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Depleted Uranium Tutorial

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Do not be fooled by the idea that nuclear weapons can bring us peace. They cannot. An essay by Russell D. Hoffman with Pamela Blockey-O'Brien

Photos from history, with commentory by Russell D. Hoffman

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  • Essays and articles about the World Wide Web
  • Lectures. Includes upcoming and previous
  • Mountain Bike Staging area, MTB Etiquette, a proposal for a year-round MTB park
  • Examples in the Art of Complaining
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  • THE REAL WORLD: Real Stories about Real Jobs
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  • Miscellaneous Pages: My trip to the Sequoias Photo essay. (This picture enlarged makes great wallpaper!)

    Scanned-in art from my youth.

  • About the Author contains a pictorial and verbose version of this Table of Contents.

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