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Designed for the curious beginner or first-year statistics student, this remarkable interactive educational software program provides the background necessary for a full understanding of basic statistical terms and processes.

"A remarkable achievement...the most lucid presentation of the subject that I have seen" writes one customer. You too will be amazed or your money back!

Fast... Interesting... Thorough!

  • Learn the logical reasoning behind the basic statistical theories.
  • Nearly 100 modules guide you in manageable-sized bites.
  • Includes our Glossary of Statistical Terms!
Having trouble with your college-level statistics course -- the one you need to pass in order to get your degree? Our computer-based tutorial can help you pass that course. "Don't let them lie to YOU with statistics!" This program is a comprehensive introduction to statistical concepts and formulas based on nearly 50 years of experience teaching college-level statistics.

Students who complete this course can expect to pass their college level statistics courses and be ready for graduate level statistics at most colleges. You'll understand WHY you use the various basic statistical formulae, so you can apply them correctly when you need to.

The late Dr. Howard S. Hoffman, the main author, taught statistics and graduate level statistics for nearly 50 years, retiring after many years at Bryn Mawr College. Several years after retiring, he worked with his son Ace to convert his knowledge and educational concepts into a computer course. Ace had already written, animated, and programmed All About Pumps, and before that, had co-authored, programmed and animated The Heart: The Engine of Life.

Below is an interactive simulation of a two-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). This is a working example from Statistics Explained (shown slightly less than full size). You can enter values and see the results both numerically and graphically. All values in this demonstration are calculated by the program each time you change the "treatment effects" or the number of "observations per condition". The data set for each demonstration is randomly-generated each time.

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Main Screen of Statistics Program Key Concepts all on one screen!

ANOVA preferred format explanation Two-Way ANOVA experiment / simulation!

Correlation and Regression simulation!Your own personal progress report!

(There are over 90 modules!)
  • Describing collections of numbers. (Modules 1-6)
  • The Normal Curve. (Modules 7-13)
  • Sampling Distribution of the Mean. (Modules 14-17)
  • Tests of a hypothesis about a population mean. (Modules 18-23)
  • Sampling distributions based on S-square. (Modules 24-30)
  • Some comparisons among Z, t and F. (Modules 31-38)
  • Tests of the differences between two means. (Modules 39-47)
  • The concept of beta and the power of a test. (Module 48)
  • Introduction to correlation and regression. (Modules 49-53)
  • More on correlation and regression. (Modules 54-62)
  • Tests of related measures. (Modules 63-68)
  • Chi-Square (goodness of fit). (Modules 69-71)
  • Introduction to one-way analysis of variance. (Modules 72-74)
  • More on the one-way analysis of variance. (Modules 75-80)
  • The two-way analysis of variance. (Modules 81-86)
  • More on the two-way analysis of variance. (Modules 87-92)
Final sections:
  • Commentary, statistics quiz, tables & glossary (Modules 93-94)
  • About the program and its creators. (Modules 95-100)
  • Other Animated Software Company products. (Modules 101-107)

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