Freedom includes the right to know -- but has been totally removed! (October 12th, 2001)

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Subject: Freedom includes the right to know -- but has been totally removed!
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October 12th, 2001 (early morning)

Dear Citizens,

Freedom includes the right to know.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has removed it's entire web site, out of paranoia -- largely justified, on one level -- following the September 11th attacks.  It has taken them a month to do this, during which time they could have been coming up with SOMETHING less unDemocratic and Draconian.

Demand that the data, as much as possible, be restored as soon as possible!

(I complained to them about them having the locations of the plants out to 6 decimal places last summer, but to remove even the list of which ones are being refueled, which by the way was 19 last time I check or nearly 20% of the Nations' crop of poison-spewing death machines (103), is ridiculous).

Unless, of course, they are going to shut them down or already have.  Then it makes more sense (fat chance, though).

Demand that they shut the reactors down, whether they repost their web site (which was full of lies anyway) or not!

Renewable alternatives exist and can serve humanity safely and benignly.


Russell D. Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

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First posted November 12th, 2001.

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