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I have been a computer programmer since 1980.    My software has been used in a couple of thousand universities in probably over 100 countries, and many thousands of other places, such as pump manufacturers, law offices, hospitals, several military forces around the world, and countless homes and schools.

In 1984 I was asked to do the programming for an animated tutorial about the human heart. This led to creating a complete (but now largely defunct)  authoring system for educational software, which was written in Assembler Language. Other educational products include a tutorial about mechanical pumps, another about statistics, and six free-access online Internet glossaries: Pumps, Statistical Terminology, Heart Terminology, Nuclear Terminology, Nuclear Power Plants in America, and my first glossary, the Unsanctioned Guide to DOS. The glossaries are used by the thousands of people every day. I am the primary author of all but the statistics glossary.

I love Flash: All my major educational software programs have been converted to Flash and are available on CD-ROM or by secured-transaction download (please visit our home page for more information).

Over the years, a number of essays and letters-to-the-editor by this author were published, although the publication rate went from approximately 90% success to about 90% failure when I started writing almost exclusively about nuclear topics. The change was improper; the writing was just as good (if not better!). The media SHOULD report on nuclear topics more often, and more thoroughly. The history of the media during the first 60 years of the nuclear age has been one of ignorance and complacency at best, and at worst, conspiracy (with government) to fool the public.

Material by me or about me has appeared in Time Magazine (about seven words, back in the 1980s), the Washington Post (something about Cassini in the mid-1990s), virtually all local (San Diego, CA) media outlets (usually about San Onofre), virtually all Connecticut television outlets back in the day when I lived there (fighting the toll roads there), dozens of radio shows, as well as computer magazines, chemical journals, pump journals, medical journals, etc.. CounterPunch has published more than a dozen of my essays online. My work -- and this web site -- has appeared in several documentaries, and it is suspected that this author's essays were culled for ideas for the made-for-television movie MELTDOWN. (If true, this author is eternally grateful for the honor!)

I'm delighted that you are visiting my web site. Please tell others to visit and please return often!

Ace Hoffman (fka Russell D. Hoffman)

  • Owner, programmer and animator for The Animated Software Company.
    Technologist with over four decades of computer programming experience.
    Writer, environmentalist and lecturer.
  • Mountain biker
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High Tech Environmentalist

Why we need to shut down the world's nuclear power plants immediately.

The Effects of Nuclear War The Effects Of Nuclear War, first published May, 1999.
Sustainable Environment I support a clean, sustainable environment! (A petition.)
Space Debris Space Debris is a problem few people have ever heard of. Read these shocking articles and learn the true legacy of our space policy!
Cassini is a NASA probe loaded with Pu 238...
redwoods California Redwoods are 96% gone already.
Global Energy Network International. GENI is a tax-exempt IRS Sec 501(c)(3) organization promoting a Buckminster Fuller-inspired idea for making vast amounts of energy available to everyone ecologically. We did an educational tutorial for them.


The Art of Complaining Examples in the Art of Complaining is collected from hundreds of pages of correspondence Ace and friends have written, and received, over the years. If you want to get action from "city hall" this is a good place to start.

THE REAL WORLD: Real Stories about Real Jobs. Before doing the computer thing, I had a number of other jobs.

Available for presentations to schools, computer user groups, environmental orgs, etc.

Available for Presentations
Presentations about the Internet, educational software, and other high-tech topics.

Mountain Biker

Our MTB Park logo Let's build mountain biking parks everywhere!

Radio Talk Show Host

This radio ran in the mid-1990s. Guests included Phil Zimmermann, Donald Norman, Peter G. Neumann, Nicholas Negroponte, Jim Warren, and many other fascinating and interesting people. Each show featured one guest. A number of shows have been transcribed for easy reading.

Quote me on this: The World Wide Web is to computers what computers are to not having computers. (First stated around 1996, and it's pretty obviously true now!) More quotes.

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