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"After watching this film, you [will] realize that a congressional hearing is mandatory for the Nuclear Safety Conerns of Oscar Shirani regarding the falsification of his Nuclear Audit Reports and lulling him out of nuclear into Finance, and then forging of his signature to fire him in Finance by Exelon. NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and DOL (Department of Labor) ignored his case. Exelon and NRC's acts are criminal and shall be investigated by congress if they care for public safety.
"Dry cask storage containers are not structurally sound and could burst or leak and end up in nuclear disaster like Chernobyl. Please call your congressmen and senators."
Quotre from: Oscar Shirani, Nuclear Whistle Blower against Exelon and their in-bed partners of NRC.

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Good to hear your voice.
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ATTENTION READERS! These PDF files and assorted images are presented as a public service.

Index and descriptions of pertinent files of Mr. Oscar Bijan Shirani, PE

--- concerning ---





and assorted other crimes and misdemeanors.


Exelon's shoddy design and oversight of its contractors!


of nuclear plant "incidences" due to


Uprates that caused the forced shutdown of three Excelon reactors in 2000-2002: Byron, Dresden, and Quad Cities (according to the INPO Report dated August 21, 2002)


Oscar Shirani's GENE audit revealed the same danger design deficiencies by GE, and ComEd covered up those issues! However, the "garbage design" showed its implications.

HELP US make a "federal case" out of it!


Also, please help us EXPOSE the design and fabrication flaws that Mr. Shirani's audits discovered at Holtec and US Tool & Die for the nuclear spent fuel dry cask storage containers in 1999 and 2000!

Here is a letter from Oscar Shirani, describing Shirani's comments in NRC Public Hearing transcript:

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 15:17:30 EDT
Subject: Fwd: 8 pages of Shirani's Comments on NRC Public Hearing transcript, separate...

Return-path: <>
Full-name: OShirani
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 19:37:58 EDT
Subject: Fwd: 8 pages of Shirani's Comments on NRC Public Hearing transcript, separately

Dear folks:

These are some of my comments that I made at the NRC's Public Hearing in Chicago, IL, July 2003. NRC is not responding to my repeated requests for a public hearing and I would like to know Why? Mr. Heller ( was the Senior Investigator for my case and he is included in these e-mails.

NRC knows for fact that they cannot lie any more to hide their negligence/cover-up for my case. NRC did not want me to go to their office in September 2002 to give them more information and written documentation.

My court records show how Exelon falsified records of my audits, QA Records, lowered my performance ratings for three years, demoted me in Jan. 2000, prevented me from any promotion in nuclear as testified by Mr. Walter Hahn as one of the Directors of Exelon that was reporting to David Helwig (Ex GE Manager), etc.

In the Exelon Finance Division, Ellen Caya interviewed me for my job in October 22, 2001. The Exelon's own lie was so evident that Caya's own documentation showed in October 26, 2001 that I had applied for higher position (Ref: Exelon Exhibit 23) after I was already terminated. This Exhibit 23 shows that the Self Nomination Form that I was supposed to fill out was not even filled by me and my signature was forged by Ellen Caya before she terminated me. NRC did not even look at these records. NRC just relied on Exelon verbal lies.

Why Doesn't NRC look at the Exelon Exhibit 23 and see how Exelon forged my signature and pretended that I had applied for higher position? Exelon's own witness under oath tried to lie, but on the Page 599 of DOL Hearing admitted that he informed me that if I apply for my own position of E4 level, I would be safe which I did and lost my job. I did not apply for higher position that NRC is copying from Exelon that I did. NRC, PLEASE look at Exelon Exhibit 23 and find out why I am so angry from your incompetency in your investigation. NRC, you just cut and pasted your partners of crime, Exelon.

All NRC has to do should catch Exelon's falsified records of Exelon's Exhibit 23 and Exhibit 46 of my DOL hearing. Why did NRC ignore to look at all my documents or accept to see me for more information? I did not apply for higher position that NRC had documented in their response to one of my allegations. Exelon forged my signature and it clearly shows on their record. NRC knows that if they accept my invitation to a public forum, then my court records would prevail. ALJ does not necessarily understand the Exelon's motive against me for the damages that I had caused them for their nuclear production. NRC is afraid that public see all my allegations and documentation and judge how the NRC ridiculously responded to my case.

I will send you the remaining comments from the NRC Public Hearing in the next message.


33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40

41-66: Testimony of Oscar Shirani. Also testimony by Ms Sauer, Miss Sarah Sauer, and others. ("EC1a.pdf")

Exhibit 38: August 4, 2000 Letter from Oscar Shirani, PE, ComEd/Supplier Evaluations Services. ("scan0009.tif")

Distribution List ("scan0010.tif")

Exhibit 46: July 30, 2001: Audit SR-2000 ("scan0011.tif")

Attachment: Shirani-USToolDie-CAR's for Audit SR-2000-2571.txt "(scan0012.tif")

Audit Completion Notes: Shirani-USToolDie-CAR's for Audit SR-2000-2571.txt "(scan0013.tif")

Problem Description: Page 4; ERA 02961 (scan0014.tif")

Exhibit 27: Email series, October 30th, 2001 to the John W. Rowe, CEO of Exelon. Subject "Your congtratulation note to me last year" ("scan0015.tif");

ERA 02261: Page 2 of email from Oscar Shirani ("scan0016.tif")

ERA 02262: Page 2 of email from Oscar Shirani ("scan0017.tif")

Exhibit 16: Requisition Details for Requisition # 201370 ("scan0018.swf")

Exhibit 23: Page 1 of 6.Oscar Shirani's FORGED SIGNATURE ("scan0019.swf")

Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 16:18:59 EDT
Subject: Fwd: G-97-120 GENE 1997 Design Audit Report

Mr. Hoffman:

This audit now is a public record, because I included it in my DOL hearring as an Exhibit.
This is the Special Design Audit Report of General Electric Nuclear Energy (GENE) in August 1997 which resulted in a Stop Work Order in August 29, 1997, and was prematurely lifted by ComEd's Oliver Kingsley in November 19, 1997, with disregard with all the code violations. The Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and fuel reprocessing plants, 10CFR 50 App. B.  Criteria XVI and XVIII require "prompt corrective actions of deficient conditions" and "follow up and reaudit shall be performed to verify the corrective actions."

ComEd's Oliver Kingsley spitted to all the codes and lifted the SWO with no corrective action from GENE. The lifting of the SWO letter in 11/19/97 had stated "12 times that GENE will do." In addition, ComEd did not verify any of the GENE's corrective action and did not allow me to perform any follow-up audit until May 1999.

ComEd ignored all the warnings in the procurement documents and did business as usual with GENE. This fact was admitted by David Helwig to Kombiz Salehi and Edward Netzel and at the DOL hearing. NRC regulations do not allow any significant deficiencies and safety concerns to remain open for more than 180 days. NRC looked the other way. NRC even started the investigation of my technical allegations a year later and allowed ComEd to switch the issues and my Part 21 issues with other non-relevant issues.

NRC was completely absent in the whole process. NRC's website does not have any documentation to reveal that they performed any inspection at GENE, despite the fact that they immediately notified by my boss, Edward Netzel and other managers who lost their job when Kingsley hired David Helwig from GENE two weeks after he lifted the stop work order. GENE and ComEd falsified the facts from NUPIC and announced in October 1997 NUPIC Meetings that ComEd is satisfied with the GENE's corrective actions and issues were satisfactorily resolved to both parties agreements.  ComEd did not allow me to go to NUPIC Meeting and sent Russ Bastyr who became my boss after they terminated my bosses, Messrs. Lon Waldinger, Edward Netzel and engineering supervisor Kombiz Salehi.
This is my 1997 audit report of GE at San Jose, CA which resulted in Stop Work Order, but ComEd hid many significant issues from the report. When You read the body of the report, you will observe the significant issues that I had still documented. These were the same issues that my findings discovered at GE, the largest Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) designer and manufacturer of the world. These issues were found before ComEd/Exelon starting launching the Power Uprate project in 1998 time frame.

According to INPO Reports on August 21, 2002, there were three incidences at Exelon nuclear Power plants, Dresden (BWR), Quad Cities (BWR), and Byron (PWR) from 2000-2002 which resulted in forced outage of these plants. The root cause investigation revealed the cause of the problems and they were identical to the design deficiencies that my audit in 1997 discovered at GE audit that resulted in stop work order. ComEd falsified records of my audit and did not include the calculations that indicated higher stresses found in the analysis.

I found the same issues at GENE in 1997 that caused the major equipment breakdown in the power Uprate incidences at ComEd/Exelon plants in 2000-2002.  My case is very similar to Dr. Siegle's case when he found design flaws is Westinghouse tubes before they appeared.  The history continues showing that it does not matter how much utilities and NRC try to hide the significant issues from public, the truth will always pop up. NRC is waiting for a physical breakdown or melting of dry cask storage to wake up. NRC does not realize that the material breaking or sign of any crack will only visible when we are completely in inelastic/plastic range when we are way beyond the plastic hinge of the material. In that case, we have exceeded the established design margin by more than 500%. This is the price that people have to pay for the incompetent regulators. In my ASME Papers, I have demonstrated all these material behavior and NRC should go and educate its staff who sent to investigate my audit findings almost two years after my issues were found and the casks were already loaded. NRC did not inspect any of the weld flaws physically (they admitted this fact to Ms. Pamela O'Brien in Atlanta) when she raised allegations to NRC region IV upon reading the short summary of my findings of US Tool & Die audit report. NRC admitted that they went to Holtec in Feb. 2002 to look into only paper documents at Holtec. My findings were identified in June/July 2000 Audit and were documented in my audit report dated August 4, 2000. The same audit that Exelon falsified at the same date of August 4, 2000, and revealed that all findings were closed during the audit.

Dr. Landsman heard about my audit issues in November 30, 2000, when I revealed all the Exelon and Holtec''s cover-up. Dr. Landsman was concerned that Holetc and utility clients especially Exelon from Region III hide these issues from August 2000 until the date of November 30, 2000, when I told him and others.

This is very disturbing that NRC ignored Dr. Landsman who still believes that NRC did not do anything about those issues and did not protect me when he informed NRC in Jan. 2001 which was 9 months before Exelon terminated me with a conspiracy and preplanning games.

Return-path: <>
Full-name: OShirani
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 13:04:37 EDT
Subject: G-97-120 GENE 1997 Design Audit Report

This is a public record.  We should extract the significant issues and put it in the Internet.  I will work with you. The significant issues identified by my audit in 1997 was falsified by ComEd.  These issues were identified prior to the starting of Power Uprate which makes the power uprate more serious safety concern. Especially there were three incidences at Byron, Dresden, and quad cities from 2000-2002 according to INPO August 2002 report which had caused the forced shutdown of Exelon three stated reactors. The identified root cause of the power uprate incidences reveals that these  were the issues that my audit identified at GENE prior to power uprate and that was one of the reason that ComEd did not allow me to look into power uprate issues in 1999 when I went for the follow up of my 1997 subject audit. 

3334605e.jpg Oscar GENE 97 Audit Report.doc

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 15:14:00 EDT
Subject: Fwd: my new energy publication


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Full-name: OShirani
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 20:15:38 EDT
Subject: Fwd: my new energy publication

Hello Ms. Savage:
OIG was not investigating the cask issue when they met me in Maryland in July
21 and 22, 2003. If it is the public's perception that NRC or OIG is
investigating the dry cask issues, it is not true. OIG did not even want to discuss
anything about the dry cask issues in those two days meeting. Kevin kamps from
NIRS and Lisa Gue from Public Citizen Group were there to be my witnesses per
my request. OIG even wanted to change the location of the interview to be held
in Chicago, but I refused, because I knew that NIRS and Public Citizen Group
members could not make it. OIG Staff informed me if I insisted that the
interview be held in Maryland and not in Chicago, then They would not pay for the
expense of my travel. OIG knew that I was out of job for more than 18 months, but
still refused to pay for my trip. I told the OIG staff that I would come to
Washington NRR Office on my own expense and I did. I did not trust NRC any
more. I wanted to have witnesses.

It would be prudent for you to interview Kevin Kamps and Lisa Gue to hear
their version of the two days OIG questions. Nothing was related to the Exelon's
falsification of the audit reports of my dry cask, power uprate and GE audit
reports, etc.

Please make sure that public would not be under a wrong impression that OIG
talked about any dry cask issues. NRC is refusing me to have a public forum to
discuss my issues and further embarrass them for their response to my
allegations. The US Tool & Die Audit findings are just small portion of the dry cask
issues. Holtec allowed US Tool & Die to make design decisions despite the fact
that US Tool & Die does not have the design control capability under its QA
Program. Holtec QA Program did not meet the NRC's specifications, ASME/ANSI
codes, etc.

US Tool & Die did not use coupon testing and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
on a regular basis as required by ASME Section IX and in full violation of the
codes that were part of the license agreement with NRC. What is more scary
that NRC does not understand the design control process and the Holtec's QA
Program failure for weld flaws, design flaws, manufacturing flaws, procurement
control flaws, and lack of corrective action for repeated findings. Holtec QA
Program did not have any root cause investigation and that was the main reason
for repeated deficiencies.

Hundreds of nonconforming conditions were by-passed by Holtec and US Tool &
Die Quality Control Inspectors and these were caught by my Resident Inspector,
Mr. Tony Frazier at US Tool & Die Facility in Pittsburgh, PA. Tony was laid
off one month after my last audit of Holtec/UST&D. I was not allowed by Exelon
to perform any follow-up of the audit. Exelon knew that the fabrication issues
that I found would have a detrimental impact on the design. They told me that
the design is kept by Holtec and did not allow me to further ask for any
design documents and the changes, because there were no design changes made by
Holtec. Holtec QA Program did not prompt any design changes from manufacturing
violations of codes. That is why, I want the NRC to bring their experts to
challenge me, but they refuse. I teach design codes nationwide. I just taught the
same design issues at the ASME-PVP Conference in July 20, 2003 and no one among
all the mechanical engineers from around the world disputed my material facts.
I told the ASME that these issues that I am discussing will stop all the dry
casks. I asked the audience to challenge my arguments and there were none. I
know my codes. I know 1000 of pages in my brain. I don't have to open the code
books. They are all registered in my brain. Exelon and NRC know that they
cannot challenge me when it comes to the code issues.  The audit embarrassed the
NRC's previous months audits.

Exelon Russell A. Bastyr on August 4, 2000 falsified the QA Records and
stated that all the 9 findings at US Tool & Die audit were closed during the audit
and found to have no impact on the Dresden Station. On the same date, August
4, 2000 my NUPIC Audit Report documented that there are 9 findings OPEN.

When I openly discussed the issues at the November 30, 2000 at the presence
of 80 utility members and in front of Dr. Landsman,  the 9 Findings were still
open. Why does'nt NRC charge the Exelon's Russ Bastyr and his bosses for
criminal prosecution?  Why did NRC cover up? I know why, because this was the same
audit that documented the NRC's failure to identify all the major issues. 
Knowing the fact that US Tool & Die Audit was only a snap shot of the problems
that we found during our 8 days audit. There were hundreds of nonconforming
items written by Mr. Frazier from 1999 till his last days in August 2000 that
were dispositioned by Holtec and UST&D in violations of the applicable codes and
regulations. These are the details that I want to discuss with NRC in a public
forum. UST&D is just a small piece of the potato.

Jim Heller of the NRC is on the distribution of this e-mail, but he and NRC
are silent and I don't know why? Garbage continues at the price of the public
health and nuclear safety.
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Full-name: JASavageHonest
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 14:08:00 EDT
Subject: my new energy publication

You'll see I led with the Holtec story. And yes, there is a typo in it that's being fixed this weekend, but thought you'd be interested anyway.
J. A. Savage
California Energy Circuit
(510) 534-9109
fax (510) 534-9105
cell (510) 593-5753

Article in California Energy Circuit magazine, September 5, 2003

"Whistleblower alleges Proposed Dry Casks Slipshod"

( Visit the publication at: )

Oscar Shirani's response to "Allegation 1" -- (posted online November 11th, 2003)

Russ Bastyr testimony

Oscar Shirani's response to "Allegation 7" -- (Posted online November 11th, 2003)

Oscar Shirani's response to "Allegation 10 " -- (posted online November 11th, 2003)

Dresden Valves Left Open (posted online November 16th, 2003)

Received: from

Sat, 29 Nov 2003 13:34:37 -0500 (EST)
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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 13:34:37 EST
Subject: Chilled Environment at Cooper Nuclear Plant for raising nuclear safety concerns
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DRITTER_at_CITIZEN.ORG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Attached files contains my complaints against Cooper Nuclear Station (CNS) and its management team Entergy. This is not only subjected to the discrimination act against the nuclear worker who raised the nuclear safety issues, but also it involves at least 5 people who were hiding my Quality Assurance concerns from the NRC prior to the NRC's Inspection of the CNS EQ program October 6, 2003. Therefore the RICO act shall be applied along with the 10CFR50.5 for criminal prosecution of the named individuals in my complaint.

Human and nuclear safety is no joke and my family and I should not be punished for the unavoidable and applicable concerns. The atmosphere created at the CNS is to look other way to keep your job. I am sorry that my conscience did not allow me to look the other way. My friends were advising me to throw the App. B to garbage can to keep my job and feed my family. I cannot DO THAT. Do I deserve to lose my job by failing to walk on my ethics?

No one deserves that. I thought that I could proudly raise my children and have a job to pay for their education to reach to their goals that I could not achieve due to my special handicapped. I still refuse to allow my two daughter to be "public Charge" and I will try my outmost effort to find a decent job, but not around the crooks running these nuclear plants unsafe.

You may want to read my story at or and search for "Oscar Shirani" as I told Kevin Jones to do that. My story will be nationally broadcast in the WTTW television, Public Broadcast System (PBS) with Jim Lehrer television in approx. first to third week of December, 2003 as a whistle blower who did not lose his ethics at Exelon to keep his job. Yes, I am the one who shut down General Electric, San Jose, CA in 1997 for design flaws of BWRs. I am the one who gave a level I finding to all the Exelon/ComEd Engineering Department Departments who failed to control its safety related Architect Engineering firms, and NSSS suppliers. I am the one who shut down Holtec QA Program for welding flaws in the spent nuclear fuel dry cask storage. I am the one who tried to shut down US Tool & Die as a result of my NUPIC Audit in June/July 2000 and Exelon falsified my Audit reports of GE, Holtec, and US Tool & Die.

I refuse to die. I will fight against all the crooks and nuclear terrorists who play with the lives of human for their own selfish and egotistic believes.

No one is above the law. NRC should wake up and stop covering up for the utilities who are outsmarting the NRC and get away with it.

Oscar Shirani

[] Attachment 1--OS_CNS_EQ_PROGRAM_20030910.htm

Attachment 2 -- November 24, 2003

Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 14:30:50 EST
Subject: Fwd: Shiarni's e-mail to the Chief Nuclear Officer at Cooper Nuclear Plant

Messrs. Russ Wise, Sr. Allegation Coordinator and Harry Freeman, NRC Region IV:

Last night, I sent the forwarded e-mail to Mr. Randy Edington, Entergy and Cooper Nuclear Station, new Chief Nuclear Officer from Entergy. I also distributed it to many groups at Cooper.

I also notified the NRC Resident Inspector at the Cooper site, Mr. Steve Cochrum. I also talked to Mr. HohnMichael DeBartolo, Ombudsman - Employee Concerns Program and John set up a time and we met with Mr. Randy Edington for a good quality time. John has a good QA Background and very respected man at Cooper. We wait for the NRC and Cooper results.

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Subject: Chilled atmosphere exists at Cooper Nuclear Station for raising nuclear safety issues
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 18:16:33 -0600
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Thread-Topic: Chilled atmosphere exists at Cooper Nuclear Station for raising nuclear safety issues
Thread-Index: AcO3oF9keFqnm5tRQRO529MiDls5JA==
X-Priority: 1
Priority: Urgent
Importance: high
From: "Shirani,, Oscar B.- Demark, Inc." <>
To: "CNS Admin Serv Dept List" <>,
"CNS ALARA List" <>,
"CNS Communication Team List" <>,
"CNS Cost Engineering Group List" <>,
"CNS Crew A List" <>,
"CNS Crew B List" <>,
"CNS Crew C List" <>,
"CNS Crew D List" <>,
"CNS Crew E List" <>,
"CNS DED Civil All List" <>,
"CNS DED Electrical All List" <>,
"CNS DED Eng Supr/Mgrs" <>,
"CNS DED Engineering List" <>,
"CNS DED Mechanical All List" <>,
"CNS DED/ENERCON Supervisors" <CNSDED/>,
"CNS EP List" <>,
"CNS EP Offsite Agencies List" <>,
"CNS ERD Mgmt/Suprv List" <>,
"CNS ERIP Project List" <>,
"CNS ESD List" <>,
"CNS ESD Mechanical Programs List" <>,
"CNS ESD Mgr/Supervisors" <>,
"CNS ESD Valve Program List" <>,
"CNS ESP Mgt List" <>,
"CNS Managers List" <>,
"CNS QA All List" <>
Cc: "Edington, Randall K." <>,
"Minahan, Stewart B. \"Stu\"" <>, <>

Hello Mr. Edington, CNS Chief Nuclear Officer:
You need to know why I lost my job here at Cooper.

Last week I was providing you the status update of the TIP/CAL items for my projects and I specifically sent you the status of TIP/CAL Item (EQ Project) and documented my concerns about the risk, schedule, and quality and the way I was fired from that project by Allen Williams, Ted Hough (working directly under Gary Kline) who were not my bosses. In late October 2003, Ted Hough even lied to me that Allen Williams had called Jeff Edwards and Jeff had agreed for my removal from EQ Project. I told Mr. Rich Dewhirst to call Jeff immediately and stood by Rich while he called Jeff. Jeff denied that he had received such a phone call from Allen or anyone else.
Jeff and Kevin never acknowledged that fact to tell me that it is OK with them for my removal.

I sent my status update to our Secretary, Pat Garris to organize it with other updates and prepare you the spreadsheet. Kevin Jones, DED Manager (currently Nuclear Project Supervisor) took me immediately to Mr. Russ Wenzl's office and told me not to send that report to Mr. Edington for the sake of Cooper Station. I explained that Randy as the CNO should know and the risk is yours. I told him that I am trying to ensure that the Projects Department would not be blamed for the ESD, DED, and QA shortfalls of hiding my nuclear safety concerns that I raised in my two e-mails of September 8 and 9, 2003 and I was vividly threatened by Allen Williams on September 10, 2003. You may contact Ms. Judy Carter for the facts that she and I shared in her office with the QA Supervisor to make him aware of the EQ Design Bases Problems and lack of QA involvement with the whole design issues, etc.

In the first week of September 2003, my boss, Jeff Edwards asked me to help Ms. Judy Carter, Internal NPPD Auditor with the EQ technical questions. Jeff knew my technical background and history of my technical and quality assurance codes and teaching and at the ASME-PVP and via my Resume.

As soon as I explained all the details, Ms. Carter found out that Allen Williams Group (EQ) has not been telling her the truth about the design bases requirements of the plant (status 1) and confused her with the status 3 (on hold or pending calculations per Procedure CNS 3.4.7 and also the requirements of the design control processes per 10CFR50 App. B, ANSI N45.2.11, and ASME NQA-1 Suppl. 3-S).

Ms. Carter picked up the phone in her office and called Kevin Billesbach, QA Supervisor and asked me to explain the whole issue to him. I did follow her instructions and told Kevin Billesbach. I also informed him that QA Department is required to perform the 10CFR50 App. B audits including design control, software V&V, etc for all these jobs contracted to the EQ contractors under the CNS QA program and Part 21 applicability under CNS. I also told him my review of the surveillance and audit reports of EQ for the past three years indicated that QA is not in compliance with the requirements of 10CFR50 App. B and we should do that prior to the NRC's inspection in October 6, 2003. He did not disagree with the concept and told me that he will call me and set up an audit in two weeks and he has a budget to do that. He was slapped by his boss, Steve Blake, QA Manager as quoted by Allen Williams in front of Jeff Edwards and I on 9/9/03. Kevin Billesbach or Steve Blake never contacted me in that regard and totally ignored me. I told Kevin Jones that I need to talk to Steve Blake. He said to call him and make an appointment and he would like to join us. Steve agreed to meet us, but Kevin Jones did not attend despite the fact that he accepted my e-mail invitation. I did not hold any meeting with Steve and indicated that I will take a rain check. I went to see to Kevin to find out what happened and why he did not attend our meeting with Steve. I found out that Kevin was in his office with the door closed and I head him clearly. When I asked one of the QA staff to call him, but he did not answer. This was set up by his request on the same day, two hours later. Kevin came to see me the same day in the afternoon, and said you should talk to him directly yourself. I sent another e-mail to Steve Blake and I never heard anything from Steve or Kevin Jones or Kevin Billesbach. All I know that prior to our initial meeting with Steve, he had his door closed and talking to his subordinates/supervisors including John Larson who knows me from NUPIC and is aware of my issues as he told me that my name
surpassed me or some thing in that regard. I was teaching some design audit courses at NUPIC. All NUPIC Member knew me from the Stop Work Order against the biggest BWR giant, GENE.

I also offered to help/teach Kevin Billesbach' technical experts for the audit. I knew if NRC is coming in October 6, 2003 for the EQ requirements of 10CFR50.49 they may ask the 10CFR50 App. B questions as well, because the design bases requirements of status 1 is driven not only by the CNS Procedure 3.4.7, but also is regulated by 10CFR50 App. B.

I expected to be recognized for my care and attention for the place that is feeding me and my family. I did not want to raise any flag to damage the CNS. But you should read the following attached files to see how I was rudely treated and a few weeks later got fired by Allen Williams from EQ project. I will pursue the RICO Act and 10CFR50.5 for the criminal prosecution of at least 5 personnel who were involved with this conspiracy and reduction of my projects to one and eventually my termination for the poor excuse of budgetary issues. I have been there and done that. Kevin cannot fool me. Him and his ESD, DED managers may hide it from NRC, but cannot hide it anymore, because I will speak up now.

I had 16 projects when I joined CNS in August 18, 2003. Kevin Jones and his team reduced it to two EQ and ERIP. Three weeks ago, I was fired from EQ and last week from ERIP and got terminated.

Last week Kevin Jones terminated me because I only had one project and told me that Todd Hottovey has changed his mind and cannot support your budget of 65% (Board and IMC had already approved it in 9/10/03) that you are charging his project. Every week, I was providing the status of my budget and the ACA's budget for the ERIP project to Todd Hottovey, Charterina, and Lindinger and they never thought that it was an issue. My other 35% was charged to EQ project which I was fired from that Project in late October 22003 by Allen Williams, ESD manager (not my boss).

Equipment Reliability Improvement Program (ERIP) Managers, Todd Hottovey, Charterina, and Lindinger were very pleased with my performance and had acknowledged that many times and they all agreed with my IMC package when I got the approval for $211K to cover my contract PM services from August 2003 through December 2004.

Last week, I vividly begged Kevin Jones not to terminate me, because I was banned from the nuclear industry for 18 months and I had explained all these two him last month. I told him that I could not find any nuclear or non-nuclear jobs, but he showed me no mercy. You may talk to John Humphtries and Mike Sparr who are loaded with many projects and offered me to take a couple of their projects. I even took one of the Mike Sparr's Projects (Fuel Pool Cooling) to illinois to study this past Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I wanted to help him if he desires. John Humphries told me to take his Feedwater Repair project which is in my alley and ASME code issues, but Kevin ignored him.

Messelle Borush gave me the package of Bill of Material (BOM) Project which was funded for more than $2000,000 by the board and told me that Todd Hottovey had recommended that Oscar Shirani who is the Project Manager of ERIP should take the BOM project as well. I told this news three weeks ago to Kevin Jones and every day reminded him, but he kept saying that BOM is not a project and made different excuses. He was charged by his boss, Gary Kline (who was pissed of my two e-mails of 9/8/03 and 9/9/03 as quoted by Allen Williams) to take my projects away and not to give me any more. Messelle talked to me last Thursday 11/20/03 and said that she will call Kevin Jones to find out why he does not want to give me that project despite the approval by Todd Hottovey. Meshelle told me that Procurement staff cannot run a big project like BOM.

I told Kevin that I could handle more than 10 Projects at one time and please keep me to feed my family and he refused. Jeff Edwards quit two weeks ago and Kevin Jones did not even wait for one week to terminate me after my brave manager, Jeff who stood up to Allen Williams and defended me and my quality and technical concerns on September 10, 2003 in his office.

when I discuss these issues with the NRC, Senate Oversight Committee, and Office of Inspector General (OIG) or any other authorities, I will seek for the RICO Act, because they were at least 5 conspirers involved with my termination and they way they planned it. Why? Why should I be threatened for raising nuclear safety concerns (read the attached two files)? I trust the integrity of Ms. Carter, and please protect her from any kinds of retaliation that occurred to me. I count on you, Mr. Edington. I don't want another person to get slaughtered for my case. One is enough.

I see you as a manager who cares for safety as you repeatedly stated and I will count on you and the buck stops at your door steps. We cannot afford to let some people who are in the managerial levels to humiliate, threaten, scare, pressure, intimidate, and retaliate against any one who brings any safety or nuclear safety regardless of how small or big the issue is. We are here at the mercy of our public and we should protect them at all costs.

I will drop one of my charges that my access was denied to my computer after 11/21/03. Today, Sunday, 11/30/03, I arrived from Illinois and checked my computer at my desk and my access was not denied. I was denied from Illinois. I had to verify this not to make the computer access as part of my allegation.

I had raised an awareness/quality risk concern as a factual information and Cooper should not have hidden it from any one or NRC. The reason that I am distributing this e-mail to a large audience, is because we are all considered the public of this nation and should not be manipulated by any one. I want to thank all my friends that I found here and appreciate your hospitality even the Iranian Jokes. We are all American Citizens with different ethnicity and values and that is the main reason that this is the greatest nation on the planet. God bless you all (yours as Stu said).

Oh, by the way, Steve Blake was employed at ComEd when I shut down GE Nuclear Energy, San Jose, CA and gave a level I finding to all the ComEd nuclear Plants' Engineering departments. He was not there when I shut down Holtec and US Tool & Die. Please read some of my allegations at or and search for Oscar Shirani. You too could stand up against quality compromises. My dad told me to stand up for the right things and do what is right. He was jailed by the Shah of Iran for many years for the same fights for justice. I came to U.S. in 1975 and got all my education (MS and BS in engineering) here and proudly served this country. I am not anti Nuclear. I am anti unsafe nuclear.

Happy Holidays.
<<Chilled Atmosphere at Cooper Nuclear Station for raising nuclear safety issues.doc>> <<oscar cns issues.doc>>
Oscar B. Shirani
Project Manager
Nuclear Projects Dept.

and Now Jobless at
21W704 Buckingham Rd
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Tel: 630-790-9650 (Home)
630-745-0381 (Cell)

[] Chilled Atmosphere at Cooper Nuclear Station for raising nuclear safety issues

[] oscar cns issues2.doc

Received: from

Wed, 3 Dec 2003 00:49:04 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 00:49:03 EST
Subject: Fwd: Union of Concerned Scientist's complain to NRC about Shirani's case


Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 13:30:01 -0500
From: "Dave Lochbaum" <>
To: <>
Hello Oscar:

Attached is the letter I mailed to NRC this afternoon. Will keep you informed about any contacts resulting from it.


P.S. - The letter is public. Please distribute to anyone you think should see it.

>>> <> 11/26/03 01:53AM >>>
Hello Dave:
It looks good. The only comment that I have is: NRC has not heard my Cooper
Allegation as yet except the e-mail that I sent you and included many NRC
Region III and NRR satff, such as: Jim Heller, George Mulley, Scott Langan, William
Brach, Wayne Hochinson, Jim Gavoula and of course, our friend Dr. Landsman.

I got he contact for the Region IV (Texas) to call them for the Cooper issue.
Thanks for your continued support. Please send me the final version and tell
me if it is O.K. for me to distribute it to my large e-mail list or not.

[] 20031201-ucs-nrc-shirani-meeting-request.pdf

Portions of Dr. Landsmanís Testimony

On 1/17/2003 with DOLALJ

Subject: Re: My Allegation at Cooper in more layman's terms

Dear John Michael, Cooper Nuclear Station Employee Concern Program Ombudsman:

Enclosed File contains my allegations in a more layman's terms for your technical lead. I have provided you the Code requirements in Italic Format and explained the CNS Violations for the applicable 18 Criteria of 10CFR50 App. B, ANSI N45.2.11, ASME NQA-1 , and ASME NQA-2, Part 2.7 (Software), and CNS Procedure 3.4.7.

It took me almost 6 hours to type up everything and I made an attempt that an 8th grader could read and understand it. I will be delighted to answer any more questions.

Thanks. Oscar
[] Oscar 10CFR50 Appendix B explanation for Cooper.doc

Email: Letter about Russell Hoffman + response from Mr. Shirani, September, 2003

Supporting Documents: Oscar Shirani GE Nuclear Energy Audit Report from 1997

Supporting Documents: Letter to the NRC OIG George Mulley March 20th, 2003

Supporting Documents: Letter to the NRC March 2002

Supporting Documents: Letter to the NRC December 2001

Oscar Shirani's Testimony to NRC at Indian Point, Friday, July 23rd, 2004

Oscar Shirani Department of Labor Court files in which DOL hide his issues just like NRC:

ALJ-section 1, ALJ-section 2, ALJ-section 3 (Posted November 17th, 2005)

"NRC's own survey in 2002 shows more than 50% of the NRC staff revealed during the survey that they are afraid of losing their job by raising nuclear safety concern:"

DOE predicts nuke reactions in casks; Nevadans worry about danger at Yucca:

Dr. Ross Landsman, former NRC Region III Decommissioning Branch, on "Oscar Shirani's Story:"

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