Art from my pre-computer days

Pre-Computer art by Russell D. Hoffman

There are definitely some similarities between these images and some of the random computerized art also exhibited at this web site. I drew these images mainly in the late 1970's. I have scanned them in at relatively low resolution for presentation here. There are high-resolution TIFF images of these available, each about 4 megabytes in size, except one (template.tif) which is 25 megabytes. (Please contact us if you would like to purchase a large format image.)

Click here to download all the high-resolution images in one step (go get a cup of coffee--it's a little over 450K)

Blue Circle Image

Blue Background with Circles
(66K GIF) Rapidograph and Dr. Martins Inks. Blue created with tissue paper brush.

Blue Lines Image

Blue Lines Towards a sun
(19K GIF) Rapidograph and Dr. Martins Inks.

Explosion Image

(124K GIF) Rapidograph and Dr. Martins Inks.

Zig Zag Image

Zig Zags
(39K GIF) Rapidograph and Dr. Martins Inks.

French Curve Image

French Curve
(30K GIF) Rapidograph and Dr. Martins Inks, French Curve.

Squiggles Image

(64K GIF) Rapidograph and Dr. Martins Inks.

Hollerith Card

Hollerith Card
(174K GIF) Ball-point Pens. Text (and signature) in reverse image.

Template Image

Computer Template (detail only)
(48K GIF) Ball-point Pens. Text was drawn in reverse-image, so don't think your computer is on the fritz. This was obviously just as I was 'getting into' computers (actually, drawn while listening in class).

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