nuclear Power Plant. This plant, designated D1G Core 2/2A/2B, has
been used on all High Speed Nuclear Attack Submarines and most Nuclear
Powered Cruisers [formerly Heavy Destroyers] for the past thirty years. I was
also the manager of Nuclear Safety, Industrial Safety and Industrial Hygiene
at the Nuclear Navy's sites in Groton Connecticut, Niskayuna, NY and West
Milton, NY. 

I would suggest that you take all of Mr. Hoffman's comments and advice very
seriously. I know of few people who have studied these safety matters as
deeply as has Mr. Hoffman. This includes most of the people from the DOE and
NRC, as well as many past and present employees from the non government
community as well...

John P. Shannon
Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer



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