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Our MTB Park logo We suddenly realized that combining the Web and mountain bikers wasn't much of a stretch. Where better to ask for help, advice, and encouragement? In fact, as far as I can tell mountain bikers are just about the most 'connected' group of people in the world--and the nicest, too.

The following web sites have linked back to this one or have indicated their support one way or another, and we thank them and encourage you to leave this site for their site when you are finished with us. But please come back soon!

We have not been paid to present any of these links, nor have we paid them for linking to us (if they did). We all just want to ride cool singletrack. If we get paid by someone, sometime, for something at this web site, we'll make that clearly a PAID advertisement!

These are just good links, right now they appear in more or less in the order received... Enjoy 'em!

The Internet's mountain bike park. Probably the most linked-to MTB site on earth. Full of links all to over the world.
Akkana Peck. Peck is also into autocross, motorcycle racing, artificial intelligence, chess programming, etc..
Brule Mountain Gear. They make a pannier for bikes that can be converted into a backpack.
Joern Yngve Dahl-Stamnes. Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He includes an IMBA RULES OF THE TRAIL web page.
Cyber Cyclist. Edited by Pete Hodgetts, this is a great example of the future of publishing in action.
GearHead Mountain Bike Cyberzine. Editor-in-Chief David Schloss. Hard information presented with cutting-edge style. And a HUGE list of additional MTB resources. They presented our MTB Park idea in the June issue (paperboy section)!
Frank Still. Creator of music and sound for the multimedia, film and video industries with 25+ years of experience. Designs Internet audio accompaniment for web sites.
Paola Pezzo Page by Brian Davis. A fan of Paulo Pezzo has done a marvelous web site in her honor.

And here are some links we just like a lot, but we haven't heard from them one way or the other about our mountain bike park plan. We hope we will soon though!
Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang. I especially liked giblets, prune, techno-fad, wild pigs, zone out...I'm just looking for some schwag.
Ride the Web. Electronic Mountain Biker's magazine!

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