Subject: Where's your sense of prudence, Mr. Robbins?

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Subject: Where's your sense of prudence, Mr. Robbins?
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At 12:58 PM 9/12/01 , Gary Robbins of the Orange County Register wrote:

Russell: If you have a legitimate document from NRC saying that SONGS is
vulnerable to a collision from a jetliner, please e-mail it to me or fax it
to 714-796-3681.
   Gary Robbins

>>>>> My response: >>>>>

Very funny, Mr. Robbins.  I'm laughing all the way to the morgue.

If you have a legitimate document proving I'm wrong about the risk to SONGS, I'd sure like to see THAT.  Where's your sense of prudence?  Where's your common sense, for that matter?  And were your eyes closed all day yesterday?

Of course I can't produce what the NRC won't give me and you know it (but rest assured, I'm trying to wriggle the truth out of them).

That is not a legitimate way to dismiss my charges, Mr. Robbins.  Whether or not the NRC will hand us a document does not prove or disprove my case, which is based on considering basic engineering principles such as force, heat, plant design, etc..

The NRC's entire operation is based on lies, Mr. Robbins.  I realize you are probably too young to personally remember their phrase "too cheap to meter" (actually, so am I, but it's well documented), and too naive about nuclear power to have researched the matter yourself.  But the NRC's history of lying has never improved since that original big lie about nuclear power.  The idea that planes could not wipe out a nuclear power plant is as fictitious as the idea that you earnestly care what I think.

Why do you trust the NRC so much, Mr. Robbins?  Unlike the NRC, I have never lied to you.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

Attached: Recent comments by Jack Shannon, on government honesty (to "Mike"):



Of all of your statements I consider the following to be the most egregious,
"I hope you can understand that if what you say is true and they admitted it,
it could seriously jeopodize [sic] the ability of the Navy to perform its

I would love to have someone explain to me how it is that exploding the myth
that the KSO site is a safe place to work could possible interfere with the
Nuclear Navy's ability to perform it's military functions.

The report I issued during November 1985, explained in considerable, and
irrefutable, detail the safety issues that were present at KSO at that time.
This included, but was not limited to, the  lack of a personnel asbestos
record keeping program [a violation of federal law since 1972]. The asbestos
snowstorm swirling around KSO for years, which had been discussed with Don
Martin, Ted Glasson, Don Hamilla, Barry Ericson and others for at least three
years prior to my inspection of October 23-24 1985. An asbestos abuse,
allowed and/or ignored by many safety managers and government inspectors
before me. This abuse eventually costs the taxpayers $100,000,000, and has
caused virtually every single worker at KSO, for fifty years, to have been
exposed to deadly levels of asbestos. Virtually everything else on my Web
Site came about from discoveries made by a simple perusal of KAPL's own
unclassified records.

The exposure of the lack of an asbestos record keeping program caused the
following to occur:  
    Fifteen years of lying to Congress in general
    Lying to Specific Senators
    Lying to Specific members of the House of Representatives
    Lying to the GAO
    Lying to the EPA
    Lying to the DOE
    Lying to the DOE-IG
    Lying to the DOD
    Lying to the President of the United States
    Lying to the Governor of New York State
    Lying to several members of the New York State Assembly
    Lying to several members of the New York State Senate
    Lying to the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany New York
    Lying to the Pastor of My Church
    Lying to the New York Times
    Lying to the Washington Post
    Lying to the Albany Times Union
    Lying to the Schenectady Daily Gazette
    Lying to the The Metroland

And Caused a Federal Judge to deny me my Constitutional right to a fair

All of this with the knowledge, advice and consent of several past and
present Four Star Admirals in charge of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

Four Star Admirals, I might add who are sworn to uphold and defend the
Constitution of the United States as their first obligations as Officers of
the United States Military. The are not sworn to protect the bonuses of Naval
Reactor Employees, or keep secret illegal safety practices at the KSO. 

Illegal Safety Practices that include, but are not limited to:
    Running Nuclear Power Plants without Emergency Core Cooling Systems or
Containment Vessels
    Covering up radioactively contaminated landfills
    Covering up parking lots made of sludge material from a weapons factory
    Terminating Sailors on Psychiatric Discharges for exposing personnel
brutality [illegal in all military services.]
    Covering up radiation over exposures to individuals
    Firing health physicists for exposing radiation over exposures
    Covering up intentional radiation spillages into the Mohawk River
    Terminating employees for reasons of age.

The list keeps getting longer and longer and more disgusting, and all of the
abuses are still in effect. Please don't tell me that ". . .  I hope you can
find some comfort in knowing that the way things are done now is not that way
they were done then."  Do you really believe that I live in a vacuum and
don't know what is going on inside of KAPL today. Things are worse now than
they have ever been.

The single "blessing[s]" is that the KAPL no longer runs a weapons factory
[the corruption in cleaning up the existing one is bad enough], KAPL now has
only two Nuclear Reactors without Emergency Core Cooling Systems or
Containment Vessels, rather than the four of years past. KAPL has less
fissile material on site than previous years. Simply put KAPL has less of and
does less than it did between 1946 and 1983, therefore the potential for
damage is less. The down side of course is that KAPL now has significantly
less technical talent than was present between 1946 and 1983. The reason is
obvious, what young engineer would trust his life and career to an
organization that has the worst personnel reputation in the United States.

By the way don't ever accuse me of treason again, you shmuck. If you or
anyone else wants to take me to court concerning anything on my web site
please be my guest. I've been trying to get the DOE and the Naval Reactors
program in court for years. The won't cooperate because they know I would
smash them in a Court of law.

John P. Shannon, Major United States Marine Corps Retired

Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer
Former Manager of Health and Safety at KAPL   


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