Gov't officials near Diablo Cyn warn SoCal citizenry of increased terrorist threats

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Subject: Gov't officials near Diablo Cyn warn SoCal citizenry of increased terrorist threats

Dateline: Carlsbad, California, USA  --- October 7th, 2001 --- about 6:00 pm local time
Re: Gov't officials near Diablo Cyn warn SoCal citizenry of increased terrorist threats

by Russell Hoffman

In an article published immediately following the terrorist attacks on 9-11, David Edge, county administrative officer and emergency services director for the San Luis Obispo area, explained why it is unlikely terrorists would attack the nearby Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power facility: "I wouldn't put it high on the list because we are a low population area ... We've got 250,000 [people] around Diablo.  They've got 8 or 9 million around San Onofre."

The above quote was published on September 12th in an article written by Jerry Bunin, which was faxed to me via a chain of activists.  It's crazy talk.

The terrorists are perfectly likely to be smart enough to feel that Diablo Canyon, being the facility they aren't expected at, is thus actually the better target for them.  And anyway, they are perfectly capable of (duh) attacking both sites at once to be sure they get through somewhere.  Thousands died on September 11th, 2001.  Perhaps 250,000, instead of "8 or 9 million" might satisfy the terrorists for the next round -- who knows?  The folks around Diablo Canyon should take no comfort from Mr. Edge's remarks.  But of course, nor should we who live here in Southern California.

The following URL lists 25 ways terrorists could attack San Onofre.  Most would apply to Diablo Canyon as well:

On September 21st, 2001 the NRC released a press release which distorted nearly everything.  Here is a rebuttal:

As to the idea that the NRC is protecting us, the truth is, they don't even try!  Want proof?  Here's what they have to say about it: "None of the plants are designed to resist acts of war, where you have jet fighters and enemy troops attacking.  Our U.S. military is where you turn for protection from things like that." (Breck Henderson, spokesperson for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in a front-page article in the North County (San Diego, CA) Times, October 5th, 2001.)

I don't know what planet Mr. Henderson came from, but on Earth, the threat is not from "jet fighters and enemy troops".  It's from people with tools as simple as metal spears dropped from balloons, for gosh sakes!  These nuclear plants are so, so vulnerable!  And our enemies are so, so close!  And alternative energy sources are so much better, in so many ways!

There is no way that we can protect the nuclear power plants from all possible threats.  Even a spokesperson for the Nuclear Energy Institute (an industry propaganda organization) admitted that in a letter the NEI mass-mailed to the media recently. 

So?  What can society do?

It can realize that nukes and the current reality of terrorist threats do not mix.

Nukes and air traffic do not mix.  Nukes and humanity do not mix.

We CAN convert to renewable energy.  The effort will be well worth it.

We can substantially reduce the vulnerabilities from nuclear power plants by SHUTTING THEM DOWN FOREVER.

This starts the cooling process which gradually makes the nuclear waste less and less dangerous over the years, decades, centuries and millennia.  Also, disabling the plants prevents one of the worst possible scenarios:  A determined band of terrorists TAKING OVER A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT CONTROL ROOM.

As long as we keep the plants open, the cost of disposal, the cost of long term security measures, the cost of the whole operation, has to be "profitable".  That's IMPOSSIBLE.  We have to get away from that economic model.  It's completely unrealistic.  By shutting down the nuclear power plants, we can treat the operation as the complete financial loss that it really is, and put vastly more sums of money into protecting the plants and disposing of the waste.

Each day, approximately 1000 pounds of NEW HIGH LEVEL NUCLEAR WASTE is created by the four commercial nuclear reactors in California.  Nevada's elected leaders have all sworn not to ever let Yucca Mountain open (and they are right to oppose it), so there's no place to put the waste.  Yet each day, another 1000 pounds is added to our "collection" here in California because the Governor won't shut these plants down.

Each new pound needs to be protected from theft and all other terrorist acts forever.  Also from earthquakes and tsunamis and operator error.  Also from cracked welds.  And from such absurdly improbable things as accidentally forgetting to remove the "shipping bolts" from the bellows on the Primary Containment Vessel after installation at the plant, thus rendering the system unusable -- for 30 YEARS!  (Yes, that really happened, at a nuclear power plant in Monticello, Minnesota (see NRC event # 38130).  I recommended a $100,000,000,000.00 fine for the plant's owners.)

For information about the various near-catastrophes which San Onofre Nuclear (Waste) Generating Station has had just in 2001, and for a look at their lying and deceitful responses to the September 11th attacks, please visit my web site:

To get the plants shut down, please contact our Governor as often as necessary:

The NRC can shut down all nuclear power plants in the United States -- and they should, if they want help make America less vulnerable.

Contact the Nuclear Regulatory Commission here:

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First posted October 7th, 2001.

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