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At 09:40 AM 7/6/01 , you wrote:
Putin said he believed all the environmental groups were mostly operating in Russia as a cover-up for Western intelligence services.

(full article appears below)

Gee... and all the environmental groups in America are cover-ups for KGB operatives and other anarchists, at least according to the CIA, who have repeatedly been unwitting hosts to KGB operatives themselves over the years.

Well, I'll state it right now:  Nobody's bought me yet.  Maybe I should lower my price?

Is it humanly possible that Putin is right, but it was done for good reasons?  That is, what if all those operatives in Russian environmental movements were there because the "Western intelligence services" realized those movements needed help (and it was a good way to put operatives in Russia anyway, killing two birds with one stone)?  What if "they" actually wanted the environmental organizations to succeed, for the sake of the Earth?

Yeah right. The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny having a shoot-out at the OK Corral is a lot more likely.

Here in America, activists who aren't actually activists have obfuscated our positions, weakened our policy statements, disorganized our committees and groups, wedged themselves between other activists, promoted opposing viewpoints for the sake of argument, built competing organizations, web sites, newsletters, etc. to confuse the media, and infiltrated our organizations to find out what our next move will be.  That's just what our own CIA, NSA, etc. -- and corporate -- operatives have done domestically.  So I don't think the domestic infiltrators have been very altruistic, as they love neither their planet, their fellow human beings, or their country's ideals.

No doubt the KGB has likewise fouled our waters.

Both governments love nukes, and our soldiers visit back and forth like athletes on friendship meetings.  When the Russians lose a nuclear sub, OUR Navy Admirals and retired sub captains (except those in pubic disgrace, like Commander Waddle, formerly of the U.S.S. Greeneville) get on the media to assure us the radiation is no danger!

That's why I call it a Nuclear Mafia in support of a Demon Hot Atom.  It's totally FUBAR.

-- Russell Hoffman


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Newspaper to pay for defaming Nikitin

St Petersburg newspaper will pay for utter slander against Nikitin. President Putin may be the next target.

Victor Cherkesov was once hunting dissidents. His last target was Aleksandr Nikitin. Now he is representing President Putin in North-West district of Russia.
2001-07-05 21:30

Aleksandr Nikitin won a suit against a Russian daily, St Petersburg Chas Pik, on June 5th. The district court in St Petersburg ruled the newspaper has to reimburse Nikitin with 10,000 rubles, while a journalist from the newspaper has to contribute with 5,000 rubles.

The journalist, Yevgeny Zubarev, published an article after the Nikitin case was over in May 2000, saying that Nikitin was still a spy. He also wrote that the full acquittal reached in the St Petersburg Court was mainly due to the heavy pressure on the court from the Western community. The author went further saying that Bellona Foundation paid for the articles in favour of Nikitin and threatened those journalists, who presented the viewpoint of the Russian Security Police, or FSB, on the case. In the end of the article Zubarev said that the “justice was raped” and the judge had to acquit Nikitin only due to the gaps in the Russian legislation on state secrets.

Zubarev was used by the FSB to publish prejudices and intentional lies about the merits of the Nikitin case throughout the whole process. The editor-in-chief of St Petersburg Chas Pik is married to general Victor Cherkesov, who is currently occupying the position of President Putin representative in the North-Western District of Russia. Cherkesov was the chief of St Petersburg FSB when the Nikitin case was started. He is truly believed to be the initiator of the whole process. Back in 1980s Cherkesov was working in KGB’s Department 5th, being a witch-hunter for Soviet dissidents.

Aleksandr Nikitin won earlier a case against St Petersburg TV station, which said he must be held responsible for NATO bombing in Yugoslavia. Nikitin also won a case against former minister for nuclear energy, Yevgeny Adamov, who called him publicly a spy.

In the courtroom today, the lawyer representing St Petersburg Chas Pik used as an argument the interview with Vladimir Putin, who was then the head of the FSB. The interview was published in Russian national daily Komsomolskaya Pravda in July 1999. Putin said he believed all the environmental groups were mostly operating in Russia as a cover-up for Western intelligence services. He also added that Nikitin was guilty but the punishment should not be so severe taking into consideration the political consequences. The court would not consider such argument as valid.

Frederic Hauge, President of Bellona Foundation, said it was good of Chas Pik’s defender to remind about the interview, since Bellona can now evaluate filing a suit against President Putin himself.

Aleksandr Nikitin was charged with high treason and disclosure of state secrets by the FSB for co-authoring Bellona’s report on nuclear safety issues in the Russian Northern Fleet. He was arrested in February 1996 and had spent almost 10 months in custody before he was finally released in December 1996. But the final acquittal came only in December 1999 in St Petersburg City Court. This verdict was later upheld by the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court in September 2000.


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