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Global Energy Network International

The world should be interconnected by an electrical energy grid so that renewable energy sources in distant locations can supply the energy needs of population centers all over the world.

GLOBAL ENERGY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (GENI) is a tax-exempt, IRS Sec 501(c)(3), organization in the United States of America. They conduct research and educational activities related to the international and inter-regional transmission of electricity, with a specific emphasis on the interconnection of renewable energy resources.

This proposal combines large-scale international projects, renewable resources, international cooperation across borders, and individual efforts to solve the #1 problem in the world today--the need for plentiful clean energy at a reasonable cost.

Invented by R. Buckminster Fuller in the 1930's, this idea had to languish until long range transmission capabilities improved. Now that the problem have definitely been solved it's time for the world to join together in this global cooperative effort.

FTP Downloadable Software!

The Animated Software Company created an interactive introduction to GENI. It is chock-full of delightful animations, both hand drawn and computer-assisted, and all of them are educational! The GENI tutorial is free, and it runs on any PC or compatible in DOS (usually can be run from within Windows). There is a VGA version and a high-resolution SVGA version. The SVGA version contains a spectacular and fun interactive "Dymaxion" puzzle of the world--great for kids and adults!

The downloadable version can also be found on CompuServe (CompuServe keyword: anisoft).

The diskette may be obtained from the GENI offices in San Diego CA or from The Animated Software Company.

The WEB version does not contain animation at this time and can even be viewed without graphics at all. But for a real treat, we suggest you download the highly interactive and animated version.

To begin the Internet GENI tutorial click here.

Note: Our online and downloadable tutorials can present only a thumbnail sketch of GENI. To get a complete picture of all the things GENI is doing, we suggest you visit their own Web site. Links directly to the GENI site are given at the bottom of this page.

Peter Miesen, President of Global Energy Network International, was a guest on Mr. Hoffman's radio show High Tech Today.

This tutorial is available in either SVGA or VGA versions from our own FTP site and from CompuServe and others.

CompuServe users can go directly to our CompuServe support area (KW:anisoft Library: 3). (WinCIM 2.01/CS3 ONLY).

GENI can be contacted directly through the Internet:

FTP Downloadable Software!

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