A poem to ring out the old year with...

Date: December 31st, 2001

May old acquaintances
be left to rot
in the mud of the WTC.

Put up scaffolds and let us watch
The rag-covered bones
come popping out like flowers
after each rain.

I hate whoever did this to us.
But I hate whoever knows anything about it
and yet won't tell the American public what they know
Even more.

Was this a year to remember?
Or was it a year to forget?

Does anyone know what brought down AA Flight 587?
Are you having trouble remembering which one that was?
What a year!

Flight 587's vertical tail fin fell off over Queens, NY.
That's a death sentence, but actually, it didn't necessarily have to be.
Because twin jet engines (which that plane had)
can be computer-controlled to replicate
most of the functionality of a plane's tail fin.

So it was only a death sentence
Because we don't bother
to implement the technology
which might save us.

Time and again -- here's another example:

Nuclear power plants suck.
Renewable energy could work.
Nukes are extremely vulnerable to terrorism, while windmills aren't.
So why are we still using nukes?

Today, for the New Year's Eve party in Times Square,
the police will carry radiation detectors.
Everyone knows they'll be doing this.
Why are they announcing it over and over?
Why only in NY?

Look up! 
We have about 500 enormous flying bombs above America at any one time --
not including the "propeller-propelled grenades" (private planes)
Some of which are quite big and fast.

Anthrax attack!
"Duck and cover" won't help.
Fallout shelters are useless.
Missile Defense, NORAD, the USMC -- all of them are useless against this threat.

They say it was American weapons-grade Anthrax,
professionally prepared.
But that's all they know.
Or at least that's all they're telling us.

Today, the latest news from Afghanistan
is that someone shot a missile at a U.S. plane.
So we leveled another village.
Be careful who your neighbors are.

Did anyone listen to what the CIA agent
was telling the "detainees" in Mazar-i-Sharif?

He was very blunt.
He told them they were all going to die.
Except the ones that talked, whose names
would be given to the Red Cross.

The rest were dead meat.
No wonder they "rioted".

The Northern Alliance put other groups of Taliban prisoners
in steel commercial shipping containers
Where they suffocated, or froze, or starved to death.

You could read the names
of the containerized cargo shipping companies
on the sides of the containers.

Free advertising!

Pray that 2001 was unusual,
and not the new normal,
and let's hope that next year
is better.

by Russell D. Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA