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At some time in our lives, we all would like to complain about something. Russell D. Hoffman has had hundreds of To the Editor letters published, and he has effectively lobbied The State for a number of minor and major causes. Also, he has written numerous letters to companies he felt have given poor service or sold shoddy stuff. Selected highlights from this "career" are included here.

EXAMPLES IN THE ART OF COMPLAINING contains just that: letters of complaint. You can use these letters as the basis of your own grievence letters to get better service, to right a wrong, or just to get the satisfaction of knowing you had said your piece.

Currently, the book is self-published and contains several dozen real-life examples of the best material. Often hilarious, it is an informative guide to the art of complaining.

If you're the kind of person who would like to get actual examples of Examples in the Art of Complaining, you can read the following, taken right from the book:

Misleading Graphics!
They printed a very misleading chart on their cereal box!
Body Parts For Sale?
We need some laws changed here!
Why aren't VideoPhones a Success?
AT&T could make them succeed if they'd follow this suggestion
Why can't AT&T Print on Both Sides?
AT&T: I just can't leave them alone...
California Smoking Initiative Part 1
Part 1 of a fight against the big boys with lotsa money!
California Smoking Initiative Part 2
Part 2 of a fight against the big boys with lotsa money!
California Smoking Initiative Part 3
Part 3 of a fight against the big boys with lotsa money!
Young Killer
In 1995 a 14 year old shot and killed a San Diego pizza deliveryman in cold blood.

We have concentrated a lot of our complaints on the topic of Space Debris. Here are some examples:

Space Debris
An exposé about this shameful pollution
Failed Russian Probe to Mars
From the folks that brought you Chernobyl
Comment to NPR
A comment to National Public Radio on Space Junk
Comment to CNN
A comment to CNN on the tethered satellite experiment
Correspondence with someone at JPL
Comments about the rings of Saturn, space probes, aliens, and cosmic nothingness
Letter to NASA
Asking what is being done (1993)

Other topics include getting a stop sign put up outside his old apartment, disputes over insurance payments, gas payments, etc.

THIS BOOK WAS TOO HOT FOR THE ESTABLISHED PRESS!! This book has been rejected, on the basis of a cover letter, by the following reputable publishers. Each sent me a polite but firm letter of declination. Most thanked me for my interest in them and wished me good luck "finding a home for the book" as one put it. and others...
"Complaining is like a fine whine. It is never useful if it is left corked up."--Russell D. Hoffman
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