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Subject: Re: your work for the Earth
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Dear Marcia,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your statement.

I lost my older brother to leukemia about 6 years ago (he was 39).  Leukemia is often caused by environmental pollution.  Iindeed, plutonium in the environment is one of the known causes of the disease.

Although I had opposed nuclear power for decades, writing letters every six months or so to my local paper or congressperson, it was only after that loss that I became truly active and tried to learn all the facts I could.  And I discovered things were at least 100 times worse than even I had imagined.

I think what keeps me going in this battle is simply that I am beyond tears.

Thank you again,


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

At 11:48 PM 7/4/01 , you wrote:
Russell, Bill, Steve, David --

Thank you for the work you are doing to raise the consciousness of
in Sierra Club - including us JMSers - about this issue of nuclear
nuclear energy, etc.  As I began reading the various comments on the
issue, I
began to cry.  This is such a scary and sad issue to even face, yet
alone to
work on.  It is hard for me to even read about it and think that there
hope for the life on this planet to survive, given the incredible amount
toxic waste we have stored - beneath the soil, at the bottom of the
etc., etc.

Pamela Meidell, a friend who works on nuke issues, is someone I totally
admire, as she lives close to this more-than-challenging issue daily -
as it
sounds like some of you do.  You are far more courageous than I, as my
stamina weakens at the very thought of the poisons we are ignoring.  I
even pretend to know a small part of the complex issues involved, but I
it is not life-affirming that we are using nuclear energy, and I know we

should stop.  Since I don't know the details of the issues, nor have
even an
inkling of the decision-makers, message and other necessities of a
on this issue - please let me know what I - as a citizen, and as a
Club leader, can do to add to the chorus of those we need to sing
together to
stop this destructive practice.

If I were on the Board of Directors, this would become a priority

Keep up the pressure....and my suggestion would be to LOBBY each and
Board member to consider making this a priority campaign NOW!

hugs to all of you,

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