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Here is a short list of suggested Mountain Bike Etiquette. To help keep the trails cool.

Here is a story about a pain in the neck: Breaking my Left Clavicle.. The accident occurred October 20th, 1996 at 5:05 pm, at Calaveras Ranch, Carlsbad CA. Also includes directions to the area where it happened.

OK. So you bought yourself a HEART RATE MONITOR. Great! But have you ever wondered what the numbers really tell you? Download our complete animated, enjoyable educational software about the human heart and learn all about this fascinating and important piece of gear!

The Heart: The Engine of Life teaches you all about your heart! It's a fascinating four-chambered diaphragm-type force pump of incredible power and functionality. Used by thousands, this is a classic interactive tutorial. You can download it and run it for free! (Less any connect charges you normally pay. It's shareware. A $25.00 registration fee requested if you use it frequently.)

The best rides in San Diego County.

Soon, I hope to add an essay about the importance of holding onto your handlebars, failure to do so being, I think, the #1 cause of accidents! Watch almost any mountain bike accident video and what to you see? Lots of sharply turned handlebars preceding the real accident! Film at 11.

The #2 cause is probably failure to slow down when necessary. The trick to going fast is knowing when to go slow. (Not that I ever go very fast compared to pros, but it's still a nice mantra.)

Specs for my Gary Fisher Sugar 1. (Purchased from )

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Here's an old review of Shimano's new V-Brakes.

Here's a story about the Grams to Dollars Ratio on a mountain bike. We divide weight into several categories to help you decide where to spend your precious dubloons.

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