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Presentations by Ace Hoffman


(None scheduled; Please contact Mr. Hoffman to arrange a presentation.)

Since about 1985, Mr. Hoffman has made presentations to computer clubs, schools and computer shows, and (in 1995) he made a presentation to Grant Recipients of the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Washington, D.C. Thousands have attended his lectures and presentations.

Comments from previous appearances:

"A very erudite speaker"..."[Ace] breezed through the philosophy of randomness as a function of art"..."A totally amazing evening"..."most informative"..."should be a stand-up comedian"..."best lecture at the meeting"...

Mr. Hoffman is an evangelist for technology. Whether it's a new mechanical pump or a recent revolution in computer technology (the Web) Mr. Hoffman tries to know about it and fit it together into a whole world view. As new markets and new tools emerge, how will the world cope with them? How can the new tools help us to communicate with one another, help us to improve our standard of living, and help us clean up our soiled environment? What will the world of tomorrow use that we can design today? Why does the clock on the VCR still blink out 12:00?

Mr. Hoffman's lectures look forward to what technology will be like in the future and how we can each affect the direction technological achievments lead us. What jobs will become available? What is the value of a person in a world of technology? How can we design technology so that the world becomes smaller and more human rather than mechanistic and distant? How can we get good customer service while talking to a machine?

Mr. Hoffman is based in Southern California but is available to lecture throughout the United States and the world. He has made presentations in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, London, Massachusettes, New York and Washington D.C. For a small incentive (+expenses) he would go just about anywhere to make a presentation! (There are no expenses and no charges for presentations to non-profit computer clubs.)

Please email us if you are interested in having him make a presentation to your group! The world has really barely begun to computerize itself as we approach the Third Millenium and all our two-digit-year date routines fail.

There are a number of topics for the lectures:

The Internet and How It Will Affect Your Life
Explosive growth and virtually free distribution of information. This will change the world. What might we see?

Trends in the Computer Industry
How does the industry manage to appear stagnant and dynamic at the same time?

All About Educational Software
Techniques to use if you write it, things to look for if you buy it. What are the four most popular products and why do you want to look beyond them for the "good" stuff? (Dinosaurs, encyclopedias, automotive tutorials and human body tutorials.) Animation Techniques, What Makes a Program Interactive, Marketing Techniques, etc.

History of a Computer Company
Want to start your own computer company? Started in 1984, The Animated Software Company has been on the bleeding edge the whole time. Find out what hurts, what works, what's next.

It usually works out to about a 45 minute lecture with 15 minutes to half an hour of questions afterwards. (Then usually a bunch more questions off to the side for quite a while!)

If you would like to consider having Mr. Hoffman make a presentation to your group, please contact him directly at one of the addresses given at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Schedule

    No lectures scheduled...

    Please email us if you would like to set up a presentation.


    Anything about the Internet
    Using Computers in Schools
    Educational Software
    etc. etc.


    1 hour lectures, all-day seminars, etc.

Past Appearances

Note: I will try to add links from here to every group I have EVER spoken to who has a Web site. Web Sites are Wonderful! Why not start one today?
  • Mensa Summer Meeting, San Diego 2016
  • Mensa Regional Meeting, San Diego 2013
  • Berkeley PC User Group, Berkeley, CA 3/9/99.
  • Leisure World PC Users Group, Laguna Hills, CA 1/7/98.
  • Talk was about the Internet, educational software, future trends, and past industry follies.
  • Saddleback Valley PCUG, meeting at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA 11/15/97.
  • California Computer Expo San Diego, CA 8/23/97. How to design a web site the works.
  • Panel presentation with John DeUlloa, author of The Step by Step Guide to Succcessfully Promoting a Web Site. and Sharon Hoffman (Ace's wife), who is a writer in the AS/400 computer industry.
  • Presentation: CAL-IT, London, England, 10/10/96. "Right now, there is a catastrophy brewing in educational software."
  • California Computer Expo San Diego, CA 9/1/96. Presentation on web organization.
  • OCIPUG (Orange Coast IBM PC User Group), Costa Mesa, CA 8/24/96 Essay on the web/outline of talk.
  • Saint James School, Montgomery, AL 8/21/96
  • Saddleback Valley PCUG, meeting at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA 2/10/96
  • NSF (National Science Foundation) National Conference on Community College Science and Engineering Advanced Technological Education, Hilton Hotel, Washington D.C. 11/18/95
  • California Computer Expo, San Diego, CA 8/95
  • College of the Redwoods User Group, near Eureka, CA 5/95
  • Mira Costa Computer Club, Oceanside, CA, 1993
  • San Diego Computer Faire (Now California Computer Expo), S. D. Civic Center, San Diego, CA 1993
  • Space Coast PCUG, Satellite Beach, FL, 1992
  • Antelope Valley PCUG, Lancaster, CA, 1991
  • Fairfield County Computer Club, Fairfield, CT, 1991
  • Boston, MA 1991
  • Yucca Valley Elementary School, Joshua Tree, CA, 1991
  • High Desert PC User Group, Palmdale, CA, 1991
  • Los Angeles Computer Society, Los Angeles, CA 1991
  • San Diego Tandy Club, San Diego, CA, 1991
  • San Luis Obispo Computer Club, San Luis Obispo, CA, 1991
  • San Francisco Computer Club, San Francisco, CA, 1991
  • PCC PC Clubhouse, Hayward, CA, April, 1991
  • New York Computer Club, New York, NY, 1989
  • ...and others...

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