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After three years and 253 issues, this will be the last STOP CASSINI newsletter.  If/when I start another newsletter, subscribers to this one will receive an email telling them it's been started, but subscriptions will not be carried over to the new newsletter, for your convenience.

Thank you all for subscribing and a special thanks to those who contributed.  Also, thanks to Karl Grossman for bringing me into the nukes-in-space battle.  It was interesting -- I'd never seen so much corruption up close before.


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Now in it's 253rd and final issue...

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        No BMD  --  No Star Wars

        April 14-17, 2000 Washington DC


Abdul Aziz Said (Center for Global Peace, American University)
Andy Lichterman (Western States Legal Foundation, CA)
Aurel Duta (Mama Terra/For Mother Earth, Romania)
Bill Sulzman (Citizens for Peace in Space, Colorado)
Bruce Gagnon (Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space)
Carol Miller (Association of State Green Parties, New Mexico)
Carol Moore (Washington DC Area War Tax Resistance)
Dave Webb (Yorkshire CND, England)
David McReynolds (Socialist Party candidate for President)
Dennis Brutus (South African poet)
Dr. Carol Rosin (Founder, ISCOS)
Dr. Gregori Khozin (Russia space/peace activist)
Dr. Helen Caldicott (Founding President PSR)
Dr. Michio Kaku (Prof. of Physics, CUNY)
Dr. Rashmi Mayur (Int'l Institute for Sustainable Future, India)
F.R. Sarker (Bangladesh Astronomical Society)
Gordon Clark (Peace Action)
Helen John (Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camp, England)
Holly Gwinn Graham (Siner/Songwriter, Olympia, WA)
Karl Grossman (Prof. of  Journalism, SUNY)
Loring Wirbel (Managing Editor for Communications, Electronic Engineering
Lynda Williams (Prof. of Physics/Astronomy, San Francisco State Univ.)
Patricia Mische (Pax Christi USA)
Regina Hagen (Darmstadter Friedensforum, Germany)
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa)
Victor Rodriguez (Comite Contra las Experimentaciones Ambientales, Puerto

Join with people from around the world as we gather in Washington DC during
these four days of protest events to call upon President Clinton and
Congress to cancel plans to revitalize Star Wars. In order to prevent the
weaponization of space we must develop an international constituency that
can build the movement to keep space for peace.

For the schedule of events and more information contact:

Global Network
PO Box 90083
Gainesville, Fl. 32607
(352) 337-9274

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