ComEd's Stop Work Order and Support of Oscar Shirani


3/16/2002 9:50:20 PM Central Standard Time

From: (kombiz salehi)


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Long time and no communication. This is a voice from the past. Hope all is
well with the Region and the affairs of the NRC.

I have been in communication with O. Shirani and he has kept me informed of
his plight. I plan to support him in his dealings with ComEd. It is my
fervent belief that ComEd under the direction of its executives, Oliver
Kingsley and Dave Helwig mistreated several of ComEd employees, including
myself. I did not contest their actions principally because I am not a
vengeful person or a fighting man. However, I should have raised the red
flag and called a foul a foul when it was done to me. Perhaps, Mr. Shirani
would not have suffered the consequence. Many times, the silence by the
oppressed constitutes almost as much guilt as the actions of the oppressor.

The bottom line is this. Oscar and a group of auditors found the quality of
GE's engineering work in non-compliance with the prevailing codes and
standards. They had sufficient cause to issue a Stop Work Order and apply
ComEd's Quality Control measures to GE's engineering work. It was to the
best interest of both GE and ComEd that the Stop Work Order be lifted.
ComEd losses was due to not receiving GE's engineering and using its
resources to do GE's work and GE's loss was due to lost commercial
opportunities and loss of stature in the nuclear power community. The man
responsible and accountable for GE's work was named David Helwig. He
blindly and blatantly defended GE as if doing poor quality work was a
standard of norm. The stories about him were too many and too perplexing
about a person of his position.

Apparently, while the SWO was in place, Dave Helwig's recruitment to ComEd
was in a pending status. Soon after the SWO was lifted, he joined ComEd.
Recruiting an executive is not a short-term overture. I know this issue may
fall outside of NRC's domain as your main objective is to safety. The
safety significance of this situation is that Oscar Shirani was discharged
because he raised safety significant issues with GE's work. As a vendor, GE
could not retaliate against a customer engineer, but he did so when he
joined ComEd. Not only did Mr. Helwig discharged Oscar, but he also
unfairly treated myself and the Manager of ComEd's Quality Assurance. There
are still other ComEd individuals who suffered the consequence.

Jim, I will appreciate if you provide a copy of the attached to Bruce
Jorgenson. I value and trust his judgment.

Best wished to you all,