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Date: 96-08-08 14:36:57 EDT

I think the idea is meritable, but this place has to be the cat's rear end to be really accommodating. I could foresee three groups of people that would come out to ride an "amusement park". One: that wants to ride the latest greatest trail. The second would be those who want to experience MTB in an MTB environment (afraid to leave the crowd behind). And those that have no idea about the sport but get caught up in the hype of T.V. commercials. Now, what might these groups mean as far as the layout is concerned. Group one will ride it even if there is no "park", which means: they could care if there are few if any creature comforts. The second group needs to justify themselves standing/riding in the middle of the woods by hanging out with a bunch of other riders so they can learn more about the finer points of style. But, the third group they are the terra cotta, the impressionable masses, these are the people that if treated right will do anything for the sport. Although, after writing this I think there is another group those that want to ride for free. Please respond with any comments this note may give rise to. This is not a soap box for my opinion of mountain biking, just looking at it from the perspective that I stumbled into MTB and have been a member of each of those groups. Nowadaze I just ride.



Thanks for the great letter. I think I'll post it soon in the letters section (without your name, of course, to protect your privacy) as it brings up a number of important points. It's just the kind of dialogue I'm looking for to get the idea developed. First we have to figure out what might work. Then we get someone to pay for it. Then we ride it.

Thanks again,
Russell Hoffman

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