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Ms Byron,

Thank you for forwarding my emails and informing me of your having done so.

Since the matter of forwarding all the emails is now settled (assuming Mr. Aldrich has also forwarded all of my correspondence with him; he has not reported that he has done so), it leaves the question as to why Mr. Aldrich thought you were the correct person to receive my correspondence and act knowledgeably on it in the first place.  Can you explain that to me?

Specifically, what is your expertise in regards to nuclear issues?  Where did you dig up the dogma you responded with in your first letter to me yesterday, which implied that the state of California had no control over the safety of its citizens, which is wrong?  Are you aware as yet, of why this thinking was wrong?  Since you obviously speak to the public on nuclear issues (you did so with me already) what is your official roll in the State's continuing support of nuclear power?  Do you have an employment background which includes time spent in the nuclear industry?

Also, when can I expect to hear from Mssrs Masri, Laurie and Woods?


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

>>>>> At 04:28 PM 9/19/01 , Barbara Byron <> wrote: >>>>>

I forwarded the ones you sent to me and will ask Bob to do the same.

>>> "Russell D. Hoffman" <> 09/19/01 03:56PM >>>
September 19th, 2001 (3:50 pm)

Ms Byron,

I would appreciate it if you and Mr. Aldrich ensure that ALL my
correspondence of the past 72 hours be forwarded to these people as soon as
possible, as I stated before.  There is no reason I should have to repeat
my assertions over and over just because no one at the State seems to have
good answers.

Thank you.

Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

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>Dear Mr. Hoffman,
>I have forwarded your correspondence to Marwan Masri who is the Program
>Manager for the Energy Commission's renewable energy program and am asking
>that he reply to you directly regarding your comments and questions, such
>as how much has California invested in renewable renewable energy, that
>are discussed below.   I also have forwarded copies of the article you
>sent this morning to Commissioner Laurie and Mr. Woods.
>Barbara Byron

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