Re: Comment about J Shannon (a response by Jack Shannon, USMC (ret)

From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re: Comment about J Shannon (a response by Jack Shannon, USMC (ret)
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Dec 11th, 2001

Dear Mr. President,

I think you need to read this very, very badly, and please be sure to pass it around to all the military people at the Joint Chiefs of Staff and in the Pentagon.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to have it read to Congress at a joint session.  It is a letter from Jack Shannon, USMC (ret) to Jim Hoerner, moderator for a "Know Nukes" forum.

Thank you in advance for your attention.


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA
>>>>> At 06:33 AM 12/11/01 , wrote to Jim Hoerner, moderator for the "Know Nukes" forum: >>>>>

Dear Jim:

I have seen and heard all of your comments from others before. It is the same
pro nuke nonsense using basically the same words.

The one I like most is the baseball size nonsense about running a home for
one year ending up with a baseball size waste. I haven't calculated if your
baseball size stuff is correct but it's still a hell of a lot of baseballs
when you consider the number of homes in America alone, so please spare me
the information for the unlearned.

Furthermore I don't know how many government employees are working for "me"
right now, but I assure you I could do without most of them. You sound like
Dick Cheney blowing about how we are winning in Afghanistan because of the
righteousness of our cause. I would hope we could beat a tribal band with a
300 billion dollar "defense" budget.

 I would prefer it if most government workers would stay home and collect
half of their salaries. Think of the money we would save. That includes the
military. If all of the military organizations were run like the Marines we
could do without half the present size. The Marines constitute about 3% of
the military force but account for 15% of our defense capability.

You indicated that I made some unpatriotic statements I am curious from your
government mind point of view what statements are unpatriotic? Since when is
it unpatriotic to tell the truth? If I have said anything unpatriotic turn me
in to Ridge [please do] and he can send me to a kangaroo military court.

I'll decide whether or not what I say is unpatriotic or not.  Nobody tells me
what is unpatriotic for me to say, not you or Bush or Ridge or anybody else
you dork. I'll bet you have a miniature flag in your lapel and a flag on your
antenna. You are probably a true patriot.

I humped military packs in snow, in swamps, in deserts and mountains with all
the appropriate gear sometimes a zillion pounds [a slight exaggeration from
your baseball analogy, but you get the picture]. That's pretty patriotic I

I must surmise that you work for the government because you write like a
jackass, and have no logical thrust to your arguments.

I don't think you answered one single comment [except the brilliant one about
the baseball].

You bet your sweet butt that I could run the DOE better than the present
Secretary. At least I would be honest, which would be a major institutional
change for the DOE.

I am not modest because I don't believe in false modesty. Furthermore I have
proven that I can cut the mustard [in all kinds of endeavors], unlike most
DOE employees. The best I have seen from the DOE in forty years is an "S"
shaped paper clip.

J. P. Shannon


Thanks to Jack Shannon for his insightful and compelling comments.  What follows is collected and/or written by Russell D. Hoffman and provides background about the dangers of nuclear power plants:


For samples of other recent communications with Mr. Hoerner:

To visit Jack Shannon's KAPL web site:

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Here's a list of all nuclear power plants in America, with locations, links to the owners, links to local activists, devastation potential, major "incidents", etc:

Here's a list of about 200 nuclear-related books and videos.  Let's stop asking whether or not the public has a right to know the full truth.  They do, and it should be taught in schools across America:

You can begin to learn about the effects of nuclear weapons here:



Right now there are 103 operating nuclear power plants in America, and about 435 operating nuclear power plants around the world.  There will be another Chernobyl-type accident, and another and another, unless the plants are permanently closed.

Because of Chernobyl, possibly as many as 30,000+ people have already died, although the nuclear industry arrogantly and wrongly claims that it is only about 30 people.  Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and their loved ones, and hundreds of square miles have been permanently evacuated, and scores of towns have been abandoned.  There is no worse environmental disaster in history than Chernobyl.

But for a nuclear accident, it was actually fairly mild.  It could have been a lot worse, because the meltdown was able to be stopped.  Thousands died in this effort -- brave pilots who flew helicopters over the flaming wreckage and dropped sand, boron, and a "cocktail" of other substances to smother the flames.  Still others braved lingering radioactivity throughout the area to build a cement sarcophagus, which is now in danger of cracking, and the cycle could start all over again.

One has to ask the question:  What would we have done if it had been an American design which had, for whatever reason, started to melt down (there are many reasons that might happen), but we could not smother the flames because of that containment dome which many American plants have (NOT ALL -- KAPL doesn't!), and which Chernobyl didn't have?

It's an important question, and next time you hear someone tell you our containment domes will protect us from nuclear horror, ask them it.  You can also ask them where they think the Spent Fuel is stored at each power plant.  Give them a hint:  It's NOT in the containment dome!  And make sure they know this too:  That spent fuel is far more dangerous than the fuel that's actually in the reactor!  And there's a whole lot more of it!

Thirty million (30,000,000) pounds a year of new spent fuel is created around the country.  There is no place to put it and all of it is vulnerable to terrorism, and none of it is in a containment dome.

Worldwide deaths from Chernobyl have never been counted.  Only local ones.

The fate that befell the area around Chernobyl awaits the areas surrounding every nuclear power plant unless the plants are permanently shut down.  But even a worse fate is possible if the spent fuel is destroyed!

9-11 proved to everyone what some people knew all along -- there are unstoppable risks to nuclear power plants.  Besides terrorism, these include earthquakes, tornados, fires, floods, tsunamis for coastal plants, and even asteroids and disgruntled workers (not to mention equipment failures and simple operator error)!


There are plenty of clean alternatives.  If General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Airbus and Boeing all stopped building cars and planes for just one year, and built offshore wind turbine systems instead, we could close all the nukes forever.  We could close them today:  It wouldn't be that great a hardship, unless political pressures create false shortages.

If we shut the nukes down, and build the renewable energy solutions so many suggested in the first place, we will never generate another new ounce of nuclear waste, and we will have excess power too, plunging the price of energy from coal, gas and oil to hitherto unheard-of new lows.  That would be a very good thing!

America needs to take the bull by the horns and face the nuclear demon.  Other countries will follow, and eventually the world will put the Nuclear Mafia out of business globally, and then, perhaps hundreds of years from now, the world will be forever grateful to America for (finally) taking the lead on that issue.

NO NUKES!!!!!!


This document has been presented by Russell D. Hoffman, Concerned Citizen, Carlsbad, CA

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