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Pollution from Non-renewable Energy Sources

Pollution from Non-renewables

Pollution from today's methods of energy production is frightening.

For example:

Other consequences include deforestation and land laid bare by strip mining.

Pollution from Non-renewable Energy Sources

CO2 Emissions

Current industrial CO2 emissions are more than double the "stabilization level" suggested by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

At the current rate of increase, by 2020 it will be four to five times the stabilization level.

Untapped Renewable Energy Resources Abound

Renewable Sites

Numerous sites exist where renewable, clean energy is available. Often in remote locations, renewables are also site specific.

In addition to hydro, solar and tidal, huge potential exists for wind power, geothermal and biomass production.

A Solution to Global Problems

Network of Lines

Buckminster Fuller proposed interconnecting renewable energy sources as the world's highest priority.

Transmission lines can now economically carry bulk electricity for thousands of kilometers.

Long Distances Possible

Connections between power generation sites and demand centers can provide sufficient energy for everyone.

Long Distances Possible

Energy Needs Vary with Time

Needs change constantly

Energy grids allow power transfers among utility companies as needed.

This saves resources since the output of many renewable energy sites vary on daily, lunar, and seasonal cycles. Usage also varies on similar cycles. For example, morning light in one time zone can power lights in an area where it is still dark.

World Peace Through World Trade

Global Energy Network

In the book "Megatrends" John Naisbitt said the fastest way to world peace was through world trade.

The more we become economically linked across political boundaries, the less likely we'll go to war. It's just bad business to shoot your customer or supplier.

"I find GENI to be one of the most important opportunities to further the cause of environmental protection and sustainable development."
--Noel Brown, Director
United Nations Environment Program

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