To: "Rosetta Virgilio" <>
From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re: Nuclear Power Plant locations to six decimal places -- this is no joke

Date: January 8th, 2002
To: "Rosetta Virgilio" <>
From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re: Nuclear Power Plant locations to six decimal places -- this is no joke (followup)

Dear Ms Virgilio,

Thank you for your email today (shown below).  However, the locations of the nation's nuclear power plants cannot be kept secret from local citizens or terrorists by any means, so I see no reason not to post that information at my "nuclear power plants in America" web page.  That way, interested citizens can simply plug in the coordinates to a program such as Mircosoft's Terra Server and see aerial photos of the plants and their surroundings:

If you think that this information is the problem, rather than the nuclear sites themselves, then you are very shortsighted and by your shortsightedness, helping to doom this country to horror.  Terrorism is only one of many dangers from nuclear power plants.

The original reason I started creating my Nuclear Power Plants in America web page was in answer to a request for where each plant is located by county, because the requester wanted to do epidemiological studies.  I think the exact coordinates of the source for the radioactive releases is much more useful information for such studies than simply what county a plant is in.  For example, here in California, San Onofre's reactors are actually in San Diego county, but most of the people who would be effected by a meltdown are probably in Orange County (actual damages would depend on wind conditions at the time of the meltdown).

It appears, as usual, that the NRC is unable to handle the important issues and responds instead only to trivialities.  I have previously posted, and sent to the NRC, for example, "25 simple ways to melt down a nuclear power plant and kill millions, with 20 people or less" and have asked the NRC to respond by resolving as many of these issues at the plants as possible.  But the NRC hasn't done a thing, as far as anyone can tell.  About all that's been done is to ask the security patrol companies to make sure their employee's guns are loaded, and maybe hire an extra hand or two to cover the new bookkeeping paperwork these new procedures surely entail.

I want to know exactly WHY the NRC is not building large windmills farms around EACH nuclear power plant to protect them from low-flying airplanes.

I want to know WHY the NRC has not closed the nuclear power plants so they are vastly less susceptible to attack.

I want to know why there are no anti-aircraft guns around the plants.

I want to know why the overflight ban was lifted.

I want to know what happened between 9:02 am on 9-11, when the second plane hit the second tower of the World Trade Center and the whole world knew that terrorism had reached a whole new level, and 10:00 am, when the NRC, in their own documents, admitted to finally spinning into action.

I want to know why a citizen can't find a single knowledgeable person at the NRC to talk to, who will stand by what they say.  After all, I'm STILL waiting for the WRITTEN APOLOGY I'm owed by Charles Marschall for his assertion to me that the containment domes could withstand the impact of a 747.  That conversation was in June, then 9-11 happened and his lie was exposed for what it was.  I want a formal apology for that.

Instead you are suggesting, by your letter, that after all my letters to the NRC, the only thing worthy of your consideration is that I'm posting some of your own old information -- information that everybody knows.

Get real -- the problems are much greater than that, and the solutions much more complicated and expensive.


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

At 05:38 AM 1/8/02 , "Rosetta Virgilio" <> wrote:
Mr. Hoffman -

This acknowledges receipt of your email noting latitude and longitude sites for selected NRC regulated sites.   Note this information was removed from NRC's website in the wake of 9/11.  NRC staff continues to work to contact others who have this information on their sites and ask that they remove it. 


>>> "Russell D. Hoffman" <> 01/06/02 01:07AM >>>

-- rdh

p.s. for more information about nuclear power plants, please visit:



        Nuclear Site Locations

Name    Type    City    State   Latitude
(deg min sec)   Longitude
(deg min sec)   Latitude
(dec deg, 6 places)     Longitude
(dec deg, 6 places)
[[[ LIST WAS HERE]]] Private Fuel StorageIndependent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI)GrantsvilleUT04024395112472350.0000000.000000
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See also: NRC's Information Digest (NUREG-1350)

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