Sunday 10-28-01 articles in LA Times and NC Times (comments by Patricia Borchmann and Russell Hoffman, 10-28-01)

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October 28th, 2001

Dear Downwinders,

Patricia Borchmann is the lead organizer in Southern California trying to get San Onofre Nuclear (Waste) Generating Station closed on safety grounds.  San Onofre is an old pair of reactors (+ one unit closed for safety reasons a few years ago) which has already produced between about 2% and 4% of the total waste to be shipped to Yucca Mountain if they ever build it (I hope not).  Thousands of tons of High Level Radioactive Waste are stored in its three densely packed Spent Fuel Pools.

Our media lapdogs obediently publish the Southern California Edison (SCE) party line whenever their spokesperson, Ray Golden, speaks it.  The media ruthlessly censors the opposition voices, opinions, and worries.

San Onofre is a rusting relic of a deadly era.  It has had numerous accidents this year alone, and it is threatening millions every day, not just from a terrorist named Osama bin Laden but from one named Murphy, who's laws cannot be violated any more than Newton's.

San Onofre sits about 20 miles north of where I live, and about 25 miles northwest of where Patricia Borchmann lives.

This morning she wrote me a note about some articles in two local papers and mentioned that we are getting really, really tired of the "mantra" from the nuclear industry that the public is protected because of a 10-mile planned evacuation zone.  Aside from the evacuation plans being silly and unworkable and way, way too slow, Patricia is (rightfully) concerned that 10 miles isn't nearly enough.

I'm suggesting to her that she join this forum, and if anyone here wishes to email her some information that would help her fight that specific battle,  her email address is:

"Patricia Borchmann" <>

Thanks in advance,

Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

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In today's LA Times(B1) , and NC Times [North County Times, San Diego, CA) , there are major articles about safety & security at SONGS , and emergency plans in San Diego (NCT) , fyi.  Of course both articles contain extensive quotes by Ray Golden at SCE, who repeats the SCE mantra that there is no need for evacuation beyond 10-miles.   I wish there were some way to force SCE/NRC to quantify the basis of belief that a 10-mile evacuation zone is sufficient, since prevailing winds don't stop at any 10-mile limit, and plumes would extend far beyond?  This was brought up in my earlier Petition in 1997, but dismissed, as usual.  Any ideas?


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