Re: Possible Danger from terrorists (letter forwarded (with additional comments by Russell Hoffman, October 17th, 2001)

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Subject: Re: Possible Danger from terrorists
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October 17th, 2001
Carlsbad, CA

Hooray for Jack Shannon, who has, practically by himself, gotten KAPL's nuclear reactors CLOSED because they don't have containment domes or Emergency Core Cooling Systems!  But even reactors WITH containment domes and ECCSs are at severe risk, and so are the spent fuel pools, dry storage casks, and other nuclear materials scattered around the country.

Please read my list of "25 simple ways to destroy a nuclear power plant, kill millions of people, destroy thousands of square miles of prime real estate for hundreds of millennia, and do it all for under $100,000 and with less than 20 people":

If anyone reading it still feels that the plants are secure against the possibility of terrorism, please read this local (Southern California) news item from yesterday (October 16th, 2001):

>>>>> FROM: >>>>>

San Onofre Scare

A scare at the San Onofre nuclear power plant late in the afternoon Tuesday forced an area of the plant to be cordoned off, 10News reported.

An employee found white powder on a desk and more powder was found in two other locations, officials said.

The substance did not contain anthrax, hazmat officials said.

 <<<<< END OF NEWS ARTICLE <<<<<

Remember, that's a plant that is supposedly extra safe because it's on a military base.  But someone STILL left a "calling card"!

And if that's not enough to scare you into action, here are about 1000 more reasons to close the nukes:

And if that's still not enough, please contact me and I'll give you sources where you can learn of 1000 more problems, and 1000 more after that.


Russell D. Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA


At 01:28 PM 10/16/01 , wrote:
We should all take notice of the following info, and provide the appropriate
government agencies with info the help us fight terrorism from all directions.
The government is not the source of all [in many cases any] knowledge.
I think the biggest immediate threat is from the Nuclear Power Plants strung
out all over our nation that can be taken out easily by a 737 or, perhaps,
something as small as an antitank rocket.
I have been successful in having two Navy Reactors near Saratoga Springs, NY
closed because they both lacked containment vessels and Emergency Core
Cooling Systems. Running these plants w/o the threat of terrorism was stupid
enough, with the threat it became unconscionable.
John Shannon
Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer


Subj:    [westcan] You Won't Believe How Much Danger You Are In!!!--email for
distribution to as many people as possible
Date:   10/16/01 3:43:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time

To all those who live in  the Tri-State area, do you realize that you LIVE IN
THE NUCLEAR "DEAD ZONE?" The Nuclear Control Institute has warned that a
terrorist attack on Indian Point in Buchanan "WOULD CAUSE LETHAL
for Emergency Response noted that there would be "several hundred square
miles that you could NEVER USE AGAIN."  This plant is located on the Hudson
River in Buchanan, New York, approximately 35 miles from New York City. You
have likely heard that nuclear power plants are considered terrorist targets,
but do you know how that affects you?

This is an urgent message to all those who live in New York City, the
counties of Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess, Bergen,
Passaic, Sussex, Hudson, Essex, Fairfield, parts of New Haven counties and in
eastern Pennsylvania , or who know someone who lives in these areas.

The Westchester/Putnam Journal News reported the following on October 1,
"All nuclear power plants (have) to be considered potential terrorist
targets. That's especially true of Indian Point, which has two nuclear power
plants and a fuel storage site, all within 50 miles of more than 20 million
FROM ANY OTHER NUCLEAR SITE IN THE NATION."  Remarkably, Indian Point also
enjoys the very singular distinction of being at the very top of the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission's list of the "most trouble-plagued nuclear plants in
the nation."

It's scary. It's nearly overwhelming. But it is true. President Bush and many
others have spoken repeatedly about the awakening of the "sleeping giant."
This giant - and that is us - is not awake if it refuses to rationally deal
with the reality of the security threat that Indian Point poses to the
tri-state area and beyond.

We cannot afford not to contemplate the unthinkable. The unthinkable is here.
It arrived on September 11. The plans of a maniacal terrorist converged with
a remarkably unprepared national security apparatus and resulted in the
attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon as well as the implosion of our
confidence in the security of our nation. We, as citizens, are left to grieve
and to contemplate the ever-widening effects on our nation and psyches. We
are also left to wonder where our experts were, and how this could have
happened without any warning, or at least without any action taken on any

Don't let the terrorists find us asleep again. If you are interested in
saving your life or that of someone you love, here's  WHAT YOU CAN DO:

1. Make your voices heard. Here are some suggestions:

    -spread this email far and wide
    -write letters to any and all governmental agencies (a list of addresses
is provided at the end of this email,
    -make the candidates for the mayoral race in New York City address the
    -call into radio talk shows and raise the issue
    -email the news shows - Geraldo,  Prime Time, etc.
    -wake up the New York Times

2. Join the Citizens Awareness Network and get yourself informed and keep
yourself informed. Their website is There you can also
find a list of measures CAN proposes as a starting point to ensure the
public's safety and confidence.  Also, join the local listserve and chapter
of CAN by emailing

3.  Get yourself active. Petitions can be circulated and sent to our
politicians, information must be disseminated to the public, and we need help
doing it. People of influence must be made aware of the danger and must use
their powers to further the cause of ensuring nuclear safety.

The installation of anti-aircraft weapons and a permanent military presence
at all nuclear power plants (as recommended by the Nuclear Control Institute
- which specializes in nuclear security issues)

The need to close Indian Point and remove all radio-active materials from the

The holding of public meetings to determine if there is a way to provide REAL
security for Indian Point.

Open and in-depth discussions of the plans for security at Indian Point along
with an evaluation of the remaining risk.

Evacuation plans


If your representative or senator is not listed below, or if you do not know
who they are, you can call the phone numbers or go to the website which
appear at the end of this list.

President George Bush
The White House
Washington DC   20500
202 456 1111  fax:  202 456 2461

Tom Ridge
Office of Homeland Security
The White House
Washington DC   20500
202 456 1111

State Senator Goodman
Chairman of the temporary state committee on ways to protect New Yorkers

Governor George E. Pataki
Executive Chamber
Albany, NY  12224
518 474 8390  fax  518 473 7669

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
United States Senate
476 Russell Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C.  20510
Westchester Contact: Geri Shapiro

Senator Charles Schumer
United States Senator
313 Hart Senate Building
Washington, DC  20510

Senator Joseph Lieberman
313 Hart Senate Building
Washington, DC  20510
202.224.4041 (voice)
202.224.9399 TDD

Congresswoman Sue Kelly
House of Representatives
116 Radio Circle
Mt. Kisco, NY  10549

Andrew J. Spano
Westchester County Executive
148 Martine Avenue
White Plains, NY   10601

Assemblywoman Sandra Galef
2 Church Street
Ossining, NY  10562

State Legislature Operator (Assembly and Senate)

George Oros
Legislator,  District 1
Phone: 285 2828

State Senator Vincent L. Leibell
Southeast Business Center, Suite 301
Brewster, NY 10509
914 279 3773  fax   279 7156
room 802 LOB, Albany 12247

U.S. House of Representatives



11th hour protest against nuclear power:

For more information please visit:

Learn about the effects of nuclear weapons here:

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