mug 'Animated' Horses Coffee Mugs
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Features a beautiful set of "animated" horses taken from one of our educational tutorials.

We have taken one of our most popular sets of drawings and placed them on these mugs.

Each mug has five sets of horse images on them, over 100 images in all! Based on Eadweard Muybridge's famous photographs from the late 1800's, these images have been carefully hand-traced into the computer and output to a laser printer for transfer to these mugs.

Only $4.95 each! (Get two for just $7.50) plus $4.00 Shipping and Handling.

Makes a great gift!


Legal mumbo-jumbo: The mugs are guaranteed to arrive unbroken and to hold the beverage of your choice when placed in the upright position or your money back!

mug mug mug mug mug mug

Here is a view of some of the frames, colorized to show detail. Horses appear in a pretty green in outline form on the white mugs.






Real correspondence about these mugs... At 02:37 AM 1/27/97, MW wrote:
I'm curious about your animated horse mugs. Do the mugs somehow give the horses the appearance that they are moving (I know that's probably a dumb question, but I'd really like to know).


My response...


Thanks for your inquiry! No, they don't. Well, yes, they do. Sort of. No, not really. I mean, if you put the mug on a "lazy susan" and put a strobe light in front of it, and spun it at the right speed, they would sort of animate, except there's a big gap where the handle is. Each frame is printed on the mug so it would work sort of like an inside-out Zoetrope.

That's a lot of trouble to go through, of course--especially when you consider that you can download an animated version from our web site (for free) and see them gallop, trot, pace, canter and jump right on your computer screen (without running the risk of spilling your coffee!)

Thanks again! I think I'll post this correspondence (without your name and email address of course, to protect your privacy.) I've found that when one person asks a question, it usually means thousands are curious and silent!

Russell Hoffman

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