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Statistics for June, 1996:

These figures are based on a summation of the raw data supplied by our Internet Service Provider (ISP).

No attempt has been made (that we know of) to verify the accuracy of these data. Quite the contrary in fact: they actually conflict with (and are generally greater than) some of the other raw data we receive (specifically, with the weekly reports from the same ISP, as well as with the independent access counter on our home page. However, we've been getting statistical reports from our ISP since March, 1996 when we moved to a Sun server, and we have certainly noticed a steady rise that seems to coincide in some small highly chaotic way with our own web site promotional efforts. (We are trying to get you to tell others to visit, you know!)

We feel justified in presenting these numbers as what we believe to be reasonably accurate -- or at least not above the true figures -- because it seems to me that the conflicting reports from our ISP are much more likely to be due to actual visits failing to be properly recorded rather than to making up visits that don't exist.

Since both the weekly and the monthly reports miss some (different) visits, occasionally the accumulated figures for weekly reports for individual HTML files will have more than the monthly reports for the same period shows, but usually they have somewhat less.

The ISP is working on the problem and suggests that my assessment is correct--take the higher number, Russ, you knucklehead!

As for the outside counter mismatch, that thing is busy a lot and doesn't count, especially when it's Friday and Saturday evenings in the United States.

Of the total number of accesses, 22,710 were for html files, the rest were for GIFS and a couple of JPGS. Because three of the GIF files appear as icons for every page, users only download these three images once per visit to our web site, no matter how long they stay. (Future visits don't necessarily cause these to be downloaded again, but usually they do. Browsers are generally pretty stupid.) The three top icons had: 4668 hits (Table of Contents GIF), 4584 hits (mailbox logo) and 4449 hits (Animated Software Company tiny logo).

As any Internet user no doubt is aware of, a lot of times graphics don't always all get downloaded. That explains the descrepencies among these numbers which should all be exactly equal in a perfect Internet world. Sometimes none of them are downloaded, for example when people turn off graphics (which is fine at our site, but virtually (I love that word) ruins some other sites). Bottom line is these images can be used to guess at the actually number of different visitors (and multiple visits at different times for the same visitor).

I figure about 5000 visitors last month. The Table of Contents image shows 4668 right off, so if about 6% didn't get that graphic (for one reason or another), we had 5000 visitors (including me, but I'm probably less than 100 of those.)

If you divide the total html files downloaded (22,710) by the estimated visitor count (5000), you get about 4.5 html files downloaded per visitor. I'm sure many of you stay longer and I thank you for your interest in our web site. The Glossaries probably have a lot more staying power than most other parts of the site (both glossary base pages are in the top ten of downloaded html pages, see below.)

In June, 1996, for example, 54,814 files were downloaded from this site.

The total foreign accesses is approximately 8,400 (or maybe exactly) of which the top ten are 5,721 or about 68% of the total foreign accesses. Foreign accesses are about 15% of all accesses. THANKS EVERYONE!

The top ten visited html pages accounted for 7,171 html hits, or a little less than 1 out of every 3 visits to html pages. There were approximately 200 different html pages at the web site in June, 1996.

Statistics reports began in late March, 1996. The previous month's totals were: May: 35,254 'hits' April: 13,295 'hits'

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