BEWARE Price-Anderson Act RENEWAL vis a vis GENERIC ENDEMIC FRAUD & Possible Terrorism Against Nuclear-Plants!!! (Comments by Dr. E. S., November 4th, 2001)

To: All Congresspersons Cc: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: BEWARE Price-Anderson Act RENEWAL vis a vis GENERIC ENDEMIC  FRAUD & Possible Terrorism Against Nuclear-Plants!!!
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 22:02:38 -0800
Organization: "FUZZYICS"

(1) BEWARE Price-Anderson Act upcoming renewal vote limiting nuclear utilities' legal liability in the face of:
(2) Ongoing GENERIC ENDEMIC massive FRAUD by nuclear utilities, their vendors, their contractors, their suppliers, and with complete collusion of NRC and DoE!!! (see below)
(3) Possible susceptibility to possible terrorist attacks, using this very same GENERIC ENDEMIC FRAUD, as a tool for making ~103 US nuclear-reactor power-plants into ready-made weapons of mass destruction (WMD), nuclear (so called) "accidents" WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!
I would most strongly urge you to please read carefully this somewhat technical expose of multigenerational multidecade covered up GENERIC ENDEMIC FRAUD on nuclear-reactor power-plant (civilian and military) (so called)' "super"alloys' metallurgy [same (so called) "super"alloys as those which fail in gas-turbine and jet engines (remember the jet-engine combustion-chamber/"burn-can" explosions in the 1980's: Milwaukee, Manchester, Japan, (~1985-6)..., the Challenger,...?)]: design, component fabrication, construction, inspection, maintenance, certification, licensing, quality assurance, quality control, reinspection, license renewal, (many old reactors FRIGHTENINGLY in the last year/recently being purchased to be relicensed to run far beyond their most optimistically intended maximum lifetimes!) and ask your staff to gather the articles highlighted below, and to contact the corroborating experts listed and highlighted below, MOST of who live and/or work in the Washington, D. C. area thus being LOCALLY almost immediately available to you, your staff, the members of and staffs of both House and Senate committees which oversee the: NRC, DoE, Price-Anderson Act renewal (and its debate!?).
Gentleman and Ladies:

                                  As you Senators and Representatives reconsider and vote on the Price-Anderson Act extension, limiting the legal and financial liability for nuclear-reactor power-plants to relatively nothing compared to the actual cost of any possible nuclear "accident" (waiting to happen!!!), and (too!) many reactors with (so called) "super"alloys' GENERIC ENDEMIC FRAUDULENT advanced age overageing-embrittlement [the technical subject/metallurgy of this letter; see below]
"osteoporosis" (very analogous to an old woman's bones getting ever more brittle with age with NO possibility of reversal whatsoever!!!), and its strong possibility of virtually guaranteeing the success of any possible terrorist attack(s) upon nuclear-reactor power-plants lurking,
Please feel free to RSVP as soon as possible as you may see fit with any: questions?, comments?
Most Sincerely and Respectfully,
Dr. E. S.
Metallurgist & Physicist
[T. T. Ltd.]
[Ph. D., Metallurgy, (1970);
M. S., Physics, (1969),
B. S., (1965)]
[Fired, Westinghouse APD/NES, Sr. Materials Scientist (1974)
Fired, P. S. E. & G. Chief Metallurgist & Mgr., NDT/E (1976)
Fired, I. A. E. A. (Vienna) (1977)]
PLAINTIFF: Federal False Claims Act/"Qui Tam" Lawsuits
COMPLAINANT: NRC (twice), mid-late 1990s, DoE (mid-late 1990s)
(resume below at very end)
PERSONAL FOR B E T T Y   A N N   B O W S E R and/or PBS Newshour
 News Directors/Producers
VICTORIA CORDERI and/or NBC Dateline News Directors/Producers
(re: 11/1 Dateline NBC and 11/2 PBS Newshour segment on
Nuclear-Reactor Safety Against Terrorism)
cc: Editors and Investigative Reporters:The: New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times,...
   In the 11/1 NBC Dateline and 11/2 PBS Newshour segment on possible upcoming terrorist attacks against nuclear-reactor power-plants great probability of success, Rep. Edward Markey was dead right,
N. R. C. Chairman Meserve a bit to a lot wrong, and Mr. Beadle an outright liar!
   Why? Because, even IF the reinforced-concrete (a.k.a. "rebar") containment-structure could withstand impact of a fuel-laden jet, the (determined by: time at temperature determines it, like cooking a pizza in a microwave-oven) overageing-embrittled/"spinodally-decomposed"/"Ostwald-ripened"/
(analogous to osteoporosis in your grandmother's bones)
of (so called) "super"alloys (Nickel-based: Inconel-600 piping,  INCO-182/82 piping-to-flanges/"nozzles" transition-welds, Hastelloy-X core-internals, Iron-based: 304 & 304L stainless-steels (like your elevator doors at NBC or PBS), etc. etc.,... ) are INfamous for becoming with age, at fabrication and then ambient temperatures, VERY VERY BRITTLE hence SHOCK/"notch"-sensitive, would crack like eggshells.
   Where to attack? NOT the concrete containment, BUT the: EMBRITTLED: PIPING, FLANGES (like a person's lips), "NOZZLES" [as recently cracked at Oconee PWR in South Carolina (read on)], and STEAM GENERATORS!!! They would ALL LITERALLY SHATTER LIKE "GLASS" [see Roman Rollnick article quoted below: in
The European, week ending 1/14/92-front page, about this happening to PIPING in ALL E. C. (46 PWRs in Germany, ..., 56 PWRs in France, = 102+ PWRs in E. C. by 1992].
   Why should our US reactors': same designs, same (so called) "super"alloys but OLDER (i. e. MORE AGE) be any different?
   These are even MUCH MORE VULNERABLE than spent-fuel pools if the reactor is critical/ i.e., on!!!
[you might want to read a layman's book:
"Nuclear Power: From Physics to Politics", by Lawrence Pringle (~1979), seemingly about me; in addition Keith Snow, a noted environmental journalist,[c/0 (413) 268-7458] has writen most of a book about this and me]
Other references:
Ana Mayo (still writing for NYTimes part time?), The Village Voice, p. 40, 8/21/78 article about me "If Leaks Could Kill", in her "Geiger Counter Column" (then), about my work, Journal of Magnetism & Magnetic Materials 7, 312 (1978)
LOCAL D. C. REFERENCES: [the first four are in their 60's-70's, have been around alloy metallurgy/physics for a very long while, and are all VERY FAMOUS in metallurgy!]:
(1) Dr. Lydon Schwartzendruber, Metallurgy Division, N. I. S. T. /DoC, Gaithersburg, MD.
(2) Prof. Lawrence Bennett (Lydon's former boss; NIST ret.), Materials Science Dept., George Washington (?) or Georgetown(?) Univ., D.C.
(3) Prof. (ret.; Simon Fraser Univ., B. C., Canada) Anthony Arrott, World's Best Alloy Magnetism expert, LIVES IN D.C. (202) 364-6044 and eaches at some Northern VA. state university.
(4) Prof. (ret.; Univ. of Illinois Materials. Science & Physics Depts., & Case Western-Reserve Univ. also)  Wendell Williams (217) 344-5180 &/or (winter escape; FL.) (941) 349-4218
(5) Dr. Kevin Aylesworth, [used to work for Sen. Tom Harkin, (D-IA)] and in D.C. phonebook - spent quite a bit of time with me and talked extensively about this when both in Boston (~1994-~1996)
(who some of you may know personally, having been a Senate staffer for nearly a decade now!)
(see pdf version very short/very limited layman's summary of Lofaro Brookhaven National Laboratory/DoE/NRC nuclear "incidents" statistical/actuarial (as in "time until death"!; do to overageing-embrittlement)assessment on website:
or, even better, do a Google search under "Robert Lofaro" and wade through his/Brookhaven National Laboratory's/DoE's/NRC's very own MANY VERY NEGATIVE nuclear-reactor component/systems failures predicted FRIGHTENING RISK-ASSESSMENTS!!!
(which you may not have been aware of)
[or, for more/to be complete, have your staff(s)/committee(s) staff(s)
gather together ANY/ALL Lofaro (MANY) reports from Brookhaven National Laboratory throughout the 1980s and 1990's]


Dr. Richard Meserve,
cc: Mr. Hugo Bell,
Inspector General,
Michael Steinberg,
Auditing Division, Inspector General's Office,
Agents George Mulley and Ronald Fields,
Inspector Generals Office,
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Rockville, MD.
Dear Dr. Meserve,
I just heard about the Ocone, South Carolina ("8/01") PWR "nozzles" and piping transition-weld cracking, which sound a lot like the San Onofre, CA. "nozzles" and piping cracking problem!
This is EXACTLY what I tried to leave for you at the Hyatt Islandia in San Diego last November that American Institute of Physics CEO "Dudsky" or "Broadskii" "purloined" (unless the documents simply just "walked away themselves"?). Maybe you should have known about it a year ago? It would have helped you with this problem greatly!
Attached please find a (not so!) humorous article about nuclear-reactor,... (and LOOK UP ALL REFERENCES!!!)  GENERIC Fe-based "austenitic" (FCC crystal structure) (a.k.a. stainless-steels) and Ni-based "austenitic" (FCC crystal structure) (so called) "super"alloys: Inconel-600 (control-rod sleeve tubes), Hastelloy-X (core internals), and INCO-182/82 (FCC "austenitic"to BCC "ferritic" pressure-vessel steels) transition-welds.
Especially the latter I was THE FIRST to discover and call attention to.
Jnl. Magnetism & Magnetic Materials 7, 312 (1978);
see also article about my warnings:
Ana Mayo, "Geiger Counter Column", The Village Voice, p. 40, 8/21/78]
For INCO-182/82 worldwide transition-weld standard for decades (1950's-1990's), I found that it takes ~ 17-22 years, which sounds EXACTLY like what is happening in South Carolina ("now") and nearby San Onofre unit here.
Since it happened in
ALL E. C. PWRs [see R. Rollnick, The European (weekly), week ending 1/14/93 - front-page and flip-side] and in MANY Japanese PWRs, I ask:
All it takes is (like heating up a pizza in a microwave) time at temperature, and OURS are OLDER!!!
OF COURSE it IS, NOT just "now" and NOT just "only" in South Carolina, but most probably VERY WIDESPREAD and well covered up, or simply ignored and not recognized by: utilities, energy-companies, NRC, DoE!
(yet, since ~1988 a HUGE amount of money has been spend by NRC on studying this phenomenon; just ask NRC public information service to do an NRC/DoE literature search under superalloy embrittlement, Wigner's-disease, Ostwald-ripening, spinodal-decomposition, overageing, ageing, overageing-embrittlement, "sensitization", ... and you'll see the NRC/DoE CRASH program on this for perhaps ~13 years!)
Jonathan Pollard's last UCS report (I believe 9/95?) on stainless-steel skirts SUDDEN embrittlement at ~ 17-20 years in G. E. BWRs! There the culprit is 304 stainless steel. They use 304L ("L" meaning low-carbon, to slow down this overageing-embrittlement) and it failed too!]
also Lai's Met. Trans. AIME, 9A, 827 (1978) reference figure 2 on Hastelloy-X for just HOW FAST this can happen: 100 hrs.( = 4 DAYS!)/~2years = < 1% of intended lifetime!
[this is what fails and explodes, combustion-chambers in GE & P&W jet-engines]]
The GENERIC problem is called: Wigner's-disease, Ostwald-ripening, spinodal-decomposition, ageing, overageing, overageing-embrittlement, (euphemistically) "sensitization".
Ask any machinist. When it happens in tool steels (drills or lathe cutting-tools), it's called "streamers"
(NOT the cut metal chips), stringed/chains and sheets of brittle-carbides that grow in a more ductile tool-steel matrix. And the tools delaminate, literally crack apart, JUST LIKE for (so called) "super"alloys in PWRs and BWRs!
I hate to say "I (at least tried in 11/00 to) told you so", but...
(Q: just how did I sneak into the South Carolina PWR and cause this???
 A: It MUST be going on in ALL US PWRs and BWRs for MANY KINDS of DIFFERENT (so called) "super"alloys in many different components!!!)
Have you ever read
Robert Lofaro's (BNL) [see below] "bean counting" INPO incidents actuarial projections? Based upon past INPO/NRC documents, Lofaro (no metallurgist) predicted ~ 1990-1992 at the ?th Light Water Reactor Safety Conference, summarized in the Journal "Failure Analysis" quarterly in ~1991-2, and in a sequence of BNL reports probably right there in your NRC library, something like a ~73(!!!)% probability of failure due to (this) (so called) "super"alloy GENERIC (OVER)-"ageing" [a. k. a.:
Wigner's-disease, Ostwald-ripening, spinodal-decomposition, overageing, overageing-embrittlement, "sensitization",...]
(this latter decidedly NOT meaning sitting around a campfire and singing "Kumbaya",...  )
leading to EXPONENTIAL(!!!) reactor systems failure probability!
(a. k.a. technically "chaos"!!!)
Please RSVP if you need any consulting help
(from someone who can be HONEST with you about this GENERIC problem you've inherited, and, because he discovered it in INCO-182/82 transition-weld alloy 25 years ago,
Most Respectfully,
Dr. E. S.
Metallurgist & Physicist
[T. T. Ltd.]
[Ph. D., (1970), M. S., (1969), B. S., (1965)]
[Fired, Westinghouse APD/NES, Sr. Materials Scientist (1974)
Fired, P. S. E. & G. Chief Matallurgist & Mgr., NDT/E (1976)
Fired, I. A. E. A. (Vienna) (1977)]

                                            The "U. S. S. KURSK":

          Generic Endemic Navy (SSN, SSBN, CVN) /

                    Utility NUCLEAR


(Courtesy: Westinklouse, G.-E., P. & W./U.-T., A.B.B./C.-E., B. & W., Inco, Haynes, Cabot, Prudential...)

                                                "Señor Admirálíssimo El Exigente ("OsamaBin")von"      

                                                                    Dr. Edward Siegel


                                                             Metallurgy and Alloy Physics

                                                               ThermAlloy Technology Ltd.


       ("Avenger of U.K. Admiral Sir Walter Raleigh s 1492 Vanquishing of the Spanish Armada")

                                                                         (858) 270-5111



very recent Oconee, S. C. PWR "niozzles" severe cracking, mirrored in San Onofre, CA. PWR "nozzles" cracking (which the NRC refuses to order inspected, muchless nationwide in ALL PWRs (and BWRs), and the utilities (like San Onofre's owner, nearly bankrupt Southern California Edison, refuse to do!, and actively lobby against!)

· recent (5/19/00; Gibraltar/Algericas Bay) H. M. S. Tire"less"d SSN nuclear attack-submarine                        [Reuters News dispatch: (San Diego Union Tribune, p. 2, 10/22/00) but "amazingly" in no other national U. S. paper: neither: N.Y.T., nor L. A. T., nor W.-P.,...-talk about managed news!!!]; [also: in  El Pais (Madrid, Spain major daily (10/31/00) - on WWW) & on B.B.C. News, [N.P.T.V.; KPBS-Ch.15 (10/31/00), in which Spanish Prime Minister demanded to British Prime Minister that the U.K. "tow it our of Iberian waters forthwith!"], now renamed the H. M. S. "Aged" & Tired) and dry-dock/inspections of whole rest (12) of U.K. SSN nuclear attack-sub fleet, necessitating U. S. Navy guarding of their U. K. whole SSBN nuclear fleet ballistic-missile boats & G.-E.-KAPL core-meltdown diagnosis (518) 587-3245 /

· plus older French nuclear attack-submarine SSN Emeraud steam-"leak" killing Captain and Nine Crew (Boston Globe, p.25, 3/31/94 ),

· plus recent dire warning on Internet by John. P. Shannon and Bob Stater, [G.-E. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) retired Nuclear Engineers, Former Health and Safety Manager, designers of Navy nuclear-reactor cores for some thirty years; @ 262 Jones Rd., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 12866 / tel: (518) 587-3245 /] that the H.M.S. Tire"less"d , with no loss-of-coolant (LOC) emergency-core-cooling-system (ECCS) [as do all other nuclear Navy ships of any/all types and any/all countries similarly lack] actually suffered a loss-of-coolant-"accident" (LOCA; "China-Syndrome") on 5/19/00 and is now stuck powerless and unmovable in Gibraltar/Algereicas Bay, and that ...

· ALL 57 U.S. SSN attack-submarines nuclear-reactor cores (which they designed for 30 years) should be as susceptible to and hence suffer similar LOCA "China-Syndrome" problems in the future!!!

· early unheeded by both nuclear Navy(ies)/commercial nuclear utilities metallurgical warnings of "super"alloy generic endemic overageing-embrittlement thermal-instability in-fabrication / in-service problems warnings:

· (the) Dr. Eugene P. Wigner (Nobel Laureate, physics, who took Einstein s letter to Roosevelt),                        Jnl. Applied Physics 17, 857 (1946)

· Dr. E. Siegel (Metallurgist), Jnl. Magnetism & Magnetic Materials, 7, 312 (1978)@ ICMAO, Technion, Haifa

· Ana Mayo, the Village Voice, "If Leaks Could Kill", Geiger Counter Column, p. 40 (8/21/78)

· Dr. G. Lai, Metallurgical Transactions AIME, 9A, 827 (1978) - especially unbelievable Fig. 2/y-axis!!!)

· Dr. J. R. Kattus, Code # 4112, U. S. DoD Aerospace Structural Materials Handbook, Battelle (1983) - OFFICIAL DoD WARNINGS!!!

· Dr. E. Siegel (in abstract) 1978 - prediction of Monju, Japan Breeder Reactor nuclear "accident"                 (Japan Times, front page (12/10-12/95) & thereafter - on WWW in English)

· E. C. (esp. France & Germany) mandatory commercial nuclear-reactor pressure-vessel heads and cooling piping replacements due to embrittlement-cracking                                                                         (R. Rollnick, The European, (1/14/93) front page headlines)

· E. Savage and E. Nippies, Jnl. Welding (1963-67) - many technical papers on "super"alloy welds generic embrittlement

· Howard Richards(RIP), metallurgist, PSE&G (largest utility/N. J.) suppressed dire multi-decade warnings

· Professor W. B. Pearson, renowned Canadian metallurgist, University of Waterloo - multi-decade dire warnings of generic "super"alloy overageing-embrittlement catastrophic-failures in nuclear power-plants

· H.M.S.S. Titanic, (W. Broad, New York Times, reprinted in San Diego Union Tribune, p. E2, (2/4/98)) which sank because of (closely related) metallurgical embrittlement of steel bolts and hull plates,...

Warnings, Portents, Continuing / Ongoing Disasters, and Trends are Clear / Undeniable!!!

Do the Governments have the courage to ACT NOW???



                                               Dr. Edward Siegel

messages: c/o:                                                           (858) 270-5111

                            (best: A. M. & Nights - 7 days- PACIFIC-time - NO-voicemail)





Creative challenging position in alloy metallurgy/NDT/ceramics/materials/process engineering/ utilizing my diverse heuristic skills: problem-solving, incisive analysis, and optimization, reasoning with: ambiguity, uncertainty, analogy, induction, deduction, via insightful disambiguation for decisive implementation with applications in: metallurgy/NDT/ materials/process-engineering: failure-analysis, troubleshooting, yield-enhancement, reliability, testing, QC, QA in both fab/R.& D. environments.


Skills-Set and Accomplishments

Initiating Failure-Analysis of: utility power-plants (nuclear and fossil), pipelines: gas, water, naptha, hydrogen,....

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Troubleshooting of development and fab process bottlenecks; in-process testing during fabrication.

Consulting within organizations on materials/process-specific problems in development and fabrication processes.

Developing real-time Q.A. and interactive Q.C. during processing for process yield-optimization.

Managing international-programs including: planning, reporting, staffing, vendor-liaison, foreign-government liaison, consulting, troubleshooting, failure-analysis, yield-enhancement, Q.C., Q.A., databases,..., in both fab, and R.& D.

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Managed/Directed failure analysis of electricity/gas generating/transmission equipment/tools

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failure analysis of failure mechanisms corrosion, environmental cracking, fatigue, brittle failure, plastic collapse,...

appropriate analysis methods: fracture mechanics, metallography, macrophotography, SEM, EDAX, mechanical testing, NDT (especially acoustic-emission, ultrasonics)

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fracture mechanics: Charpy V-notch/ CTOD testing, brittle failure prevention, plastic collapse failure criteria, corrosion-damage, mechanical-damage,..., especially superalloy (INCO-182/82), HASTELLOY-X,... magnetic-testing discovery/calibration and heat-treatment reversal

international transnational ANSI, API, NACE, codes/standards compliance.



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[ Silicon Valley, CA.: Dysan, Memorex, I.B.M., Systron-Donner,..., MA: Trillenium, and E.C. (Italy & Vienna): I.A.E.A./I.C.T.P., OPEC, Petrobras, A. G. A., Proton-Diamant, Excalibur, Eureka, and in former Eastern Bloc, ]:

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[popular refs: M. Browne, N.Y.T. (8/4/98)-front page/Science section; T. Hill, Am. Sci. (7-8/98); R. Mathews, New Sci (7/10/99)]

"Fuzzyics" & "Rough-Stoffe" Fuzzy-Logic & Rough-Sets Artificial-Intelligence packages.

"Static-Synergetics": real-time/during processing Q.A. and interactive Q.C. for yield-enhancement optimization.

Proton-Diamant: Proton-in-Diamond optimal heat-sink ion-implantation/diffusion interconnects.

Solar-Hydrogen-Water: solar-energy production of water via hydrogen/hydride-storage and gravity.

"ThermAlloy-Technology"(TAT):Ni-based superalloys/Fe-based stainless-steels thermal overageing-embrittlement catastrophic-failure preclusion via magnetic-N.D.T. real-time Q.A./alloy-rejuvenation heat-treatment Q.C.for forced-outage/maintenance/accident minimization process yield-optimization.

"Excalibur": earthquake sub-Hertz sub-audio infra-sonic/electromagnetic early-warning alarm sensors.

"Eureka"/"Shazam": Neural-Network Automatic Optimization via "Fuzzyics" & "Rough-Stoffe" A.-I.

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Bioelectronic nerve pain-analgesia, cardiology-therapy, DNA-control by 1/f-noise nonlinear-dynamics



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NDT SENSOR/ DETECTOR PHYSICIST/ENGINEER, Queen Mary College, University of London, UK



MANAGER: METALLURGY, MATERIALS, NDT, Public Service Electric & Gas. Co., Newark, NJ

SENIOR ALLOY METALLURGIST, Westinghouse Atomic-Power/Electronic-Device Div., Pittsburgh, PA

SENIOR ALLOY METALLURGIST, General Motors Technical Center, Manufacturing Development, Warren, MI

LLOY METALLURGICAL ENGINEER Ford Motor Company Scientific Research Staff, Dearborn, MI.

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