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Makers of "P11 ANIMATION EDITOR" toolkit for designing educational software


Ace Hoffman's "P11" Animation Machine:
  • A DOS-based professional authoring system (current version was last recompiled in November, 1994). It mainly was written for creating animated, interactive tutorials. (Note #1: "P11" is no longer used for that purpose EVEN BY ITS AUTHOR! (me). Note #2: This product is NOT a toy, and takes some earnest effort to understand and to use.)
  • It is a very powerful sequencer for display, input, and other digital and analog computer-based activities.
  • A 100,000-line Assembler program which displays animations smoothly and quickly.
  • A classic developmental tool, it is a stable platform for distributing software -- last recompiled in 1994.
  • Used to create the original versions of STATISTICS EXPLAINED, ALL ABOUT PUMPS, and THE HEART: THE ENGINE OF LIFE and many other programs!
  • Long before there was FLASH MX from Macromedia, there was "P11" from us -- The Animated Software Co.
  • Long Live FLASH MX! (A wish from the author of "P11")
 FTP Downloadable Software!
Download this program for free NOW!
Shareware registration fee is $25.00.

  • Ten years of development
  • Over 100,000 lines of ASM code
  • Fast
  • Reliable!

FTP Downloadable Software! Programmed over a 10-year period, this program is for educators who wish to create animated tutorials of their field of interest. It was built years before the World Wide Web, and has different strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the Web. Some advantages of our system is speed, smoothness, and reliability. For its time it was a very advanced development system, however, at the moment its main strengths remain in the output capabilities.

A powerful combination of an extemely accurately timed multi-frame picture editor and text/command editor. To use, create animations and other drawings with the picture editor and then display them and add text and interactive processing with the text/command editor. A font editor is also included.

You can download a complete copy of the program (unregistered) and try it. It is the same version the author used to create the original versions of ALL ABOUT PUMPS, STATISTICS EXPLAINED, and THE HEART: THE ENGINE OF LIFE (now all have been converted to FLASH)..

ACE HOFFMAN'S "P11" ANIMATION MACHINE (also known as P11) is SHAREWARE ($25.00 Registration fee.) There are NO runtime licensing fees!

Read what users have said about "P11":

Great program!...Very professional - good work!...I've never seen anything like your program. I love it! It's amazing...Absolutely the smoothest PC animation I have seen...I always wanted to do animation - now I can!...P11 is FUN!...Animated graphics fascinate me - THANK YOU for developing this software...Your operation is exemplary...This program is great!...The wealth of features is amazing!...Fantastic!... "The amazingly versatile and just an absolute peach."

And here are some of the things they do with it:

Training programs...Presentations...Interactive educational tutorials...Classroom demos...Safety tutorials...Space games...Cartoons...Biology projects...Interactive advertising...Sales demos...Computer art...Electrical diagrams...Information flow...dinosaur show...Animate CAD drawings...Play!...Laser Light control (custom version)...LCD advertising displays...Illustrate Plate Tectonics...

P11 was first demonstrated to the public in 1984, and was released in late 1985 or 1986. The first review was published about 1987.

If you want to know what P11 can do now, you can download some free examples from our FTP site, or read the reviews of products created with P11, such as ALL ABOUT PUMPS. The last known review of P11 was February, 1990, which was even before releasing the SVGA version. P11 was written by Russell D. Hoffman, primarily for his own personal use in creating animated educational software.

Read what reviewers have said:

"Wow! That was the first thing I said when I ran p11 ... I have never seen computer graphics move as smoothly as the ones done with P11...P11 shines when coupled with good artwork."
PCM (for the TANDY (r)), Jan., 1990

"It is a very powerful, unique tool, and one that is long overdue ... I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in creating animation on a PC."
THE STACK, Official Newsletter of The Long Island Computer Association Inc., Feb., 1990

"Easy to learn and use. Simple, powerful, affordable."
BOSTON COMPUTER SOCIETY, Educational Special Interest Group, Sept., 1988

"Tremendous capabilities. The versatility of this program is unrivaled by anything I've ever seen."
BIG BLUE DISK, #13, Oct. 1987

"The possibilities for education, advertising, and training are endless ... An amazing value."
UPTIME FOR THE PC, Vol. 1, #5 (Approx. 1987)

  • Smoothest animation in the industry Sub-program execution Integrate rolling text with animation Multi-frame picture editor Hardware independent timing Complete design environment Full online documentation Quick Reference Sheets Icon-Based drawing tools Rotate shapes, areas License-free runtime module Not copy protected Free support Vector and Raster drawings Pre-drawn or calculated paths for objects Multiple concurrent animation windows Built-in graphics language Full Palette control in all resolutions Highest resolution is SVGA 1024 by 768, 256 dots
  • Lowest resolution is CGA 320 by 200 dots, 4 colors
Technical Specs for "P11":
  • Hardware requirements: PC with MS-DOS and color graphics. Screen modes: CGA through SVGA. Highest resolution is VESA mode 261, 1024 by 768 dots, 256 colors, supported by virtually all SVGA cards. Animation control: Frame timing is variable from less than 1/1,000th of a second to forever. Animate up to 8,000 images in one continuous stream. Sequences can run forward, backward, back-and-forth, or single-step. Follow drawn or mathematical paths in any size window anywhere on the screen. Animate from disk, RAM, Expanded or Extended memory, or CD-ROM. Raster and vector frames are supported. Animation complexity: Over 100 individual windowed animations can be active at one time. Output supported: Screen, built-in PC speaker. 8-bit Sound Blaster cards are also supported. EXECUTE command. HP Laserjet Printer Utility included. Input supported: Any MS-mouse, joystick, or Summagraphics 1201-style digitizer. PCX files can be imported and our SCREEN CAPTURE UTILITY is one of the most powerful available! Commands: Over 85, including graphics (show, draw, line, circle, run); math (add, subtract, multiply, divide); sequencing (if-then-else, jump, call, return); I/O (print, display, read, write); data storage (build, convert, move, length). Documentation: Online documentation which can be printed, also available already printed. Font support: Over 75 screen fonts supplied with product. Font editor allows creation of special characters and additional fonts.
  • Source language: Written entirely in Assembler (about 100,000 lines!) for incredible power and speed in a small size.
Requirement for P11-based programs:Windows XP Home, ME, 98, 95, 3.1 or DOS, or can be run in Windows NT, 2000 and XP Pro using Virtual PC from Connectix. IBM PC or compatible with color graphics. Program runs in DOS, and uses either SVGA, VGA, MCGA, ECGA or CGA screen modes. Expanded or extended memory can be used for picture storage and display.

What is Shareware?
Some of our products are "shareware". Shareware means that it is offered to potential customers on a trial basis free of charge. With shareware, you are encouraged to make copies of the program for coworkers, family, friends, user groups, etc.!

Installation or other problems?

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