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Re: Big Bad Boris issue (Clinton's no saint, either): STOP CASSINI #238
Date: December 17th, 1999 (early edition)

This issue's subjects:
*** (1) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs!
*** (2) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from Carol Moore)
*** (3) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from Canada)
*** (4) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from Germany)
*** (5) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from NASA)
*** (6) Tell Clinton how you feel -- Official government contact points
*** (7) Newsletter subscription information
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*** (1) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs!:

----- INCOMING EMAIL: -----
Friday, December 10, 1999
Yeltsin uses nuclear threat to warn US over Chechnya

AGENCIES in Beijing and Gekhi-Chu, Russia


Russian leader Boris Yeltsin warned US President Bill Clinton yesterday
his country still has nuclear weapons and will not bow to US pressure
over its military offensive in Chechnya.

"Yesterday, Clinton took the liberty of putting pressure on Russia. It
seems he has forgotten for a few seconds, a minute or half a minute,
what Russia represents, and that Russia has at its disposal a full
nuclear arsenal," Mr Yeltsin said after an informal summit with
President Jiang Zemin in Beijing.

"It's never been the case, and it will never be the case, that he can
dictate how the whole world should live, work, and play. No, and once
again, no. A multi-polar world, that's the basis of everything.

"That means that as agreed with Chinese President Jiang Zemin, it's us
who will dictate how the world should behave and not him alone."

Mr Yeltsin made the statements just before meeting National People's
Congress chairman Li Peng at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. He earlier
met Mr Jiang and Premier Zhu Rongji at the guesthouse.

The comments came as - less than 48 hours before a deadline for the
besieged Chechen breakaway capital's residents to flee or face death -
reconnaissance units entered Grozny, Russian officers said.

In Washington Mr Clinton played down Mr Yeltsin's remarks.

"We can't get too serious about that," he said. "Let's not talk about
what the leaders are saying and all these words of criticism.

"I'll say again what I said yesterday. I don't think what they're doing
will help them to achieve their goals . . . I don't think displacing
hundreds of thousands of civilians" will help Moscow achieve its goal of
stopping attacks by Chechen terrorists.

In a 40-minute meeting Mr Jiang stressed Beijing's position that
Chechnya was an internal Russian affair and brooked no interference from
outside forces, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said.

"Jiang Zemin completely understands and fully supports Russia's actions
in combatting terrorism and extremism in Chechnya and in the northern
Caucasus," he said.

"The Chinese side understands and supports the efforts made by Russia in
safeguarding national unity and territorial integrity," said Chinese
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue.

"We have also taken note of the fact that in their action in Chechnya,
the Russian side has tried to avoid civilian losses," she said.

Russia has been subjected to a torrent of Western criticism of its
military drive in Chechnya, especially since it told civilians to leave
Grozny by tomorrow.

Military officials said it was a warning, not an ultimatum.

European and US officials, outraged by the campaign in Chechnya, have
started openly discussing sanctions, varying from withdrawing
ambassadors to cutting off aid or International Monetary Fund loans.

France will ask EU leaders to put the Chechnya crisis at the top of
their agenda at this week's EU summit in Helsinki, French Foreign
Minister Hubert Vedrine said yesterday. Sanctions worries have hurt
Russia's currency and stock markets this week.

A long column of Russian armoured vehicles and ammunition carriers was
seen moving towards the western outskirts of Grozny yesterday as
officers said they were poised for a major weekend offensive.

"We have scaled down our bombing of Grozny, but after [tomorrow] it will
be quite different. We will destroy everything if necessary," Russian
officer Mikhail Andreyevich said from a position about 10km west of the
Chechen capital.

Mr Jiang and Mr Yeltsin earlier oversaw the signing of two border
demarcation protocols on the eastern and western portions of the shared
4,000km border.

Published in the South China Morning Post. Copyright © 1999. All rights
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----- MY RESPONSE: -----

Yeltzin's an idiot if he thinks even one American -- including Clinton -- ever for a moment forgets that Russia has a few thousand nukes aimed at us.  Yeltzin can go suck eggs.   The real purpose of that speech was to support the global military-industrial complex, keeping the entire world chained and threatened.

Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA (one of Yeltzin's ground zeros, no doubt)
(add'l contact info appears below, including recommended reading for Boris the Threatener of Genocide -- "The Effects of Nuclear War")

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

We sent the preceding item out as an un-numbered statement to subscribers, government officials, and news services.  See below for the responses we have received.  -- rdh

*** (2) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from Carol Moore):


Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 22:30:10 -0500
From: Carol Moore <>
To: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
CC: y2k-nuclear <>
Subject: bully boys with bombs...was... Yeltsin uses nuclear threat to warn US over chechnya

Russia and China both want to keep their large Muslim sub-populations
under control and were very nervous/angry that US bombed Yugoslavia
to (effectively) help the Muslim Albanians achieve independence. They
want the US to know that they will not allow it to happen again in no
uncertain terms.  Of course, Yeltsin threatened the same thing 5-6 times
during the bombing of Yugoslavia and that may be one reason Clinton
decided not to invade.  Did you see Clinton's laugh of defiance on TV
when he said "``I haven't forgotten that. You know, I didn't think
he'd forgotten America was a great power when he disagreed
with what I did in Kosovo.''  See the quotes and photos at:
Carol in DC


Carol's posting included my original Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs remarks. -- rdh

*** (3) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from Canada):

----- INCOMING EMAIL FROM "Paradis, Denis - député" <>: -----

What should we do in Canada about that situation?


----- MY RESPONSE: -----


THANK YOU very much for your response [shown above].

The day after I sent that item out, Yeltzin followed the speech shown below by putting some of his newest nuclear missiles on "full alert".  Less than three weeks before Y2K.  We are now approaching a frightening moment of truth.

This is really very much like the Bay of Pigs incident in the 1960's, except we have Clinton in office instead of Kennedy, and the American media is incapable of caring about anything anymore (except ratings).  Perhaps we are lucky not to have Kennedy in the driver's seat this time -- after all, Kennedy risked nuclear war because of Russian missiles in Cuba.

What will Clinton do because of Boris Yeltzin saying those things, and putting some of his nuclear missiles in a heightened state of readiness?

I think Clinton should take the highest moral ground, and explain in detail to Mr. Yeltzin (since he obviously doesn't understand, or he would never have threatened such a thing) what the effects of nuclear weapons really are.  (I have written such a document; it is linked to below.)  He should conclude that speech with the comment "And that is why America is committed to NEVER using these weapons, under any circumstances."

When reporters then ask Mr. Clinton why, if he would never use them, does he maintain his own arsenal of nuclear weapons, he should reply that he really doesn't know anymore, and intends to ask Congress the same question.  The Pentagon does not need to be asked.  For one thing, they are not in charge and for another, they have steadfastly stated they don't really like those weapons much either!  (See recent example from a Pentagon staff member, also shown below.)

If Yeltzin does not respond to such behavior positively, it will probably be because other people on his staff tell him not to.  That is why it is so important to educate the world's populations -- everyone -- about the true dangers of nuclear war, from the EMP, to the dangers from blown up nuclear power plants and chemical factories, to nuclear winter, to cancers, leukemias, deformities and other pestilence -- I find it hard to believe the average Russian wants to inflict such horror upon others, especially when "what goes around (the world) comes around" and the nuclear death they waste us with will only come around and kill their descendants as well, in future generations.

Granted, that appears to be something Russians don't care about at all, judging from the nuclear waste they spread throughout the ecosystem!  But that is just an illusion; the average Russian undoubtedly has no idea how bad these radioactive poisons really are.

So to answer your question, I think it would be wonderful if Canada would verbally condemn Mr. Yeltzin for his remarks, and most of all, make an effort to teach him what the real dangers of his actions are.  One can assume he does not currently understand, because if he did he would not be threatening such horror.

Thank you again for your email.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, California
(add'l contact info appears below)

"The DoD is committed to reducing the number of nuclear weapons as much as you are, they're very expensive to maintain besides their devastating power."

--- from a letter to Russell Hoffman written by:

Spanky Kirsch
(703)602-0980 X132

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

The quote from Spanky Kirsch was from the letter published in STOP CASSINI newsletter #236.   My usual list of URL's was included with the above letter, including this one:

*** (4) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from Germany):


At 11:22 AM 12/12/99 +0100, Kai Petzke wrote:

Hello Russell,

> Yeltzin's an idiot if he thinks even one American -- including Clinton --
> ever for a moment forgets that Russia has a few thousand nukes aimed at
> us.  Yeltzin can go suck eggs.   The real purpose of that speech was to
> support the global military-industrial complex, keeping the entire world
> chained and threatened.

You are right, that the military exist because of words like the one, that
Clinton said a couple days ago.

But I doubt, that he was thinking, what he was doing.  He felt threatened
by the US commenting the Russian military actions - and threatened back.



(During the STOP CASSINI battle, prior to launch of that lunatic nuclear probe, Kai Petzke originated the idea that .001 Curies of plutonium should be the maximum allowed in space without global approval following open and frank discussions.  We have stuck with that number as being reasonable (Cassini had over 400,000 Curies, significantly "over the limit"), and hope that some day there will be International treaties which specify that value explicitly (if not an even smaller one!).)

----- MY RESPONSE: -----

Hi Kai!

Thanks for your letter.   While you may be right that Boris the Threatener feels threatened himself, threatening the genocide of hundreds of millions is not a reasonable option and only a madman would make such a threat (recognizing, that I think Clinton is a madman as well, for not de-alerting, for not closing the nukes, for not stopping Cassini, for using Depleted Uranium weapons, etc. etc.).


Russell Hoffman

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

*** (5) Boris Yeltzin can suck eggs! (Response from NASA):


At 08:11 AM 12/13/99 -0800, David F. Doody wrote:

unsubscribe stop yeltzin newsletter


----- MY RESPONSE: -----

I didn't realize he was a friend of yours.

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

Mr. Doody is a mission specialist for the Cassini mission, and is not a subscriber to the newsletter. -- rdh

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