STOP CASSINI Newsletter #245 -- December 25th, 1999

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To: Subscribers, government officials, members of the press
From: Russell David Hoffman, watching the "shell game" with disgust
Re: Depleted Uranium: America's gift to the world: STOP CASSINI  #245
Date: December 25th, 1999

This issue's subjects:
*** (1) First death from Tokaimura accident: Mr. Hisashi Ouchi
*** (2) Depleted uranium and its role in peace and stability
*** (3) Philip Berrigan and others -- contact information and current status
*** (4) Tell Clinton how you feel -- Official government contact points
*** (5) Newsletter subscription information
*** (6) Newsletter Authorship notes and additional URLs

*** (1) First death from Tokaimura accident: Mr. Hisashi Ouchi:


Here is a short report on the Tokaimura accident victim (below).

It should not go unnoted that poor Mr. Ouchi probably has been under severe torture (if he has been conscious at all) for the past two months, as his body's cells broke down from the severe radiation, and that there was really no chance he would survive, nor is it likely the other two heavily irradiated victims will, and this has been known from the start, but the Japanese officials wanted to keep these men alive at all costs as long as possible (preferably past Y2K) for obvious political reasons. [Note:  A knowledgeable contact tells us that the official severity of the Tokaimura accident goes up one level because there now has been a fatality within the first three months after the accident.  This is what the authorities sought to avoid. -- rdh]  This was not the normal treatment one should expect after a large-scale nuclear accident.

Mr. Ouchi was undoubtedly given treatments which would bankrupt any country that had to do such things on a massive scale, and which furthermore could simply not be done on a massive scale, because the equipment, the blood components used, the staff, etc. are no more available than the money.

Besides the three highly irradiated souls, several dozen others were somewhat irradiated (exact amounts are unknown).  Their illnesses might not show up for decades, and believe me, no nuclear official will notice their deaths.  Perhaps most -- even all -- will survive, but perhaps not.  The media will not pay any attention one way or the other.

100,000+ other people in the local community were slightly irradiated.  Any deaths among those people will be considered "statistically insignificant".  However, "statistically insignificant" can hide dozens or even hundreds of deaths -- maybe more.  Thousands, over the next 10 decades or so, during the lifespans of everyone alive or conceived at the time of the accident.

And the release went into the biosphere.  So 6 billion others are being  irradiated, and any deaths that might come, scattered all around the world in space and time, will go utterly unnoticed [except by the individuals and those who love them] and be utterly denied by the nuclear industry.  The only deaths they ever see are the blatantly obvious ones -- Mr. Ouchi's, for instance.

All these deaths and all the suffering pales in comparison -- by many orders of magnitude -- to what a full-blown nuclear accident at the Tokaimura site or any other large nuclear facility (including spent fuel pools) would be like. -- rdh


At 08:12 AM 12/22/99 -0800, Carol Jahnkow forwarded this:
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 11:20:37 +0900
From: "Citizen's Nuclear Information Center" <>
Subject: JCO accident victim

Mr. Hisashi Ouchi, the first Japanese victim of acute radiation injury,
passed away on December 21, 1999. He had been exposed to a massive amount of
radiation from the JCO criticality accident on September 30, 1999.

For further details, please visit our web-site.

Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
1-58-15-3F, Higashi-nakano, Nakano-ku,Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5330-9520  Fax: +81-3-5330-9530



   "He was a victim of a myth perpetrated by the national government and the nuclear power industry that nuclear energy is
safe," said Tatsuya Murakami, the mayor of Tokaimura


*** (2) Depleted uranium and its role in peace and stability:

Philip Berrigan and three others now sit in prison and face a variety of charges for expressing outrage at the use of an inhumane weapon.  Here are some details and commentary, followed in the next item by the current status of Mr. Berrigan and the others, and addresses for those who wish to send cards, letters, etc. -- rdh


To: Military Toxics Project
From: Russell Hoffman
Re: Writing about D.U. (enclosed)
Date: December 19th, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

Here is a letter I just sent out earlier today about D.U..  Now I learn of Philip Berrigan and some of his friend's actions of today.

I have been trying to tell people about these dreadful weapons for some time in my STOP CASSINI newsletter (at least 20 articles) and I do earnestly appreciate the added publicity his actions give this case -- I find it synergistic or perhaps, fortuitous that I had just finished trying to explain (once again) the immorality of these weapons.  I am not recommending such actions as Mr. Berrigan committed -- it's for each person to do what they can do.  But as long as it happened, I hope that my writing helps to illustrate in graphic detail why Mr. Berrigan's actions are in all likelihood, wholly justified and unpunishable.


Russell Hoffman
Peace Activist
Carlsbad, CA
(add'l contact information appears below)

Attachments:  An answer to Mike Orton's item about D.U., his original letter, clip from his 2nd item, and three letters from Marvin Lewis responding to my remarks in the attached.


To: Mike Orton
From: Russell Hoffman
cc: Y2K-nuclear list, gov't officials, etc.
Re: Your post responding to D.U. report

Date: December 19th, 1999

Dear Mike Orton,

When I included the DU item in my newsletter, it was with the assumption that the other items such as those listed in your post, may indeed be the main reason for the illnesses.  And it was with the assumption that the cover-up of what Chemical and Biological weapons Iraq had continues, much to the health detriment of our soldiers.  AND it was with the assumption that the explanation for the cover-up is this:  The CIA (and their friends) sold Iraq the chemical weapons, and knew Saddam had them!

All that is what I have assumed happened, because I've read a few books on the subject, and watched a few shows on T.V., and heard some reports, and read some emails, and visited some web sites, and so on.  Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I think happened.

However, just because some people might think these other things didn't happen, doesn't mean they're wrong about D. U.'s dangers.

If DU deaths are responsible for 10% of the health problems being suffered by our soldiers, that is probably 100 times more than the point where it ought to be considered a serious health problem.   Maybe a 1000 times more.  Furthermore, if increased percentages of Iraqi babies are being born deformed, and if for generations to come additional thousands are destined to be born deformed, damaged from the rampant and depleted-of-all-compassion-use of these weapons -- whether that damage is from the radiation dangers or other dangers, chemical dangers which are also quite serious -- that too is a serious subject for discussion. I'll give you that D.U. makes a helluva weapon and I've never denied that, and have explained some of the reasons to others (though you do so far better than I, admittedly).  It flies straight because it's 1.7 times heavier than lead.  It drives deep into steel (because it's HARD -- and because it's 1.7 times heavier than lead). It even drives deep into Depleted U ranium Armor.  Once inside it shatters into sparky shrapnel.  Helluva weapon.  Once pulverized, it damages skin, eyes and lungs, and causes long-term health effects including cancers, leukemias, birth defects, and a host of additional health problems related to chemical intolerances in humans and other animals.  A helluva weapon.

The fact is, other materials also make good bullets (Teflon, for instance), and newer sabots are always being designed by inventors the world over, and higher velocity muzzles are always being built (there would be much more progress in this arena if (as far as I can ascertain from books, the media, etc.) Israel hadn't assassinated the #1 inventor of high-velocity muzzles.  (They did this in a foreign country, at that, violating countless rules of engagement.))

The fact is, in the Dark Ages, armies used to throw plague-infested bodies over the walls of besieged cities.  No doubt, the guys who kept coming up with better and better delivery systems for this weapon were considered vital, honorable assets worthy of special treatment.

"Chop it into small pieces so they scatter!"  "Aim it at the wells to poison their water supply!"  "Aim it at the fields to poison their food!"  "Aim it at the houses to poison the next generation of warriors!"

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of these builders of military equipment, including catapults.  I don't know if any of his were used to throw plague-infested bodies over besieged city's walls, or if he advised on whether to chop or grate the bodies first, but nevertheless, no one spits on Leonardo's name, even now.  No one ever will.

We have here a crime against humanity, namely, the use of depleted uranium bullets, shells, missiles, bombs, etc..  As an armor too it should be banned.  That is not to say that chemical cocktails and a cover-up to go with it are not the main cause of "Gulf War Syndrome", but the case against D.U., from what I have seen, was made very strong by the Gulf War, and stronger still by the effects seen more recently in Yugoslavia.

However, regardless of what I've heard or learned, we do, I hope, all agree that proper epidemiological studies are not being done in either Iraq or Yugoslavia.  So the full effect cannot be studied.  I hope that is not by design, but it certainly follows a trend started after Hiroshima and Nagasaki (which I've written about previously, as in "Hiroshima: 54 years of pain: STOP CASSINI  #164 August 6th, 1999").

Whether the crime of not properly studying the damage that nuclear weapons inflicted was committed 54 years ago is hardly open for discussion anymore.  The true extent of the damage was dreadfully minimized in hundreds of crude but effective ways.  To deny it now is just about as bad as denying the Holocaust.

But regardless of whether that crime was committed 54 years ago, there can be little doubt the effects are not being properly studied "in the field" now:  Iraq is still under an utterly repulsive embargo on nearly everything, and Yugoslavia is a mess, with everyone displaced everywhere and the peace there remaining tenuous.  Nuclear weapons are of no use in either case and D. U. only makes things worse.

Your description of Israel's triumph over Syria is little more than elite fear-mongering.  It is biased against humanity, including against future Israeli soldiers and civilians!

Disgusting as the idea might sound to someone in a desperate struggle for survival, there are limits.  It was not so very long ago (earlier this year) that Israel renounced torture as a tool of interrogation.  One would have thought that was a "no-brainer" but it took until 1999.  Perhaps more than any other reason (except the political expediency of the moment (i.e., Clinton needs to prove he is doing something worthy of greatness, because things are falling apart all around him)) that is why Israel and Syria can sit down together at last -- because I am sure it is very hard to sit down and chat peacefully with someone you know is torturing your brothers and sisters.

If Israel and the United States and other countries who use depleted uranium do not renounce and cease that use, two things will happen.

First, they will lay waste to acre after acre of fertile croplands everywhere they fight.  Rivers will be polluted, everything downstream will suffer.  Even the descendents of those on the winning side will suffer, because as you know, the smallest particle of radioactive material is capable of causing the exact same radiological health problems as larger particles do -- there is no diminishing of the type of radiological effects, only the rate goes down as the particle size or radioactivity goes down.  So clearly, what goes around (the world) comes around.

Second, if one side uses the weapons, the other side will feel free to use them too.  After all, life is precious and how mad can anyone be at someone who used the same weapon as the person they are fighting against?  Just as land mines must be denounced by every country, so too DU.

Thus it is that only seeds of hatred are sown from D.U.'s dense shells.

The same type of discussion applies to the nuclear deterrent you credit with saving Israel.  It is NOT provable that nuclear weapons have saved Israel, it is ONLY a theory (just as, it is not provable that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were "necessary") -- and even if the threat from Israel's nuclear capabilities have somehow stopped some amount of aggression against them, it can also be argued that the actual use of those weapons nevertheless would probably spell Israel's own death sentence, in the form of retaliation from somewhere.  What country would Israel bomb, that doesn't have friends who might bomb her back?  How many bombs does it take to bomb a country into oblivion?  Would neighboring countries forgive Israel quickly for such an action?  Would America, Israel's biggest (and sometimes only) supporter?

How would the children of the children of the children who survived the genocidal attack feel about Israel?  How would the relatives of those obliterated feel, who are scattered all around the world (for what people are not scattered to some extent or other)?

All these questions, your theories do not address.  And I doubt any Israeli can explain to me how the proper answer concludes with the need to own nuclear weapons, or use Depleted Uranium bullets (I had been suspicious about the Gulf War being the first use of D.U., by the way, and am glad you added some fuel to THAT fire!) 

Perhaps in the next 12 days, the world will awaken to the realization that it wasn't the bombs that saved America, or Israel, or Russia, but simply the fact that there were enough clear-headed people thinking things out logically, to prevent a global thermonuclear catastrophe.  It was human intelligence, not the bombs, which really saved us.  We could use some even greater intelligence now, as the world faces Y2K.

What we ended up with, at the end of the first nuclear century, is a madhouse filled with genocidal weaponry and the most uneasy peace in the history of the planet.  America threatens Russia.  Russia threatens America.  India threatens Pakistan.  Pakistan threatens India.  Everyone threatens someone and themselves and everyone else.

Yet about 99% of the world is poor, in one way or another.  In America, we are poorly educated, getting most of our news from corporate and CIA-controlled "news" media who are at least as corrupt as TASS is or ever was.  In many other countries it's a bit worse, the press is utterly controlled AND the people are starving.  In many countries, simply being a member of the press is the most dangerous job around.

None of these 99% of the world -- your average Jane Doe or John Doe --  want America to blow up Russia or Russia to blow up America, no matter how badly we might want to do it.  Even if provoked by such an attack on us.  But for you, the billions who would no doubt survive (for a while, anyway) the worst nuclear exchange foreseen by doomsday engineers who study such things, are not worth saving from the suffering, let alone the suffering of the billions or hundreds of millions who might die in a nuclear exchange.

Because if Israel bombed ANYONE, it is a short step toward America becoming a target.  After all, we just licensed a commercial nuclear reactor to make tritium, which is needed for nuclear weapons, and that's its only purpose.  That makes that nuclear reactor a legitimate target of war, at least in many schools of thought (as evidenced by past attacks, such as America's and Israel's separate attacks on the Iraqi nuclear facility, about 10 years apart).

Does it get any worse that this?

You bet it does.  There's the additional problem of Y2K, when everything from terrorist threats to the first salvo of Armageddon have been threatened by "great" countries and not-so-great ones.

D.U. is almost inconsequential in comparison, but for the fact that whoever isn't wiped out with nuclear weapons will probably either be shot with, or be shooting, D.U., for essentially the same reason people have nuclear weapons to shoot at each other -- namely, the intense fear and accompanying mass hysteria which has gripped the world ever since World War Two.  Add a double helping of double-speak from those "too cheap to meter" folks, those "the waste problem is/has been/will be solved" folks, those "but look at all the wondrous things nukes have given us" folks and other promoters of the "demon hot atom".

Add all this together, stir in communications failures, prophesies some people hope will be fulfilled (while others simply expect it), power grid failures (the local paper has an interesting article today, saying that newspapers around the country are preparing in case they have to get editions out despite power outages and other problems.  Such a report would be fine, were it not appearing while the media is at the same time proclaiming no such problems have any reasonable likelihood of occurring!)

The hour is late.  Those who are not prepared, probably won't be.  The stores are packed with goods and people -- holiday shoppers.  KI makes a great gift this year, at least in America where it isn't properly stockpiled, though I understand relatively few are actually buying it.  Candles make great gifts this year, too.

Lastly, speaking of nerve gas, I cannot fail to mention that I am convinced, based on the reports I have seen, that Nerve Gas (in non-lethal doses, obviously), and not just Tear Gas, was used in Seattle against the WTO protesters.  So your description of the countermeasures are particularly useful for those who might next have to suffer the barbs of living in a "democrazy" here in America.


Russell Hoffman
Peace Activist
Carlsbad, CA

At 10:12 AM 12/18/99 -0500, Mike Orton wrote (#1):

Re DU and the Gulf War. It is not true that DU A/T (HIAT) shells were first
used in he Gulf War.
Israel used DU HIATs against Russian tanks, including the T-72 during the
"Peace for Galilee" operation in Lebanon when Begin was PM. Old, upgraded
Centurions, M-60's and the Merkerva fired these shells, that had been in
production since at least 1981 and they were excellent in penetrating the
T-72's armour. These shells and the IDF's Blazer, reactive armour, stopped
Syria from opening a front on the Golan and bringing with it the danger of
a non-conventional war in the area.
The HIAT is a discardable sabot type weapon, a candle size rod of
DU/Tungsten with fins, like a cross-bow quarrel is fired from a 105 or
120mm gun at a very high velocity. The plastic or wood sabot drops away and
the HIAT (high Impact Anti Tank) dart flies on and hits the tank. It has a
lot of MV^2 (Kinetic energy) and it delivers this over a very small area of
the tank's armour. At this point the ultimate tensile strength of the
armour is exceeded, and it fractures, leaving a hole. The HIAT goes
through, and as it is made by zone refining alternate tensile/brittle
zones. It will then break up into many disk sized chunks and they will
bounce around inside the tank. When DU hits a heavy object, it sparks like
a lighter flint, thus causing fires in severed hydraulic lines or
explosions in damaged rounds in the ready racks.
On one engagement between 12 Syrian T-72 and IDF Centurions (modified), 8
T-72's were burnt up and another stopped a HIAT with its gun barrel, which
was penetrated at a high angle by the HIAT. These tanks were commanded by
Rafa'a't Assad, the presidents younger brother, and the severe defeat of
the T-72's that he thought to be so much better than the Centurion Museum
Pieces helped to ensure that the war was contained to the Lebanon, and that
the Syrians withdrew.
The current peace talks are a result of this use of high technology, and
the whole Middle east Peace Process rests on the Israeli Nuclear Deterrent.
Its not an ideal system, but I cannot see a better one given the factors
In the real world, the Chemical hazards of DU are no worse that those of
LEAD or Cadmium.
See Irving J SAX," Properties of Dangerous Materials." The textbook of
industrial toxicology!
The real problem of the Gulf War was the use of Nerve Gasses, either by
design, or by shelling/bombing of stocks that dosed up many troops on both
sides. The UK Civil Service Unions had a few cases in the 50's and 60's of
scientists with similar symptoms from experimental work on Nerve
Gases.(Look up back copies of "State Service" the mag of the I.P.C.S. for
details.) They do appear to cause long term effects and the oxime pills
have bad effects.
However when the first SCUDS hit Tel Aviv, they didn't explode, one hit an
air conditioning plant on a roof. So seeing this, [hundreds] of Israeli's
injected themselves , and their children with atropine from the auto jets
provided. I only know on one death, and I was told that this was an elderly
man who had put on his mask without removing the seal on the filter. Those
nearby, thinking he was dying from Nerve Gas, kept up the atropine
injections (I was told to inject direct into the lungs if all else failed !
I have lectured on NCBW in the past!) As all he was suffering from was lack
of air, he died.
Even very young babies survived the atropine injections. Its like
poisoning by the Deadly Nightshade plant, which has atropine plus other
nasties, and cannot be recommended unless you think that you are under
attack from Nerve Gases! As far as I can remember the adult dose is 2 to 4
mg im injection in thigh, then try abdomen and then direct into lung,
between ribs if that doesn't appear to be working, SO LONG AS THE VICTIM
When you use the nerves in your body you may think of them as a battery,
wiring, switches and a motor! This is not a true picture. There are gaps in
the wiring (Synapses) and at one end is a "gland" that produces a chemical
called acetyl choline which crosses the gap and sends the message to DO-IT
on to the "motor". To stop the DO IT signal going on and on, an enzime,
Acetyl choline esteraze mops up the acetyl choline. Nerve gases stop this
enzime, so the "motor" keeps on trying to DO-IT, so you keep on trying to
breath in etc. That is where the convulsions come from. It is 20 years
since I gave this lecture so I may have forgot bits!
Atropine , a poison,  blocks this and allows the AC to be mopped up, but
the symptoms of Atropine poisoning are still there!
Nerve gases are just too dangerous a substance to be throwing about the
desert, and it is not surprising that there has been so much ill health
from it. What surprised me was that there were few in any acute deaths
I have personally seen the effects of Sarin on a rabbit, and how atropine
reversed it and the rabbit lived.
Look at "Gulf War Syndrome" for testimonies by US officers that the Iraqis
used nerve gas shells and rockets, and that Bush covered it up to avoid
provoking Israel to "go nuclear". I think that I still have two long files
on record that I could send you on this subject.
Mike Orton, CPhys., MInstP.,DCT(Batt)., MSRP., PGCE(Wales).
"40 years in computing from Stretch to the networked Pentium, 35 years as a
Health Physicist. 25 Years in Safety Training"



At 10:25 AM 12/18/99 -0500, Mike Orton wrote:

re: Subject: Further to GW Syndrome    Non DU Further info to previous
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 10:25:37 -0500
From: Mike-O <>
Subject: Further to GW Syndrome    Non DU Further info to previous
Sender: Mike-O <>
To: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>

Read with Notepad:
Just found this file, that shows a very good reason fro GW syndrome from
Nerve Gases probably not helped by insecticides and
anti-anthrax vaccines, oxime pills, heavy petro-chemical pollution,
explosives residues, tropical insect bites, local viruses etc.
From the Net:  More on the Gulf War Syndrome Coverup. Written in 9/96 by H.
Lindsey Arison III. His credentials: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve
(Ret.), B.S., West Point, M.S. Systems Management, USC, M.P.A., Harvard
University, Ph.D. Candidate (Chemical Pollution), University of Wales,
U.K., Former Congressional Fellow, U.S. House of Representatives, Assisted
with U.S. Senate investigation, Top Secret Clearance, Disabled veteran from
Vietnam Era, Served in Army Operations Center, Pentagon during Gulf War.

September 25, 1996

                         by  H. Lindsey Arison III

Dedicated to Gulf War Veterans - The Victims of Patriotism


     I Credentials

     II Sources

     III Introduction

     IV Bottom Line

     V Conclusions

     VI Evidence

     VII Possible Reasons for the Cover-Up

     VIII Selected Testimonies of GW Veterans Before Congressional

                              I. CREDENTIALS

     Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve (Ret.)

     B.S., West Point

     M.S. Systems Management, USC

     M.P.A., Harvard University

     Ph.D. Candidate (Chemical Pollution), University of Wales, U.K.

     Former Congressional Fellow, U.S. House of Representatives

     Assisted with the U.S. Senate investigation

     Top Secret Clearance

     Disabled veteran from the Vietnam Era

     Served in the Army Operations Center, Pentagon during the Gulf War

                                II. SOURCES

The primary source document for this paper is the March 25, 1994, 198-page,
U. S. Senate Report
"U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual-Use Exports to Iraq and
Their Possible
Impact on the Health Consequences of the Persian Gulf War" -- A Report of
Chairman Donald W.
Riegle, Jr. and Ranking Member Alfonse M. D'Amato of the Committee on
Banking, Housing, and
Urban Affairs with Respect to Export Administration. James J. Tuite, III,
Professional Staff Member
and Special Assistant to the Chairman for National Security Issues and
Dual-Use Export Policies.
Link to March 25, 1994 Senate Hearing Transcript

The May 25, 1994 Committee report and the subsequent October 7, 1994 report
are contained in
the document S.Hrg. 103-900, Hearing before the Committee on Banking,
Housing, and Urban
Affairs on United States Dual-Use Exports to Iraq and Their Impact on the
Health of the Persian
Gulf Veterans, May 25, 1994. Link to October 7, 1994 Senate Report

"Report on the Fallout from the Destruction of Iraqi Chemical Warfare Agent
Research, Production,
and Storage Facilities into Areas Occupied by U.S. Military Personnel
During the 1991 Persian Gulf
War." James J. Tuite III, International Security Consultant and Director,
Gulf War Research
Foundation, September 19, 1996.

[[[ The rest of the item which Mike Orton posted is NOT repeated here, for brevity.  It may be found on the Y2K-nuclear newsgroup list.]]]

Mike Orton, CPhys., MInstP.,DCT(Batt)., MSRP., PGCE(Wales).
"40 years in computing from Stretch to the networked Pentium, 35 years as a
Health Physicist. 25 Years in Safety Training"



Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 18:34:04 -0500
Subject: Re: Further to GW Syndrome    Non DU Further info to previous e-mail
From: "Marvin I. Lewis" <>

Bull the projectile designer who you made mention of was in a country
designing  a weapon of mass destruction to lobe projectiles into Israel
This was the expressed purpose and the nation was by their own admission
in a state of war with Israel. You are obviously saying  that death was
not a clear cut act well within the acts allowed in the Geneva Convention
and any other treaties covering war thaT I know of. I would like to know
your rationale to suggest that death was not within any rule of war and
law that I know of.
        You seem to be saying that an all out military attack would have
been preferred under your "rules of engagement." If I am reading your
letter wrong, please correct.
Marvin Lewis


Hi Marv!

Thanks as always for your comments.

What I was saying is that in my opinion, Bull was NOT a legitimate target of Israeli assassins.  It's been a long time; I don't remember the details; but I don't recall that he was killed in Iraq.  I thought it was Paris, actually.

And yes, an "all out military engagement" might well be more legitimate than assassinating one person -- that happens.

-- Russell


Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 18:31:27 -0500
Subject: Re: Further to GW Syndrome    Non DU Further info to previous e-mail
From: "Marvin I. Lewis" <>

Obviously I do not have the credentials Mike Orton does. I am a
metallurgical engineer.
        The DU was machined in the Phila Naval Frankford Arsenal before
it became an industrial park. The room that DU was machined has been
cleaned up 3 times according to my researches. It could be more. If you
are planning to get a study on DU going, please include the Frankford
arsenal in Phila.and the machinists who worked there.
Marvin Lewis


Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 18:32:16 -0500
Subject: Re: Further to GW Syndrome    Non DU Further info to previous e-mail
From: "Marvin I. Lewis" <>

Israel did not use torture. The admission and renunciation was to a form
of restraint which I might consider torture , but no one in the
international community did.

The entire 2nd Mike Orton email (about 47 kilobytes) will be sent to anyone upon request or is available from the Y2K-nuclear egroups forum.


Russell Hoffman




Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 13:02:09 -0500
From: Mike-O <>
Subject: [y2k-nuclear] The proliferation issue.
To: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>

To Russell Hoffman.
Thanks for your reply.
Though I disagree with you on many thinks, I do think that we have a lot in
Modern technology has placed weapons of mass destruction in the hands of
almost everybody. As Einstein said:"The idiot son has found the box of
The world lives under an NCBW threat, and if anything the non nuclear
components are much more frightening  than the nuclear elements. But even
the Nuclear element has become more available.
I have two books in my extensive private library. "The Manhattan Project,
by Stephan Groueff, and "The Invisible Bomb" by Frank Barnarby. The first
shows the huge amount of effort needed by the USA in 44/45, the second
deals with Vanunu's details of Dimona.  The "miniaturisation" between the
two dates, mid 40's to the mid 60's is remarkable.
And there is my personal experience. In the 60's I used STRETCH and ATLAS
super computers. I think the US had about a dozen of them for their H-bomb
project. Yet in the late 80's I bought my first PC that was much more
powerful. Last Christmas, we had a Christmas fair in the village where I
live. There was a computer that didn't sell at any price, 50p would have
been accepted. Yet it was so so much powerful that Atlas (now in the
science museum). By this time next year the 1G Hz PC with 128 Meg ram will
be common in ordinary private houses. Yet this is a 1980's supercomputer! A
PC Fortran compiler is out of this world compared with FORTRAN-2 on Atlas.
Then there is "Mining with Microbes" a well publicised (UK New Scientist)
method of removing Uranium from phosphate or other lean ores of Uranium.
Then there is Laser separation, see Barnarby's book and "Two Minutes over
Baghdad" on how this reduces the size of Capenhurst to a desk sized plant
in a small factory building.
As to how to make bombs, my local library, and I live in a small village in
rural Wales, has a book "Tomorrow's Weapons" that gives details of the
construction of A, H & Neutron weapons. Stuff that would be classified as
Secret, Atomic Principal if in official documents.
Even worse is CW. All you need is a small factory. Most countries in the
Middle East have one "Pesticide" or "Pharmaceutical"
plant, Lybia has a huge complex at Rabta that even looks big on commercial
satellite pics!
Many countries now either import are copy rockets, Scuds or better. North
Korea, on the verge of starvation, exports rockets and has a large nuclear
project. Even the Iraqi "diplomatic compound" in Sudan has "factories" and
we had a TV program showing the delivery of "Humanitarian Aid" there by an
Iraqi Antonov, that looked very much like a Scud on a transported" "Let
them eat Scuds!!!" Also shown were a group of V-1 type flying bombs with
props rather than ram-jet also made there.
BW is even worse. Its not a factory job, rather a portacabin lab at the
back of a Hospital path lab or University.
What is even worse is that there are now groups that have jumped straight
from the pages of a James Bond Novel. The Aum Shrinko in Japan who tried a
Sarin gas attack on their own people, and Ossima bin Laden, who it appears
from the papers and TV is planning more attacks on US, Israeli and possibly
UK targets around the world. There are references to both FBI and CIA
advisories in the media here today.
The consequences of such actions could be much greater than Y2k glitches at
So we have the problem of the unlimited proliferation of nuclear Weapons,
the utter failure of IAEA safeguards, and new technology in computing,
biotechnology and lasers making for small compact hide able plants.
Dimona is smaller in area than the Admin building plus the Sports and
social complex plus the canteen and medical block at AWRE Aldermaston, and
it does the work of Sellafield (Windscale) and Capenhurst too! (From
satellite pics and a UK 2.5" map of the Reading area! )
CW plants can be run by groups (Aum in Japan)
BW can almost be carried out at a "hobby" level in a suitably designed back
Like you I  have misgivings about the future, but is this not what has been
written about thousand's of years ago in the Jewish scriptures? (The
Christian OT in a different order!)
A few nights ago on UK TV we had real pictures from Afghanistan. It was just
like from the movie "Planet of the Apes" Medieval Warriors on horseback,
but they carried AK's and RPG-7's. We had an ex-CIA man on TV. He had a
wooden bowl in his hand. He said that this was the standard technology of
the natives in some country, forget which, yet they had brought down a US
helicopter with a Chinese copy of a US stinger missile!
We live in a very dangerous world, likely to get worse in the next century
(next week).
Somehow the alleged hazards of DU, and I have handled large lumps of it
and have a small piece of Natural Uranium at home in a glass jar! seem to
be under whelming in comparison.
However you are doing a good job in alerting the "e-chattering classes" to
the dark side of nuclear technology.
This is my  main point against the development of nuclear technology in the
third world. Once they have sufficient nuclear scientists, scientific
infrastructure, PC's etc, a hidden weapons program becomes a cheap and
attractive possibility.
I am only for countries who already have nuclear weapons having power
Though it is true that its not easy to get WG Pu from a power reactor, you
can separate out the Pu-239 later by laser (AVLIS) or even diffusion, as
has been  done in the US according to one of the Y2k-nuclear postings!
And the arguments FOR a nuclear program are overwhelming. Take Israel. It
is surrounded with 200 million hostile or potentially hostile Muslims.
Almost any country could be taken over by Talliband type groups. Combined
they have 17,500 tanks, 2,500 jets and over 10 million armed troops.
Israel's only possible defence against such a Jihad would be to use its
250+ nuclear weapons.
This is the only way it could hope to throw such a horde back (with 2/3
casualties at least).
Several years ago I was speaking to the then junior minister at the Foreign
"Peace will come to the Middle East", I told him, when the Arabs come to
realize that there is a terrible price to pay for a Jew Free Palestine, an
Arab free radioactive desert!"
The first Israeli bomb is purported to have had "Never Again" welded to its
case in Ivrit.
It is worth considering if Hitler, mad as he was, would have sacrificed
2/3's of his population to pursue the Final Solution!
Mike Orton, CPhys., MInstP.,DCT(Batt)., MSRP., PGCE(Wales).
"40 years in computing from Stretch to the networked Pentium, 35 years as a
Health Physicist. 25 Years in Safety Training"



Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter.  Yes, computers are far more powerful now than before.  Their speed has increased by more than one hundred times (two orders of magnitude) since I entered the business myself, two decades ago.  And yes, I'm sure that just about anyone who can get hold of the nuclear material needed, can build a nuclear bomb (having found the instructions on the Internet) -- anyone, that is, with the exception of myself, because when I'm finished, just about everything electronic or electro-mechanical which I've ever built either smokes, or shocks me, or doesn't work (that's why I'm a computer programmer instead).

All this is true.  But what does any of this say about the quantity of nuclear weapons necessary to defend oneself?  And what does it say about the consequences of using a nuclear weapon?  Israel is a small country, and certainly it has one main city -- the obvious target, shall we say? -- Jerusalem.  But who would blow up Jerusalem?  Multiple religions claim it -- they are unlikely to blow it up and irradiate it for millennia.

Nuclear war is a game which cannot be won, and nuclear weapons are a card which must not be played.  I repeat that what prevented nuclear destruction the past 60 years was sufficiently intelligent people ON BOTH SIDES who recognized the madness of such a holocaust, NOT the mere existence of "Mutually Assured Destruction".  I say that nuclear world war has thus far been prevented IN SPITE of the increased risk posed by nuclear weapons, not because of it!

I further say that heretofore, our weapons have not caused a nuclear war in spite of human's decisions not to fight one.  Y2K may be the end of that "grace" period.  Sooner or later, the train falls off the tracks.  The plane falls out of the sky.  The truck driver falls asleep at the wheel.  The surgeon leaves a scalpel inside the patient.  The singer's voice goes flat.  The comedian's jokes get boring.  The race horse becomes lame.

My local newspapers report that my local nuclear power plant, San Onofre, plans to be fully operating.  Not just 80%, but the full 100% of capacity, which, the papers say, means that the computerized portion of the control system needs to be used (humans cannot keep up with the fluctuations).  They assure us this all has been tested.

They tell us they will be watching South Korea especially early in the day, because they have nukes built similar to ours.  But they DON'T tell us how severe a problem in South Korea would cause them to shut down the reactor, something they assure us they can do in "seconds".  Maybe so.  But why wait?  We're told (incessantly; that is, in every article about the plant) that it supplies "20%" of our electricity.  Unmentioned is that we don't need that 20% during the Y2K holiday!

Where is the precautionary principal in any of this? 

Frankly, I don't see how your logic applies better to nuclear weapons than to biological or chemical ones.  What makes the nuclear option attractive to you when you can see the unattractiveness of the others?  As to "200 million potentially hostile Arabs" I would be willing to bet the vast majority of the people you so describe, do NOT want war with Israel or anyone else.  I think your description of the dangers Israel faces is exaggerated, which is certainly not to say Israel has no enemies, but she has many friends as well, including everyone who is NOT prejudiced against any person, for any reason, and everyone who respects life, and law, and order.  Israel's people are scattered throughout the world now, and intermingled, and they could not be wiped out, as long as the world is free to learn of the horrors that go on around it (long live the free Internet) and as long as the world is willing to react to horror (forever, I hope).  Today, December 25th, 1999, I read that t here is a slave trade involving the Dinka people from the Sudan.  Where is the war for those people, with your Depleted Uranium wonder-bullets, and your nuclear options?  Who cares what happens there?  Israel's needs are NOT unique -- there have been millions dead from holocausts since World War Two (which my father, an American, and a Jew, fought in), and millions more occurred before World War Two (and not to mention, Gypsies, gays, retarded people, intellectuals and others, who were marched into the gas chambers hand in hand with the Jews).  Nuclear weapons are never going to be a rational and workable solution to Israel's problems (or to America's).  There are simply too many innocent bystanders around the world and in the cities attacked, who would be hurt by a nuclear attack.  Furthermore, there would be too great a risk of nuclear (not to mention chemical and biological) retaliation.

These problems are unsolvable, so why threaten such madness?  It only gets sane people angry, and rightly so.

As to Hitler's willingness to sacrifice his people, there is little doubt he would have sacrificed 2/3rds of the population if they would have been so stupid as to let him.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA


Next is a continuation of the sequence of letters with Marvin Lewis concerning my D. U. letter shown above. -- rdh


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 07:52:25 -0500
Subject: Re: Further to GW Syndrome    Non DU Further info to previous e-mail
From: "Marvin I. Lewis" <>

That is sick. If thousands of lives may be saved by avoiding the rules of
engagement then I would avoid the rules of engagement. No international
treaty that I know of says that a nation may not protect itself . You
seem to be adding the proviso 'unless it is Israel.'
        I am more than willing that Israel be held to higher standards
than the PanArabic League whose standard is the' end justifies the
means.,' I cannot agree that Israel must be held to a suicidal standard
that requires the deaths of both Arabs and Jews. and anyone else that
fits your rules of engagement.
        Think about it. I do not believe that your are antiSemetic, but
Noam Chomsky is not the only voice in the universe. Check out Alan
Dershowitz, "Chutzpah" .
        I have visited Israel. I talked to the children. They told me the
real nitty gritty. The Arab girls want Israel to stay. They get free
medical care and cannot be sold as chattel. The Arab and Palestinian men
and boys want Israel to stay. they have 50000 jobs in Israel for border
crossing Arabs which would disappear in a day if Jews left or Israel
failed. Probably more for Arabs who live in Israel and Palestinians who
cross over into Israel daily. There are Arabs who are Israel citizens and
volunteer for the Army Arabs may not be conscrited into the Army under
Israel Law.
        I admit that I could only talk to Arab and Palestinian who spoke
English. They sure did not speak Yiddish and I do not speak ,but can
write Hebrew. I have also spoken to Arab entrpeneurs here in Phila. They
thought I was Christian, and spoke freely. Most Arabs want Israel to
stay. The Panarabic League consisits of about 11 anti Israel nations.
There are over 21 Muslim Arab nations. Most Muslim nations are neutral to
Israel and most Muslim Arab nations deal with Israel without bias.
(although quietly.)
Marvin Lewis


----- MY RESPONSE: -----

>At 07:52 AM 12/20/99 -0500, Marvin Lewis wrote:

>That is sick.

War is sick, Marvin.

>If thousands of lives may be saved by avoiding the rules of
engagement then I would avoid the rules of engagement. No international
treaty that I know of says that a nation may not protect itself . You
seem to be adding the proviso 'unless it is Israel.'

Not at all, I'm saying that there are "rules of engagement" which prevent the flinging of plague-infested bodies into cities, prevent the use of biological/chemical weapons, etc..  These rules are really simply rules of human decency.  They should be obeyed.  The assassination of leaders and key personnel,and third-country industrialists, is certainly a topic for its own conversation, which got us into this conversation.  I don't think Yamamoto should have been assassinated, either, during WWII.  I'm not for "taking out" Saddam either.

>       I am more than willing that Israel be held to higher standards
than the PanArabic League whose standard is the' end justfies the
means.,' I cannot agree that Israel must be held to a suicidal standard
that requires the deaths of both Arabs and Jews. and anyone else that
fits your rules of engagement.

So you would have no limits whatsoever?  THAT's sick!  How many innocent bystanders and children are you willing to kill as collateral damage to allow Israel to survive?

>       Think about it. I do not believe that your are antisemeitic, but
Noam Chomsky is not the only voice in the universe. Check out Alan
Dershowitz, "Chutzpah" .

I haven't read much Chomsky, though I have always liked what I read, and didn't know he was considered by anyone to be an anti-Semite.  I also don't know Alan Dershowitz's "Chutzpah", sorry.  I certainly don't think I am an anti-Semite.  Israelis have a right to live, but no greater a right than anyone else.

>       I have visited Israel.

So has my wife, my father, my stepmother, various siblings -- my dad's pictures of Jewish victims of the Holocaust which he took while fighting the Nazis through Hitler's Germany hang now in a museum in Israel and can also be seen in his book of his wartime experiences.

>I talked to the children. They told me the
real nitty gritty. The Arab girls want Israel to stay. They get free
medical care and cannot be sold as chattel. The Arab and Palestinian men
and boys want Israel to stay. they have 50000 jobs in Israel for border
crossing Arabs which would disappear in a day if Jews left or Israel
failed. Probably more for Arabs who live in Israel and Palestinians who
cross over into Israel daily. There are Arabs who are Israel citizens and
volunteer for the Army Arabs may not be conscripted into the Army under
Israel Law.
>       I admit that I could only talk to Arab and Palestinian who spoke
English. They sure did not speak Yiddish and I do not speak ,but can
write Hebrew. I have also spoken to Arab entrepreneurs here in Phila. They
thought I was Christian, and spoke freely. Most Arabs want Israel to
stay. The Panarabic League consists of about 11 anti Israel nations.
There are over 21 Muslim Arab nations. Most Muslim nations are neutral to
Israel and most Muslim Arab nations deal with Israel without bias.
(although quietly.)

So, what are you saying here?  Not all Arabs hate all Israelis?  Most Arabs do not hate most Israelis, and vice-versa?  I should hope so!  There is entirely too much hatred in the world.

> Marvin Lewis

Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 12:58:24 -0500
From: "Marvin I. Lewis" <>

So you would have no limits whatsoever?  THAT's sick!  How many innocent
bystanders and children are you willing to kill as collateral damage to
allow Israel to survive?

        I don't know what you are talking about. I am saying that when
your  rules of engagement would mean more death and destruction, I will
not play your game. I said nothing about dropping the rules for Israel to
survive. I pointed out that your statements seemed to be saying that
rules of engagement must be heeded even when they cause greater death and
destruction than not heading them. Or in the alternative they must be
heeded to allow the destruction of Israel no matter what the cost in

        I am asking if your rules of engagement are so sacred that they
must be heeded even when it means greater death and destruction of both
Arab and Jew. I support dropping the rules for Jew and Arab only to
reduce deaths! This is the attitude that I heard in Israel where Israelis
were reluctant to press on to Arab capitals because the total death toll
by Arab and Jew would be too high.
        I have no compunction about assassinations if they truly reduce
the carnage esp to innocent civilians . My worry is that assassinations
look good in the media, and the effects are the opposite of what is

So what are you saying. That not all Arabs hate Jews and v. v.
        Yes that is exactly what I am saying. Too often a few in power
lead the way to horror. The intermarriage rate in Bosnia before the
ethnic cleansing was 70% in cities. Milosevic was able to overcome even
the love in families.

        Chomsky is Jewish. He cannot be anitSemitic by definition. He can
be an Uncle Wolf , the Jew hating Jew. Many people hate themselves. I
like Chomsky's facts which are well researched and interesting. I do not
appreciate his conclusory conclusions which do not follow from his facts.

        My personal thanks to your father. I am grateful that you shared
his experience with me.
Marvin Lewis


----- MY RESPONSE: -----


Thanks for the letter.  I suspect this would take hours and hours to unravel, so please let's not try too hard (until after Y2K, anyway).

Assassinations as a means of diplomacy lead to more assassinations...  That doesn't work.  A leader is a leader not because of who they are, but because of what the people let them become.  So assassinating the leaders often leads to a Medusa situation.

Perhaps you remember when a lot of American activist leaders were assassinated or disarmed in some other way -- forced to go underground, for instance.  I'm talking about the 60's of course.

I see nothing honorable in such solutions to problems.

Right now, isn't Israel glad it never assassinated Yassar Arafat?  You talk about trading these lives for those lives, and so many of these for so many of those, but how can you be sure that assassinating a leader (or a third-country's industrialist) necessarily results in saving lives?  That's just not such a "given" as you suggest it to be.

What are "rules of engagement"?  Beats me, they change all the time.  In WWII it was generally considered OK to shoot parachutes if they were landing on home territory and thus would be able to fight again, but most pilots wouldn't do it anyway.

Yes, to some extent the "rules of engagement" must be heeded, even if it means more deaths than if they aren't.

Anarchy is really not that easy to define.  Society wants something called "human decency" to exist, but in war, it often goes to hell in a handbasket.  How can Israeli leaders be so sure of themselves when they authorize an assassination -- how can they be sure their cause is just and the leader of the people they are planning to assassinate's cause it not just -- or do you just assume Israel will always make the right decision so whatever they decide is alright with you -- but you're a U.S. citizen, aren't you?  What if they decide to start assassinating anti-nuclear activists in America, since after all, we might some day get enough power to force them (God only knows how) to get rid of their "nuclear deterrent".  Where does it end?

FYI, I'm well aware of all the intermingling and intermarrying and so forth that goes on amongst peoples who live in close proximity to each other.  I'm all for it.



----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

Marvin wrote back agreeing that we should worry about WASH and other problems directly related to Y2K, rather than who has the right to assassinate who, and what (if any) the political gains are from assassination as a tool of war, which is merely a tool of politics. --  rdh

*** (3) Philip Berrigan and others -- contact information and current status


Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 23:06:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Update on Plowshares vs Depleted Uranium, P Berrigan & Others

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 18:56:22 -0800 (PST)
From: Scott and Reba Mathern-Jacobson <>

From: Scott and Reba Mathern-Jacobson <>

> >From: Elizabeth McAlister <
> >
> >Update on the Plowshares vs Depleted Uranium...
> >
> >The four plowshares were transported to the police
> precinct in Essex,
> >Maryland where they were photographed and
> finger-printed. It was not until
> >this afternoon that the four were processed,
> charged, and given a bail
> >hearing. All face the following charges and
> potential penalties:
> >
> >Trespass on posted property
> .....................................90 days or
> >$500.
> >Malicious destruction of property value in excess
> of $300...... 3 years or
> >$2,500.
> >Burglary - 3rd
> years
> >Burglary - 4th
> years
> >As we told you yesterday, Susan was tackled by
> security when she did not
> >desist and, as a consequence, faces an additional
> charge of assault
> >carrying a 10 year penalty.
> >We have learned from the Baltimore Detention Center
> that no books or
> >subscriptions may be sent to them but xeroxes of
> articles (be reasonable)
> >are admitted.
> >
> >When we know more about court appearances, we will
> let you know.
> >
> >
> >Philip Berrigan #101114  - 44 Kenilworth Dr, -
> Towson MD 21204 is being
> >held in lieu of $75,000 bail for information on
> visits, call: 410-887-6500
> >
> >Susan Crane #995375  - 200 Court House Court,
> Towson MD 21204 is being
> >held in lieu of $50,000 bail visits  are permitted
> only on Saturday  from
> >8:00 - 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 - 2:30
> >
> >Steve Kelly S.J. #101113 44 Kenilworth Dr,  Towson
> MD 21204 is being
> >held in lieu of $75,000 bail for information on
> visits, call: 410-887-6500
> >
> >Elizabeth Walz #995376 200 Court House Court,
> Towson MD 21204 is being
> >held in lieu of $15,000 bail visits  are permitted
> only on Saturday  from
> >8:00 - 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 - 2:30
> >
> >

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