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My wife and I spent each day of this past Memorial Day Weekend, 1996, mountain biking. We were lying in bed, going to sleep, and started talking about how much fun the weekend had been. We had covered 25 miles, all off-road, during the past three days. I had tested my new V-Brakes on the toughest downhill around (Mt Israel) and they had performed flawlessly, except for a mild squeal near the bottom of the descent.

Anyway, we were daydreaming about quitting our jobs and becoming mountain bike instructors. After all, we both have teaching experience (in computers) and several years of mountain biking experience. We calculated what we could earn and decided it would probably work, at least in a dream. Then she dropped the bomb: "But Russell, we could only work six months out of the year. The rest of the time, it would be a ski resort."

"It doesn't have to be that way!" I suddenly exclaimed. In an instant, somehow I realized that a twelve-month mountain biking park would have numerous advantages.

I started calling manufacturers of mountain bikes. Then I called magazines for mountain bikers. Then I called one of my state's Senators and spoke to an aide. Everyone thought it was a great idea and want's to see it happen!

And it can happen, but it needs your support! Please link to this page for further details, and please contact me directly by phone, fax, email, or pony express (or on a mountain bike, of course) if you think you can directly contribute time, money, talent, land, or advice for this project.

But most importantly, please send us email to let me know that you, the mountain biking public, would support this idea. That way, I can present you as a viable group to investors, politicians, bureaucrats, pencil pushers, lawyers, equestrians, environmentalists, industrialists, and couch potatoes, because obviously, with something like this, some people will think it is a bad idea. So please show your support now! The first month this page was online, over 1000 people visited it!

A few dozen emailed me, which is thrilling: the emails are overwhelmingly enthusiastic. I found new friends and new rides--it's great! But if you want to stop war and have a cool place to ride I'm gonna need more feedback and a bigger show of support than that! Would you invest a couple million dollars on a few dozen emails? Our web server provides us with raw numbers. I need to see you as individuals. Mountain bikers are the greatest group of people in the world -- you know that -- and this thing's good for our community! So send us email! Puleez! From all over the world! THANKS

Why build it?

Statement of Purpose for the Mountain Bike Park Concept (sort of...)

Sampling of correspondences--pro and con (with answers)

A true believer like me, with some comments about football.
Has a 'wish list' of ideas.
A bunch of good suggestions.
Suggests several groups of users.
Demographics, Sponsorships, more...
Could become a meca for training.
Thinks it's not needed.
Thinks it just can't fly financially.
Doesn't think it's something he'd enjoy.
Various selected short quotes from incoming emails.

Links to this site!

Links to some of the folks who support this idea.

Thanks to MOUNTAIN BIKE for including a comment about our park plan in their October, 1996 issue! (Page 30)

Thanks to BIKE MAGAZINE for including a comment about our park plan in their October, 1996 issue! (Page 110)

Also see our PARK LINKS web page for way-cool mtb e-zines that have covered this idea!

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Our thanks to Ron Schnier for the flaming bike logo! (17K JPE version)

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