Email samples about the 12-month Mountain Bike Park idea

Email samples concerning the 12-month Mountain Bike Park

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Virtually each email I've received for the mountain bike park has had a wonderful comment which I've selected below! I'd say the votes in favor are roughly thirty to zero, with one or two neutral. But of the first 1000 that visited the web site, well, there were about 970 abstentions (didn't vote.) As your favorite riding areas get chewed up and spit out by housing developments and closed by one or two angry hikers, please give a thought to the fact that your support of this idea is the easiest thing you can do! You don't even need to get out on Trail Day or anything! (But you should.) Just send us email and let us know you would ride there, and generally support the idea. It doesn't mean you're supporting the destruction of the rain forests or nuking the whales, or even a crass commercial operation. You're 'merely' saying that (yet) another well-educated (well enough to have searched the web, and that's at least gotta be above average) mountain bike rider (that makes you above average in a lot of ways too, on average) supports the concept of this place! That's all a few simple words convey, but added together, they become a movement, a force, a tide, a power, and a really cool downhill.

Emailing us with your support is just saying that you think the idea is a good one. You're saying that if we implement the idea correctly, you would try to visit it!

If you have suggestions for such a park, if there's some part of a vision of a mountain bike park that you've always dreamed of (or thought of right this second) but haven't seen mentioned anywhere at this web site, please let us know about it! Email us today!.

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