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If you like this web site, support this organization -- they make web sites like this possible:
Electronic Frontier Foundation A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to online resources and information.
Government Databases Our government leads the world in giving not just its own citizens, but the entire world population access to its own information, both internal data and specially presented extravaganzas. We should all applaud the wonderful efforts that our own government has made, probably at a lower cost and certainly with greater access for everybody. The Governments of every other country in the world should follow our United States Government's example. Here is a small selection of offerings. A small selection? That's a poor choice of words. These web sites have literally millions of pages of information!
Census Bureau. Also check out the Statistical Abstract of the United States.
NREL -- National Renewable Energy Laboratory
DOT -- Department of Transportation
GAO -- General Accounting Office.
GPO -- Government Printing Office
OSHA -- Occupational Safety and Health Administration
USDA Forest Service National Headquarters. My favorite 'real' place is in a forest...
NASA -- National Aeronautics and Space Administration. America's high-tech dinosaur.
JPL's Basics of Space Flight Learners's Workbook ...They apparently haven't heard of space debris!
National Archives and Records Administration. "Original documents are the raw stuff of history." Sample document: Declaration of Independence
Museums A sampling of what's out there...
Museum of History of Science, Florence, Italy.
Ontario Science Center, North York, Ontario, Canada.
Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. 'Nuff said.
A visit to Vermeer. Not a museum, but the work of a Kees Kaldenbach, art historian. Available in English and in Dutch.
Tax Exempts, Non Profits, that sort of thing...
Green Party. Forget Republicans and Democrats. It's Earth versus oblivion!
The Green Restaurant Association. "America's Network of Environmentally Friendly Restaurants" (Mostly San Diego, CA)
Why Vegan?. A great summation of the arguments for a vegan diet, presented by Vegan Outreach.
News Organizations/Online Magazines, etc.
c|net. c|net central, the T.V. show.
Upside calls itself "The Business Resource for the Technology Elite." Good site with good interviews.
CNN's Technology News. It's huge, current, and growing.
The Discovery Channel. They have a lot of good shows, along with TLC, which is related somehow I guess.
Nuts and Volts Magazine. For the electronics hobbiest. Expect this site to grow.
The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. The magazine Skeptical Inquirer's home page (note: These folks didn't understand Cassini's dangers!).
The Skeptics Society. Adopts Albert Einstein's philosophy on scientific methods.
Greens Farms Academy. Home for two bright lads named David and Daniel who solved a nifty geometry puzzle. Also, my own wonderful high school.
European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN). Who is CERN? They only invented the World Wide Web, that's all!
E'lectric Learning Web. Promoting electronic education via the Internet.
Library WWW servers. List of library servers on the Internet.
EDU2?. List of over 6000 educational links in 45 catagories!
Interesting People/Musicians/Artists/Etc. (Also see High Tech Today guest list)
EP Industries. Eddie Paul is the president and chief inventor for EP Industries.
Rob's Place. Mr. Cherwink's site is designed to be a monument to spirit, truth, peace, justice and freedom, but I think it is also a monument to web craftsmanship. He is thinking about what is going on, on the web. Especially thoughful: Check out his Notification Regarding Unsolicited Commercial Email.
Michael J. Vandeman, Ph. D. Environmental letters, articles, and book reviews, forcefully written.
Jim Britell. A talented environmental writer well skilled in computers. Learn to use these tools from him.
Advanced-Aqua Propulsion Systems. Swim and Dive Fins Homepage.
Web Resource Locators where we're listed
Yahoo. One of the first web search tools. Very professionally done, with ads to support it.
Web Crawler.
New Riders' Official WWW Yellow Pages. This service is beautifully done, fast and efficient.
Access Business Online is a very powerful business tool which contains news, directories, classifieds, articles, databases, international buyer-seller connections and "BizWiz".
Starting Point. This service sets you up to search other Web databases (meta searching)!
InfoSeek.. Is technically advanced in its ability to present you with information about the sites it lists. For example they pay attention to meta tags and such...
International Small Business Consortium. Helping small businesses around the world grow and communicate with each other.
CiC -- The Computer Information Centre (CompInfo). "A vast source of valuable informatio about Computers and Communications & Information Technology and Information Systems"
Web Tools
The Free Software Store. "Great new software you can download every!" Our program The Heart: The Engine of Life was a Top Pick the week of 10/7/96!
Look Around. Phil Viger's 3700+ good links. Especially strong on sources for learning HTML.
C|net Search. They allow searching with over 250 other search engines!
Webs Are Us. Consultants on web design and promotion based in Del Mar, California. They specialize in statistical reporting and Web design.
Submit It!. Automates submission of web sites to over a dozen major search engines.
Recommended Software Companies These companies write software I recommend.
AndroSoft. Creators of SuperClip, a DOS and WINDOWS shareware screen capture utility.
PKWare. Creators of PKZIP and PKUNZIP, a DOS and WINDOWS shareware compression/decompression utility.
Connectix. Creators of VIRTUAL PC, which allows our software to run in XP, NT, 2000, and Mac systems.
DP Directory. Unbeatable Computer, Medical, Business, Education, and other mailing lists. I've used these lists for many years. Press release authoring services too!
DG Sciences. The art of cryptography. And a fine looking website besides.
Recommended Other Companies These companies sell good products or provide good services.
EnviroVideo. Powerful, award-winning environmental videos.
Jade Mountain. Over 4000 sustainable technology products and systems, and a beautiful web site too!
Dave's Gourmet. Dave's Private Reserve Limited Edition is the world's spiciest salsa at 300,000 scovilles. Once you've tried it you will not be able to live without it. Power to the People from Solar, Wind, or Water Power.
A4 Tech. They make the WinEasy Model www-5 mouse, the finest mouse I've ever used.
Media list. Hundreds of electronic addresses for Newspapers, Magazines, etc. Visit Thomas Leavitt's home page too!
Independence Day 4: Here's my review of this wonderful movie!
My list of Mountain Biker links
My list of animation books.
My list of nuclear-related books.
Sink the Clipper Chip!. One big (408K!!), great drawing at a fine PGP site
Pacific Interactive Media Corp. Home Page. They have a nice Muybridge item but note: They say they're the first to reanimate him, but they're very wrong. I was first and I've been trying to get them to change their message. They said they would, but it's been many months since I first asked and they still haven't. So visit them, but don't be fooled. Let it be an example and a warning to you: Not everything you find on the web is correct. (note: link ( no longer working as of March, 2002)
Copyright Law FAQ. Highly readable explanation of current copyright law.
McLibel. Winner of numerous awards, this popular site tells the whole story about the unhappy meal and its McBuddies.
WebTrips. A state-of-the-art web site which pushes the technology.
Presentations Magazine For individuals and organizations that create electronic presentations, this magazine has a good database of companies involved.
Radiation monitoring equipment. For citizen monitoring, industrial uses, research purposes. Things everyone should own.
And finally, what would the W3 be without some ribbing and humor:
Useless Pages has a lot of interesting stuff, and is very well written.

Please email me with cool, interesting, amazing and sophisticated web sites!

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