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Subject: Re: A personal letter to Bob Aldrich, Webmaster,  California Energy Commission (followup)
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October 1st, 2001

Mr. Aldrich,

You are a state government employee who lied to The People in his official capacity as a public servant.  Then you claimed some level of ignorance, without retracting your remarks which were clearly intended to appear to be from a knowledgeable expert.  Now you are claiming what exactly, boredom?   Because your "definition" of spam is woefully inadequate.  You posted the material which appears at the California State web site, which makes people think nuclear power is safe if they read it and believe it.  You list yourself as the webmaster and contact person for the information at that web site. You said yourself you are a former "information officer" for the California Energy Commission.

You, Sir, most certainly appear to be the right person for me to be talking to.  So this isn't spam.  This is civics. This is how the State of California deals with its citizens.  By lying to them and then telling them to go away?  That is bad example to set!

This is no different from letters, which as a public servant you would be obliged to accept and to try to respond to honestly.  You could NOT command me to stop writing to you, because as webmaster for a notoriously incorrect official government web site, the opinions of The People are important because we live in a Democracy.

I am demanding proper answers for a series of about 1000 questions regarding nuclear power from my government.  Your answer, on September 17th, 2001, was misleading and deceitful.

If your boss wishes to step into this discussion, fine.  But that discussion will be about your crimes against me, not about nuclear energy per se.  You are webmaster for the California Energy Commission and a former Information Officer for that Commission.  You're just the person who should be publishing the truth.  The only question is, why aren't you?

I have already caught you in a series of lies.  If you can't handle correcting those statements, then you should feel obligated to quit your job.  But instead of quitting, you attack me for demanding that you correct the lies that you personally told to me!  You are arrogant and utterly incomprehensibly unConstitutional in your ugly behavior.  You never had the right to lie to me.  You now have the duty to help me get honest answers to replace the lies you told.

Your wrote to me, on September 17th, 2001 a letter containing some of the most horrendous lies I have ever had to deal with from any government employee ever (which I've since posted online).

All you need to do to correct the situation is fix the entire California Energy Commission web site of which you are "webmaster" to reflect the truth about nuclear power.  Also, retract point by point the statements you made to me which were erroneous.  Also, contact every other California citizen you have ever sent your pro-nuclear propaganda to, in order to correct any erroneous statements you have made to them in the past 15+ years since you began your work with the California Energy Commission as an Information Officer and became their webmaster in 1994.  How many untruths about nuclear power have you spoken or posted in that time?

Also, inform me of who your superior is so that I can complain directly to them about your behavior.

Lastly, explain to me who in California is responsible for ensuring that our nuclear power plants are safe (I'm beginning to feel there really is no such person with any technical understanding of the issues), and pass all my letters on to that person so that I can start getting some honest answers from my government, and tell me exactly who that person is and how to contact them via email.  I'm sure they have email and that's what a modern society uses to communicate with.

How long are we going to have to wait for the State to take back control from the Federal Government and close the nukes down?  Probably only as long as we employ rascals like you.

Have a nice day.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

At 10:43 PM 10/1/01 , you wrote:

Spam is defined as unsolicited e-mail.  Your e-mails are that. Please remove me from your mailing list or address list.  I do not wish to correspond with you any further.  I do not want you to e-mail me. I do not want you to send me anything.

Bob Aldrich

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