A personal letter to Bob Aldrich, Webmaster, California Energy Commission

To: boba <boba@energy.ca.gov>
From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <rhoffman@animatedsoftware.com>
Subject: A personal letter to Bob Aldrich, Webmaster, California Energy Commission
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To: Bob Aldrich
From: Russell D. Hoffman, Concerned Citizen
Re: Personal letter to Bob Aldrich, Webmaster, California Energy Commission
Date: October 1st, 2001 (6:40 pm)

Mr Aldrich,

What do you mean by describing my letters of the past few weeks as "spam" in your letter shown below?  Sending you these emails is nothing of the sort.  So watch what you say -- this citizen has no desire to be libeled by you.

Your email to me from just two weeks ago constituted a far, far worse crime than spam would be had that been what I've been doing.  But in truth, what you've been receiving has been personal all along:  It is my personal attempt to educate the very person who, under color of the State's authority, wrote me a letter on September 17th, 2001 and stated, "The state has no direct jurisdiction over nuclear power plants."

That's wrong, as I've already outlined.  The state only gave up jurisdiction on the promise to its citizens that it would take back control if the Federal Government could not keep the citizens of California safe -- and they cannot.

Or the very person who wrote to me, "Shutting down our two nuclear plants (sic -- there are four), would cripple the state's electricity system".  That's wrong too.  With tourism and air travel taking such severe "hits" I'm sure we don't need the 14.6% of our energy you say comes from nukes.  And even Governor Davis had indicated we could each cut our energy usage by 20%, so what's the problem?

Or the very person who wrote to me and said, "you make some very reasoned, concerned observations. I can assure you that the state and the operators or all energy systems are doing what they can to protect the public health and safety."

You assured me of exactly WHAT, Mr. Adrich, in that or any subsequent letters?  Nothing.  Your assurance was hollow.

Your job comes with responsibilities to honestly inform the public, and to not to lie to them.  You have actively worked to ensure that I was misguided.  And I have seen nothing on your part to indicate you have stopped lying to other Californians.

Either quit your job (I'll be happy to fill in until they find someone else) or back up your lies, Mr. Aldrich. 

I am personally offended by your personal remarks to me, because I have done absolutely nothing to deserve being lied to by you -- and to then be told I'm spamming you just because I have continued to demand a correction and a statement that you will never lie to the public again?  That's absurd!

But you've wasted enough of my time.  I expect you to be fired since you obviously don't have the good sense to quit a position you are not qualified to hold.

This is NOT spam, Mr. Aldrich, this is personal. 


Russell D. Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

At 05:06 PM 10/1/01 , you wrote:
no sir...I am not involved.  please remove me.  your e-mail constitutes spam.  I have asked three times now.

bob aldrich

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First posted October 1st, 2001.

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