Frequently Asked Questions for P11 users

Master Glossary of F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions) for the "P11" animation system.

Note: Most of our software has been converted to FLASH MX. This page is currently for programs which have NOT been converted. The FLASH MX version does not have an "FAQ" section because so few customers have had any questions. Please contact the author(s) directly if you run into problems with any of our FLASH programs. Thank you.

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Allthough our DOS PC software is extremely reliable in today's PC environment, here are answers to the most likely questions (or in some cases, to questions that no longer occur with any frequency, if at all). Our customers should always feel free to contact us directly if they have a problem with our products.

Please review the solutions presented here first, and please try to contact us by email ( before calling if possible!

FTP Downloadable Software! Many of our educational software products are available for downloading from our FTP site!

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