Cooper Nuclear Station Report

Prepared by Oscar Shirani, Dated November 24, 2003

As a concerned citizen and a nuclear power plant worker, I have the following ALLEGATION against Cooper Nuclear Station (CNS) and Entergy regarding the safety of our public and termination of my employment while my project is fully funded by the board of directors and very well managed by me:

  1. U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Public Affair (Washington, DC 20555-0001) NUREG/BR-0240, Revision 1, September 1998, States:

"Acts of discrimination by a licensee, contractor, or subcontractor taken against a worker for bringing safety concerns to the attention of licensee management or the NRC are against the law. Specific examples of discrimination include firing, reduction in pay, poor performance appraisals, and reassignment to a lower position or job". "Workers who raise safety concerns serve a vital role in the protection of public health and safety. Retaliation against those who do so is unlawful and will not be tolerated by the NRC."

Explanation for my allegation stated above:

My Background Information shared with the CNS Managers (Kevin Jones and Jeff Edwards)

1. I was blackballed by Exelon from nuclear industry for 18 months due to the nuclear safety concerns that my audits had raised by issuing the stop work orders against GE Nuclear Energy, Holtec, and US Tool & Die from 1997-2000. ComEd hired the same GE Manager, David Helwig who was responsible for the 100% failure and the design flaws of GE that resulted to their shutdown by my audit and then he fired all my managers who supported my stop work order.

2. Worked at the Calvert Cliff Nuclear Power Plant (CCNPP) as a contractor from January through April 2003 and I had an opportunity to be hired as direct employee, but the Engineering VP, John Hosmer who came from Exelon stopped my chance to be hired or stay as a contractor. As a Structural Engineer, I also refused to put my signature on my last day, April 18, 2003 on an inaccurate information in the nonconforming condition report disposition of concrete crack by their contractor, SGT for the Steam Generator Replacement at CCNPP Unit 2. CCNPP and SGT refused to report the concrete crack issue to the NRC as required per their QA Program. SGT and CCNPP did not perform the operability evaluations per my repeated request for the pressurizer wall crack subjected to seismic and high energy line break. The concrete testing lab results also confirmed my conclusion about the concrete strength. Even the repaired concrete did not have an adequate strength required by CCNPP UFSAR and Design Bases documents as revealed by the testing lab. As we speak, CCNPP is operating at risk for seismic and high energy line break events. I have sent all my documentation to CCNPP President and NRC. NRC is coming to Nebraska City to interview me in December 1, 2003 in this regard.

My Job as a Project Manager at CNS


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