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World Population: 5.8 Billion and Growing

Population Map

(Each dot represents 58 million people.)

Our global population continues to grow at an accelerated rate. We now add a billion people in just one decade.

Nearly all of this population increase comes from the developing nations.

Today, 2 billion people have no electricity at all.

Research shows that once a society reaches an adequate living standard, the rate of population growth stabilizes.

Income Distribution Varies Greatly

Current Wealth Distribution Chart. The present income distribution of the world is massively inequitable. The top 20% receives 83% of all wealth, the bottom 60% split just 7% of the world's wealth.

The developed countries' focus must be on energy efficiency and transition to renewables.

Income Distribution Varies Greatly

Possible Wealth Distribution Chart

In the developing nations the ability to raise their own living standards is the priority. Today, small scale energy generation is crucial.

With access to electricity to meet basic survival needs, the developing nations can then move from requiring foreign aid to becoming part of the world economy.

Energy Use is Rapidly Increasing

Energy Use is Increasing

In developed countries, the demand and energy use is not increasing, due to greater efficiency. (MBOE: Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent.)

Energy Use is Increasing In developing nations, energy demand is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, in struggling to survive, much of this demand is met by cutting trees and burning coal.

The energy use of developing nations will soon surpass that of developed countries. The implications to our environment are enormous.

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