Re: PWR CRACKS!!! Just as I FIRST predicted so long ago!!!

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Subject: Re: PWR CRACKS!!! Just as I FIRST predicted so long ago!!!
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October 14th, 2001

Dear Dr. Siegel,

THANK YOU for your letter (shown below).  Please feel free to call me at either of the 800 or 760 numbers at the bottom of this email list.

Today (Sunday) at 4:00 pm Patricia Borchmann and I are supposed to talk very, very briefly to the NC Forum folks.  Friday I spoke before the DOE in Pahrump, NV and read them about half my list of "25 simple ways to destroy San Onofre...".  I wish I had had your email then.  I actually had the NC TIMES article in my car but hadn't read it yet.  One of the local NV activists told me Unit II had shut down, (it turns out she was told by a NV State employee she was talking to on the sidelines when I spoke about San Onofre).  80% of Nevadans don't want Yucca Mountain (and nor should they).  (Three reporters came up and asked for my name afterwards.  I have no idea what they published, if anything, but at least they listened!)  There were at least three or four sheriffs present, and about 50 other people including at least a dozen DOE employees.  I also gave about 15 minutes of private testimony before a DOE employee and a court reporter.  So the world cannot say they haven't been warned that these plants MUST be shut down.  If 25 different terrorist threats aren't enough, I'll list another 25, and another and another.  Listing 1000 environmental threats didn't matter because the belief is that tsunamis bigger than 35 feet can't happen, earthquakes greater than 7.0 can't happen, evacuations beyond 10 miles will never be necessary, asteroids simply can't happen, etc. etc. etc..  But at least now they have to admit that terrorists can do pretty much whatever they want in America, and only a fool still believes they can't.

Phil Diehl certainly needs to hear from you, so I'm "cc'ing" him, and Patricia, this response.  The NC Times' staff still, alas, doesn't seem to understand the physics involved, and fell for Golden's absurd description.  They also, alas, are a bit slow on grasping the political issues, environmental issues, health issues, economic issues, historical issues, statistical issues, engineering issues, or philosophical issues, too, and as far as I can tell, the NC Times still falls for just about everything the SCE spokesperson (Ray Golden) tells them.  (As an aside, my wife heard Mr. Golden on the radio (KCRW, "Which Way LA", Oct. 11th, 2001) while driving along I-5 a few days ago, and he was saying that he had been misquoted sometimes which he finds "frustrating".  Presumably he means by the media, since that's where the activists get all our quotes from him, since he generally won't talk directly to the activists.  (For example, I've sent him a bunch of stuff but he's never responded.))

Thanks again for your letter.

Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

P.S. Shown below is your letter, and an important letter I received from Jack Shannon this morning.  As Harvey Wasserman pointed out in his incredibly missive from a few days ago, lack of an ECCS was why Indian Point Unit 1 was shut down, and a terrorist attack can render any nuke plant's ECCS inoperable, and thus, for all intents and purposes, no plant can be sure to have one when it's needed.  And, the control room, backup generators, and everything else could also be destroyed.  And no water in the Spent Fuel Pool, either -- a plane wreck there instead, with a lot of burst cladding and fuel melt, and vaporized into the atmosphere.  What a mess.  This is not a "survivable accident" for a nuclear power plant, but it's a very possible scenario.


At 11:57 PM 10/14/01 , Dr. E. Siegel wrote:
Dear Mr. Hoffman,
                          I am the FIRST person to warn of these cracks at Westinghiouse (1974), then PSE&G (NJ utility) (1976), then with the IAEA(Vienna,1977), winding up being fired from all three.
   You may have some information I'd like, and I know I have some you'd like.
Question: are the cracks in the weld-metal/alloy itself?, or in the heat affected zone?
   And I'm rght here in Pacific Beach and La Jolla.
   Remind me to give you Keith Snow's phone number, an environmental journalist who has written most of a book about me and this problem!
   Also see old prophetic book: "Nuclear Power: From Physics to Politics" by Lawrence Pringle (1979)
Dr. Siegel
Metallurgist & Physicist

San Diego, CA

You might want to look up my article on this: Jnl. Magnetism & Magnetic Materials 7, 312 (1978) and article about me: The Village Voice, by Ana Mayo in her "Geiger Counter" column (August 21, 1978 - p. 40), but I can show you them both since I'm local.
Also note they are both published in the ~1999 SAIC Report on Nuclear Homeporting of the Stennis in San Diego, in (I believe the last public comments volume) which many organizations have copies of, including Laura Hunter at EHC, who knows me well, and Marv Lyons(?), of SCAN & GaiaLink, who forwarded your e-mail to me. Many libraries locally probably have copies of it!(?)
I have a low-end PC with a low-end wprdprocessor, and so have attached the short document I tried to paste just below, but which came out quite distorted
                                                     The U. S. S. KURSK:


(Courtesy: Westinklouse, G.-E., P. & W./U.-T., A.B.B./C.-E., B. & W., Inco, Haynes, Cabot, Prudential...) Señor Admirálíssimo El Exigente ( Osama Bin ) von Siegel /Consultant /ThermAlloy Technology Ltd. (TAT(L)) (Avenger of U.K. Admiral Sir Walter Raleigh s 1492 Vanquishing of the Spanish Armada) / (858) 270-5111

· recent (5/19/00; Gibraltar/Algericas Bay) H. M. S. Tire less d  SSN nuclear attack-submarine [Reuters News dispatch: (San Diego Union Tribune, p. 2, 10/22/00) but amazingly in no other national U. S. paper: neither: N.Y.T., nor L. A. T., nor W.-P.,...-talk about managed news!!!]; [also: in El Pais (Madrid, Spain  major daily (10/31/00) - on WWW) & on B.B.C. News, [N.P.T.V.; KPBS-Ch.15 (10/31/00),  in which Spanish Prime Minister demanded to British Prime Minister that the U.K. tow it our of Iberian waters forthwith! ], now renamed the H. M. S. Aged   & Tired)  and dry-dock/inspections of whole rest (12) of U.K. SSN nuclear attack-sub fleet, necessitating U. S. Navy guarding of their U. K. whole SSBN nuclear fleet ballistic-missile boats & G.-E.-KAPL core-meltdown diagnosis (518) 587-3245 /

 · plus older French nuclear attack-submarine SSN Emeraud steam- leak killing Captain and Nine Crew (Boston Globe, p.25, 3/31/94 ),

· plus recent dire warning on Internet by John. P. Shannon and Bob Stater, [G.-E. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) retired Nuclear Engineers, Former Health and Safety Manager, designers of Navy nuclear-reactor cores for some thirty years; @ 262 Jones Rd., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 12866 / tel: (518) 587-3245 /] that the H.M.S. Tire less d , with no loss-of-coolant (LOC) emergency-core-cooling-system (ECCS) [as do all other nuclear Navy ships of any/all types and any/all countries similarly lack] actually suffered a loss-of-coolant- accident (LOCA; China-Syndrome ) on 5/19/00 and is now stuck powerless and unmovable in Gibraltar/Algereicas Bay, and that ...

·  ALL 57 U.S. SSN attack-submarines nuclear-reactor cores (which they designed for 30 years) should be as susceptible to and hence suffer similar LOCA China-Syndrome problems in the future!!!

·  early unheeded by both nuclear Navy(ies)/commercial nuclear utilities metallurgical warnings of super alloy generic endemic overageing-embrittlement thermal-instability in-fabrication / in-service problems warnings:

· (the) Dr. Eugene P. Wigner (he who took Einstein s letter to Roosevelt), Jnl. Applied Physics 17, 857 (1946)

·  Dr. E. Siegel (Metallurgist), Jnl. Magnetism & Magnetic Materials, 7, 312 (1978)@ ICMAO, Technion, Haifa

·  Ana Mayo, the Village Voice, If Leaks Could Kill , Geiger Counter Column, p. 40 (8/21/78)

·  Dr. G. Lai, Metallurgical Transactions AIME, 9A, 827 (1978) - especially unbelievable Fig. 2/y-axis!!!)            

·  Dr. J. R. Kattus, Code # 4112, U. S. DoD Aerospace Structural Materials Handbook, Battelle (1983)

  Dr. E.  Siegel (abstract) 1978 - prediction of Monju, Japan Breeder Reactor nuclear accident (Japan Times, front page (12/10-12/95) & thereafter - on WWW in English)

·  E. C. (esp. France & Germany) mandatory commercial nuclear-reactor pressure-vessel heads and cooling  piping replacements due to embrittlement-cracking (R. Rollnick, The European, (1/14/93) front page headlines)

·  E. Savage and E. Nippies, Jnl. Welding (1963-67) - many technical papers on super alloy welds generic embrittlement

·  Howard Richards(RIP), metallurgist, PSE&G (largest utility/N. J.) suppressed dire multi-decade warnings

·  Professor W. B. Pearson, renowned Canadian metallurgist, University of Waterloo - multi-decade dire warnings of generic super alloy overageing-embrittlement catastrophic-failures in nuclear power-plants

·  H.M.S.S. Titanic, (W. Broad, N.Y.T., reprinted in San Diego Union Tribune, p. E2, (2/4/98)) which sank because of (closely related) metallurgical embrittlement of steel bolts and hull plates,...

Warnings, Portents, Continuing / Ongoing Disasters, and Trends are Clear / Undeniable!!!

Do the Governments have the courage to ACT NOW???


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Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 09:37:58 EDT
Subject: Navy Reactors shut down

"The Saratogian" Newspaper announced yesterday, October 13, 2001, that the
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory [KAPL] had shut down the two remaining
reactors on the site because of the present terrorist threat to our Nation.

The announcement came two days after John Shannon [former KAPL Physicist and
Nuclear Engineer] had been interviewed, on WRGB TV Channel 6, concerning the
dangers associated with a terrorist attack at a facility with two nuclear
reactors, neither of which has containment vessels nor emergency core cooling

A terrorist attack at this site, with something as simple as an anti tank
rocket, would have been devastating to the laboratory employees as well as
the surrounding Saratoga community.

Shannon has been trying for years, through pressure on both elected and
appointed officials to have these plants shut down even without the threat of
a terrorist attack. The terrorist threat has always been a possibility and
has been mentioned on many occasions to the EPA, DEC, DOE, Governor Pataki,
NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, Congressman Sweeney, Former Congressman
Gerry Solomon, former Senator John Glenn, former president Bill Clinton,
President George Bush Jr., and a host of other high ranking public officials.
As usual no action was taken until the threat became a reality.

Had the terrorist attack against the WTC been directed against KAPL; the
extent of the devastation would have been unimaginable.

The stupidity of our present Government officials in continuing to allow the
operation of all commercial nuclear power plants, under the present threat
from terrorism, should be well  noted, and explained to those not so well
versed in this technology, by those of us who know the damage that could be
caused by an attack against a nuclear power plant. This lack of action and
stupidity, exhibited by our elected and appointed officials astounds even me.
Why we would keep these power plants operating in the present environment
goes beyond stupid, all the way to dereliction of duty.
It would appear that the existence of such a threat from terrorists finally
had an impact upon the intransigent politicians, at least at KAPL. We must
work toward the closure of all nuclear power plants in this Country.

To date the only action taken by elected officials and the DOE is to lie to
the American public concerning containment vessel safety and hire a few more
security guards.

John Shannon


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