Email Addresses of Selected Elected Officials

Email Addresses of Selected Elected Officials

This list is maintained by Russell D. Hoffman for use by his web site visitors to contact their congresspeople about issues presented at his web site. Feel free, of course, to use it for any personal, honest, tasteful and legitimate other purpose you might have!

When forwarding a URL (Internet address) of a document you want them to look at, you should have already cut the address into your computer's 'buffer'. DO NOT send them the URL for this page by accident! Be sure to always add a personal note which you have written yourself, describing the document you want them to look at and why you want them to do so.

If you are under 18 years of age, you should NOT send your real name and address through the public email system. Youths who wish to contact their elected officials should do so using first class mail instead, perhaps with their parent's and/or teacher's permission, or they should use electronic mail through the care of a responsible adult.

You can get a complete list of U.S. Senators and Representatives with email addresses (and many other good email lists) from Thomas Leavitt. Here are as many of California's Representatives as I can find:

List of Miscellaneous other Government Officials.

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