Mr. Bruce Jorgenson

Branch Chief

Division of Reactor Projects


801 Warrenville, Road

Lisle, IL

December 29, 2001

Dear Bruce:

This letter provides a formal input into your Allegation Process either on a stand alone or in supplement to Mr. Shirani’s allegation case. I am not certain if the NRC process requires different claimants to have different Allegation file or in case of similarities, can there be a combination of multiple complaints into a single allegation.

It is my belief that you are aware of Mr. Shirani’s case and he has filed a formal complaint with the Region. It is my intention to substantiate his cause and attest that he was unfairly treated as a result of his earlier activities on matters pertaining to the audit he performed in 1997. This is a case of protection under Whistle Blower Act where the findings of wrong doings by an employee resulted in retaliation. The scenario is that many parties were wrongfully treated because of raising quality issues and supporting that belief. However, the retaliation was spearheaded by a manager of a firm not working for ComEd at the time and after he was recruited by ComEd, he retaliated by eliminating many of the principals involved in that effort.

Mr. Shirani’s findings were mostly safety-related issues and GE under the control of Mr. David Helwig, needed and should have corrected the deficiencies identified in the audits ComEd conducted. However, Mr. Helwig was clearly angry at ComEd for findings and with all who were principal agents of that findings and subsequent Stop Work Order. That anger resulted in the dismissal of various individuals including myself.

I will support Mr. Shirani in whatever he needs to do to get compensated for damages he has incurred in this process. I know you would need greater detail of my specific point of view. I do not have access to earlier inspection results and specific audit findings. However, with time and mind search, I should be able to provide you with more detail. I thought I send you this letter to begin this process. If you have any questions in this regard, please call me at (408)246-7651, page me at (888)499-6721, my Cell Phone (408)219-8193 or by faxing me at (408)249-4600.

Please convey my kindest regards to all friends and former colleagues. I lost my aging mom this past March and it was a tough event in my life. My five grand children do provide me with lots of joy. Other than that, life is the same as was in Illinois.

Kindest Regards,


Cc: O. Shirani, Mike McDermatt, (Sqi), M. Bellafronto (Sqi)