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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 21:12:55 EDT
Subject: Fwd: FYI: About myself (Russell Hoffman)

Mr. Hoffman:
Thanks for expressing your support. I do also believe that NRC ignored my case despite all my documents and despite Dr. Landsman's support for me and at my DOL Hearing. All I want is to reach my voice and make all my documents available to public. NRC did not even read my court Exhibits and the testimony of my witnesses: Dr. Ross Landsman, Messrs.: Kombiz Salehi, Walter Hahn, and Ms. Ann Harris (TVA).

Dr. Landsman testified that my issues were significant and still remained unresolved despite the NRR's paper audit to investigate my findings 1 year and half later? BUT he found out that I was removed from nuclear 7 days after he spoke to me and the day that I revealed all the lies of Holtec in front of the audience in November 30, 2000.  Dr. Landsman warned NRC to protect me, but he was purposely ignored, because this was the audit that documented the NRC's less than adequate inspection/audit at US Tool & Die/Holtec.  Dr. Landsman had called me to find out why hadn't I issued a Stop Work Order (SWO) against US Tool & Die/Holtec a few months earlier.

Mr. Kombiz Salehi was one of my engineering supervisors who lost his job when Oliver Kingsley hired David Helwig from GE Nuclear Energy (GENE) after my stop work order was lifted with no basis. Four managers immediately lost their job upon the arrival of David Helwig, because they supported the SWO and justified it. Lon Waldinger and Edward Netzel, and Kombiz Salehi were immediately gone with David Helwig's arrival. Oliver Kingsley stood above the law and spit on the SWO and lifted it with no basis and without any verification of GENE's corrective action as mandated by Criteria XVI and XVIII of 10CFR50 App. B.  David Helwig removed my group from QA to the production department and his action was in vivid violation of Criterion I of 10CFR50 App. B (separation of QA from Production). NRC ignored Salehi's testimony. NRC has not even seen my DOL hearing documents and Exhibits. I discovered many of these Exhibits during my discovery period and NRC did not want to see me to get any additional information. Jim Heller from NRC left me a voice mail on September 5, 2002, that "You don't need to come to NRC any more, because our investigator has finished his field work." 

When I called to find out when the results would come out, he said roughly about 6 to 7 weeks from September 5, 2002. I figured it would be in November 2002. I did not hear anything from NRC. My DOL hearing was on December 17-19, 2002. I still did not hear anything from NRC. NRC waited conveniently for DOL to make the decision on April 30, 2003.  NRC still did not tell me anything about my case until June 2003. NRC certainly did a lot of cover-up to save Exelon and the dry cask garbage cans.

Mr. Walter Hahn testified at my DOL hearing that in Jan 1999, his boss, Tom Joyce (direct report to David Helwig) told all the managers at ComEd Supply organization including him that "Shirani would never be promoted in nuclear."  NRC did not even interviewed him or any of my other witnesses.  Exelon contacted some of my witnesses whom were still working for Exelon and they were scared to come to testify the way I was treated for three consecutive years after my SWO against GENE and by Helwig's arrival to ComEd/Exelon. 

Exelon lowered my performance rating for three years and demoted me in Jan. 2000 without my knowledge. NRC wrote to me that my salary was never decreased. Dah! if my salary was decreased, I would not have been dumb enough not to figure it out.   My grade level including my bonuses was decreased, but NRC's response was so stupid and ridiculous. 

Helwig was the GENE Manager who was fighting with me at the GENE's Audit Exit meeting in front of almost 30 people and was hitting his feast on the table to scare me from issuing the SWO, but I still convinced my management, Lon Waldinger, Ed Netzel and many engineering chiefs that SWO was imminent and they supported my decision. This was in August 1997 prior to Kingsley's arrival.  ComEd falsified many portions of my audit findings and hid many of the significant issues from the audit report. ComEd sent Russ Bastyr to NUPIC Committee with GE QA Manager and lied to all the NUPIC utilities that the findings were closed, just like they did with US Tool & Die in 2000.

Oliver Kingsley came to ComEd in November 1997 and lifted the SWO with no basis and no fear from NRC. Kingsley knew that he had the NRC in his own feasts.

Ms. Ann Harris came as my witness to tell about the Kingsley's attitude towards any one who raised safety concerns and he made them disappear. Kingsley did the same thing with Curtis Overall at TVA that he did with me at ComEd/Exelon.

NRC had prior knowledge about me from Dr. Landsman, but ignored to protect me and when I went to tell them about the way I was terminated, NRC said that I came too late and passed the buck to DOL. DOL did not want to consider my case, because Exelon was smart enough to keep me more than 180 days away from nuclear and then terminated me. I had to appeal the DOL's decision. NRC passes the buck to DOL and DOL does not have any clues about the safety issues. It is out of their limited scope of understanding.

I received a e-mail from Jim Heller today that he wants me to send him the DOL Exhibit 23 that I discussed in my other e-mails that Exelon forged my signature. I knew that NRC has not even read my court documents. NRC does not know that Exelon Forged my signature and terminated me. NRC does not know that I was interviewed on October 22, 2001, and terminated on October 26, 2001, when Exelon documented that I had applied for a managerial position that I was not qualified 4 days after I was terminated. NRC in its response copied the Exelon's statements and wrote that "you had applied for a manager's position and not your current position." I did exactly applied for my own Level E4 position that Ruth Ann Gillis brought me in the finance. Exelon Eliecer Palacios had told me that level E4 position is a guarantee position (DOL hearing page 599). NRC has not read my case at all. The investigator for my case was transferred from Chicago office to Washington office a month after my case got started and I never saw him any more until June 2003 that NRC dropped my allegation for whistleblower protection. NRC with no shame and straight ugly face sided with their money making nuclear hungry machine, Oliver Kingsley who has many allies within this corrupted NRC organization.

My fight will never end and I will embarrass NRC until it is restructured to protect public and people like me who did the right thing and did not bend against public and nuclear safety issues.

I need the support from people like yourself, safety advocates, newspapers, senate oversight committee and hopefully OIG.  Senator Reid's staff and Union of Concerned Scientists, Nuclear Information Resource Services, Nuclear Energy Information Services, Public Citizen Group, any more allies are standing by me to see what OIG will decide. If nothing comes out of OIG, I will take this case to the Attorney General Ashcroft, FBI, Senate oversight committee, and all the regulators as necessary to put these criminals behind the bar. I will push for the prosecution of the NRC staff who compromised with these criminals. They should serve in the same cells.       

Oscar Shirani

Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 11:42:58 -0700
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Subject: FYI: About myself (Russell Hoffman)
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September 21st, 2003

Dear Dr. Shirani,

Thank you very much for your emails.  You seem to have a water-tight case against the NRC and the nuclear industry; they are blatantly out of line in their treatment of somebody with such strong credentials and such a clear case as you have, with the result that the public has been put at grave risk.  I will be happy to do anything I can to help.

I do want to make a correction: I am not a "Doctor" or even a whistleblower.  I am just a concerned citizen.  I thought I should introduce myself a bit more, and clarify my "crudentials" (as one pro-nuker put it in an email flame a few years ago).

Professionally I am a computer programmer, and I have a fairly popular web site, which includes materials on nuclear issues.  The site gets over a million "hits" (hundreds of thousands of visitors) each month.

I write and edit a nuclear newsletter which is distributed to a few hundred media addresses, along with a few hundred subscribers.  Newsletters are also sent to a few dozen government employees in various related agencies, and a few elected officials, whom I try to contact regularly.   Also, I send the newsletters to many people whom I have found and consider to be leaders in the so-called "anti-nuclear" movement, unless they have specifically "unsubscribed," as, unfortunately, a few have done.  But, many experts do subscribe to the newsletter, and have contributed items over the years, most of which are posted online.

My educational software is mostly aimed towards adults.  Topics include mechanical pumps, the human heart, and statistics.  I also write laser guidance and digital/analog control software.  My programs have been used in thousands of schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and by industry (including a few nuclear power plants), as well as by the U. S. military.  Much of the educational software is now available online.

In the course of my work and activism, I have interviewed thousands of engineers and scientists.  I have had conversations and correspondences with hundreds of experts on nuclear issues, such as Dr. John W. Gofman, Dr. Stanley Thompson, Dr. Horst Poehler, Dr. Ed Siegel, Dr. Ernest Sternglass, Dr. Jay Gould, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Ross Wilcock, Dr. Jack Shannon, and many others.  I was one of the last people to interview Dr. Karl Z. Morgan before he passed away.

I've been observing and writing about the nuclear industry for about 30 years (the frequency and intensity picked up substantially when Karl Grossman informed me about NASA's plans to launch the Cassini plutonium-based space probe).  I have been collecting documents, videos, audio tapes, and books on nuclear issues for decades, and many items in my collection are unique or extremely rare.  The total is now approximately 400 books.  (If you are ever in the San Diego area I hope you'll stop by and check it out.)

Scores of pro-nukers have soiled their reputations in pointless argument and sophomoric debates with me, several have even demanded I remove their correspondences from my web site (I have always refused to remove the information, so that others won't have to have the same pointless arguments with the same foolish people).

Over the years, scores of media have contacted me, a few have interviewed me, a few have quoted me, a few have based articles on our conversations without naming the source.  More than a few have pointedly ignored me.

As far as I can tell, the so-called "anti-nuclear movement" is simply the force of real science against the corrupt network of liars and the underhanded shenanigans of the pro-nukers, who have no desire to face reality and the cold, hard fact that what they are doing leads inevitably to the mass-killing of millions people.  Their crimes range from "mere" negligent homicide to "murder one."

They have to be stopped.  I believe whistleblowers, such as yourself, are the best chance we have of stopping them before an accident makes it clear who was right and who was making standard industry-dogma claims which had no firm basis in reality.

Warmest regards,

Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

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Subject: Re: Important Request for You to Speak in Bloomington, IL

Mr. Hoffman:
It looks beautiful. However, I want to make the same correction that you
made. I have a masters degree in structural engineering and passed some PHD
courses, but when I got the job, I did not go for PHD any more. So Please make the
correction to Say: Mr. Oscar Bijan Shirani, PE not Dr.
Sorry, that I did not remind you earlier.