Why Can't AT&T Print on Both Sides of a page?


This letter is from around 1994 and is self-explanatory. I finally left AT&T for the first time in years, to a company that does indeed print statements on both sides of the page. Haven't seen the fancy graphs yet, anywhere. I never heard from J. P. or his staff...
Joseph P. Nacchio
AT&T Business Communications Services
295 North Maple Ave.
Basking Ridge NJ 07920

Dear Sir,

I think it's high time AT&T put some REAL effort into the whole environmental issue--NOT just using partly recycled paper for their statements.

I call your attention to the following: On my bills, there is a statement that AT&T is doing their part for the environment. But are they? Here are two suggestions that would together save up to 75% or more in paper waste, and probably start a trend in the industry.

First, why not print the statements in a much smaller type font? You could as the customer how small they want it and print accordingly. I use a computer program here at my office that prints 4 pages on a standard 8.5X11 sheet. It's great for documents that need to be stored for a long time--like phone bills.

Second, why in the world can't the statements be printed on BOTH sides of the page? You can't tell me that printers like that aren't available--in the quantities you guys use, I'm sure EPSON or Hewlett Packard or somebody would be happy to design and build one for you! THAT would save not only nearly 50% on paper costs, but would cut down on postage, and thus on energy usage by the mail service in delivering the documents.

Next, I call your attention to the information on the statements themselves. The level of detail is often not as useful as you might think. How about printing some small graphs showing peak usage hours, peak areas of the country, etc.? You could laser-print a outline-map of the USA in an area about 1 inch by 2 inches which would contain more information than I get from several pages of detail listing. Just put a dot near where each call came from! After all, as an executive, I'm USED to looking at "the big picture."

I hope you find these ideas useful and are able to take advantage of as many of them as possible. Please be kind enough to circulate these comments among other AT&T top executives for their consideration also.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.


Russell Hoffman,
Owner and Chief Programmer
The Animated Software Company

"Complaining is like a fine whine. It is never useful if it is left corked up."--Russell D. Hoffman
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