FOLLOWUP to & Short Succinct SUMMARY to: BEWARE Price-Anderson Act By Rote Automatic Renewal Upcoming VOTE!!!

Subject: (2): FOLLOWUP to & Short Succinct SUMMARY to: "BEWARE Price-Anderson Act  By Rote Automatic Renewal Upcoming VOTE!!!"

                              PERSONAL FOR SENATOR or REPRESENTATIVE

                                                  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
                                                     (of First e-mailing)
YOUR Price Anderson Act Upcoming VOTE:
                                                                                                     Dr. E. S.,
                                                                                            Metallurgist & Physicist/ Consultant
Gentleman and Ladies:
To summarize my previous (perhaps too technical) e-mailing of 11/4/01 I offer layperson analogies:...
As Senators and Representatives to the People's Congress, this AUTOMATIC PRICE-ANDERSON ACT  BY ROTE RENEWAL that you will shortly be asked to vote on is a lot like...
a LIFE-INSURANCE POLICY for an AGEING...ALREADY AGED person up for renewal when they are VERY OLD.
(don't forget that ALL US nuclear-reactor power-plants were built WELL BEFORE 1980, being AT LEAST ~ TWO (if not ~THREE!) decades TOO old metallurgically (i. e. medically)!!!)
Think of a nuclear-reactor power-plant of nominal lifetime of say ~30 years (the number when the technical OVERageing-embrittlement/"Wigner's-disease" metallurgy is included is more accurately ~ 20!!!) as an ageing person [age anywhere from ~ 80 (if you believe ~30 year nuclear-reactor lifetime) to ~100 (if you believe the MORE realistic ~20 year SAFE operation lifetime!!!) with TERMINAL (i. e. UNreversible) arterial-atherosclerosis (piping-embrittlement) and bone-osteoporosis (structural-embrittlement), GENERIC ENDEMIC overageing-embrittlement/"WIGNER'S-DISEASE" (that is WHY it metallurgically is technically called "Wigner's-DISEASE"!], with arterial-atherosclerosis (piping-embrittlement) and bone-osteoporosis (structural-embrittlement) up for a life-insurance policy renewal.
What would any PRUDENT life-insurance company that wanted to stay successfully in business do?
And, ladies and gentlemen, with your up-coming Price-Anderson Act BY ROTE RENEWAL vote,
YOU are THAT insurance-company's UNDERWRITERS, both HERE and SOON/NOW!!!
[Most frightening is the ~year old New Orleans MBS's company ~"Enova" (I believe) announcing about a year ago that it would buy up some ~35-38 AGED nuclear-reactor power-plants to run them LONGER than their scheduled decommissioning lifetime, "to milk them for a little more energy for energy-starved California" (which does NOT even need it anymore now that the artificiality of last summer's energy "crisis" has been revealed (as time told) as NEVER even materialized! - NO blackouts in California last summer at all!!!) before their final demise. You're probably looking at half a dozen potential very probable CHERNOBYLS around the US right there.!!!
(and, if you don't believe me, read Robert Lofaro's/Brookhaven National Laboratory's very own DoE/NRC probabilistic risk-assessment ACTUARIAL statistics of nuclear-reactor power-plant: component, subsystem, and whole system MORTALITY: ~
73(!!!)%, leading to an EXPONENTIAL probability (technically called "CHAOS"(!!!) of complete nuclear-reactor power-plant failures!!!
[see reference: James Gleik's Pulitzer-Prize - winning book: "Chaos" several years ago]
Analogy: they're taking bone-osteoporotic and arterial-atherosclerotic "WIGNER'S-DISEASED" "granny" out of the old age home (if you believe the ~30 year nuclear-reactor power-plant lifetime fantasy) or more realistically hospice (of you believe the ~20 year MUCH MORE REALISTIC metallurgy (so called) "super"alloys' overageing-embrittlement/"WIGNER'S-DISEASE arterial-atherosclerosis/(piping-embrittlement) and bone-osteoporosis/(structural-embrittlement) I tried to point out (perhaps too?) technically in my first e-mail.
Now in addition, we have added to the mix that will make up YOUR decision and YOUR vote, potential terrorism!
Analogy: some violent "muggers" want to steal "granny's" social security check when she goes to cash it to/and buy some food at the neighborhood grocery store", and to do so they will hit her over the [WIGNER'S-DISEASE bone-osteoporitic/(structurally-embrittled)] head, and overexcite/overstress her [WIGNER'S-DISEASE atherosclerotic-arteried/(piping-embrittled)] heart violently!
Will granny survive undamaged, or even survive at all? NOT very likely!!!
And if so, she will be in a VERY DAMAGED condition, FAR beyond her already WIGNER'S-DISEASED ALREADY DAMAGED condition!!!
(That's why "granny" doesn't enter and compete in the Olympics. The chances that she will fall and break something important, suffering IRreparable/UNrepairable harm, are ~ 100%!)
[That is why we have police, but can they successfully watch EVERY granny EVERY second to GUARANTEE and ABSOLUTELY PREVENT any such terrorist mugging"?, and can they or the doctors REVERSE any MORE damage to her bones, head, arteries or heart resulting from this potential violent "mugging"?]
This then is what YOUR upcoming decision and YOUR upcoming CRUCIAL vote is all about, guaranteeing that (ever-older and ever more WIGNER'S-DISEASED ill/sick and now terrorist/"mugger" threatened) granny's LIFE INSURANCE PREMIUMS will be sufficient to SAVE this country/your and my "company", from complete BANKRUPTCY, to insure ITS (not just physical safety, but) FINANCIAL SURVIVAL!!!
(just look up the TMI or Chernobyl costs, and multiply by half a dozen, or better see Roman Rollnick's layman's article [The European, front page, week ending 1/14/92] and do the math/crunch the numbers:
103 E. C. (mostly Germany & France) nuclear-reactors (with Dr. WIGNER'S-DISEASE diagnosed severaly embrittled and SEVERELY cracked, hence URGENTLY NEEDED pressure-vessel head complete replacement (like a heart multi-bypass, but a lot worse, like a COMPLETE full heart REPLACEMENT))) x ~ $1 BILLION each, = ~ $103 BILLION plus/+ (labor, new materials,... extras ~ $20 BILLION each, plus/+ throw in some replacement energy costs over several years EACH for replacement ~$10 BILLION each yields ~ $5 TRILLION, much greater than the US gross national/domestic product!!!
(plus/+ not yet counting in INCREASED decommissioning costs in FUTURE INFLATED dollars, a factor of TEN GREATER [ typical estimates are: a ~$10 BILLION to build nuclear-reactor power-plant will cost ~$100 BILLION to decommission, a factor of TEN greater!!!)
(Question: When is the last time you bought a car that you had to spend TEN TIMES MORE  to junk or resell?
Answer: NOT more than once, and not EVEN once, if you are sane, and want to avoid bankruptcy and the "poorhouse"!)
Summarizing succinctly, pure and simple, the nuclear-power utility industry is lobbying you so hard because it desperately needs YOUR vote to, by rote automatically, renew THEIR (it's NOT for the US citizenry nor you!!!) Price-Anderson Act to SURVIVE the "poorhouse" and bankruptcy that they so richly deserve because THEY are (and have been for some three decades now, not listening to their metallurgist doctors' many dire warnings [previous e-mail]!) in denial over THEIR premature/over-ageing-embrittlement WIGNER'S-DISEASE!!!
And just WHY should YOU bail them out when YOUR voting constituents will have to pay through the nose FINANCIALLY, and YOU may have to pay POLITICALLY at the ballot box?
(and all it will take is just one nuclear-reactor (so called) "accident" waiting to happen, or just one even partially successful terrorist "mugging", DR. WIGNER'S-DISEASE (a.k. a. Murphy's law) having been lurking in their already, but ever increasing overageing-embrittled/WIGNER'S-DISEASED (so called) "super"alloys [like decaying embrittled cracked broken teeth awaiting a dentists triage!]
for EVERY reactors WHOLE LIFE and "about" to strike now (as it already has in 103 E. C. nuclear-reactors, or the ~25 nuclear "accidents" waiting to happen in Japan (and NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER having ALREADY happened here, but been covered by these VERY SAME nuclear utilities, in collusion with NRC and DoE, that you are being asked to bail out with your upcoming vote HERE and NOW!!!); Why should the US be immune? Because we're God fearing blond blue eyed patriots?
The vote is yours! The COST is ours!! The LEGACY YOU leave if you vote FOR Price-Anderson Act automatic, by rote renewal, is for ALL to SUFFER WITH, not just now, but for YOUR children, and grandchildren, and great grand children, all to PAY for literally FOREVER, perhaps even complete 
BANKRUPTCY, and most probably UNfixable ENVIRONMENTAL and PUBLIC HEALTH complete DISASTERS!!!
(because radioactive contamination and its radiation cannot be "cleaned up", thus simply does not go away for easily decades, centuries, and millennia, estimates being ~TEN millennia (~10,000 years)
[just witness the four decades still ongoing debate over nuclear spent fuel and waste storage.
(Do you even remember what you were doing five decades/~50 years ago. (I was in public school just discovering girls; now I am a grandfather). Five decades is nearly a lifetime! And even twice that,          a lifetime, 100 years divided by radioactive-contamination's lifetime of 10,000 years ~ only
1 % of radioactive radioisotope environmental contamination/public health hazard lifetimes)
Most Sincerely and Respectfully,
Dr. E. S.
[(Fired: Westinghouse Nuclear(1974),
Fired: P. S. E. & G. (N. J.) Public Utility (1976),
Fired: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (1977)]
Plaintiff: Federal False Claims Act/"Qui-Tam" Lawsuit wit: NRC, DoE
Metallurgist and Physicist
[Ph. D., Metallurgy (1970);
M. S., Physics (1969);
B. S., Physics, (1965)
[just after Colin Powell]

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