STOP CASSINI Newsletter #207 -- October 12th, 1999

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To: Subscribers, government officials, members of the press

From: Russell David Hoffman, very concerned citizen

Re: Please inquire about Prof Yuri.I. Bandazhevsky: STOP CASSINI #207

Date: October 12th, 1999

"There can be no democracy without truth, no justice without mercy, and no nuclear dispersals without ill consequences."

This issue's subjects:

(1) Markey Resolution: One Giant Leap for Mankind:


Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:33:50 +1000
From: FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign
Subject: Markey de-Alert resolution (WITHOUT VIRUS)

Dear people,

I don't know how many had a copy of the Markey de-alerting resolution. This came from Alice Slater, with accompanying virus (now hopefully de-activated). I understand from our resident techie Len, that there is no way this can give you a virus. [Note to STOP CASSINI newsletter readers: We agree with that assessment; we were aware of the existence of the virus; and it was not activated at any time on our equipment. -- rdh]

It is quite excellent, and deserves support. I suggest that if you're in the US, you ask your local congressperson to support it. I am sure that US groups will be coordinating support.

1st Session
H. CON. RES. 177

Expressing the sense of the Congress that nuclear weapons should be taken off hair-trigger alert.


August 5, 1999

Mr. MARKEY submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned


® Expressing the sense of the Congress that nuclear weapons should be taken off hair-trigger alert.

® Whereas accidental or mistaken launch of a nuclear missile could devastate a city, and launch of a nuclear force could wreak worldwide destruction;

® Whereas the United States and Russia currently maintain thousands of nuclear weapons on `hair-trigger' alert, such that they can be fired within minutes;

® Whereas in several incidents false signals of missile attacks have triggered a process in which national leaders had to decide in only a few minutes whether to fire nuclear weapons;

® Whereas the failure of computers to recognize the year 2000 date change could infect command, control, communications, and intelligence systems, causing false signals or blank monitoring screens;

® Whereas Russian monitoring and control systems are deteriorating;

® Whereas a massive preemptive attack attempting to destroy the nuclear weapons capability of either Russia or the United States is extremely unlikely, and mutual measures to slow the firing of nuclear weapons would make a preemptive strike even more difficult;

® Whereas much of the nuclear force of each country, including submarines at sea and mobile land-based missiles, is almost invulnerable and thus would preserve retaliatory ability through a nuclear attack, making immediate firing of weapons unnecessary;

® Whereas President Bush in 1991 ordered a unilateral stand-down of United States strategic bombers and de-alerted some missiles, and Soviet President Gorbachev quickly reciprocated with similar actions, improving bilateral relations and national security;

® Whereas removing further missiles from hair-trigger alert would help alleviate recent tensions between Russia and the United States; and

® Whereas there are several ways that land and submarine based weapons could be temporarily disabled, with times ranging from minutes to weeks in order to reactivate them: Now, therefore be it

® Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring),

That it is the sense of the Congress that--

(1) the United States, Russia, and other nuclear powers should negotiate an agreement to take all of their nuclear weapons off of high-alert status in order to decrease the risk of accidental or mistaken firing of nuclear weapons;

(2) to further such an agreement, the United States should immediately take off of hair-trigger alert as many of its nuclear weapons as is feasible and consistent with national security, and should encourage Russia to reciprocate;

(3) the Department of Defense and the State Department should study methods to increase further the time needed to launch all nuclear missiles and study the effect these actions would have on nuclear deterrence, relations with other recognized nuclear powers, the international nuclear nonproliferation regime, and other aspects of national security; and

(4) the President should expedite the establishment of a United States-Russian joint early-warning center to ensure accurate detection of any missiles and effective communication in the event of a false alarm, computer malfunction, accident, or diplomatic crisis, as set forth in the `Joint Statement on the Exchange of Information on Missile Launches and Early Warning', agreed to in 1998, and should facilitate the establishment of a temporary center before the end of 1999 that could address any problems which might arise due to the failure of computers to recognize the year 2000 date change.


Everyone is encouraged to contact John Hallam directly for more information about what is happening around the world. He seems to know more than just about anyone, although media are especially encouraged to contact any of the following people:

John Hallam, FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign
"John Hallam"

Paul Swann, Moderator- Y2K-nuclear forum:
"Paul Swann"

Carol Moore, Freelance Activist:
"Carol Moore"

Dr. Michio Kaku, Professor of astounding stuff:
"Michio Kaku"

Dr. Helen Caldicott, who puts us all to shame:
"Helen Caldicott"

(2) Please inquire about Prof Yuri.I. Bandazhevsky:


Mailing-List: contact
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 18:11:31 +0000
From: Paul Swann
Subject: [y2k-nuclear] Prof Yuri.I. Bandazhevsky

Solange Fernex , President of WILPF France, has forwarded the following to me...

Dear Colleagues,

Prof Yuri.I. Bandazhevsky was the Rector of the Gomel State Medical Institute, Gomel, Belarus. He is a pathologist, his wife a pediatrician, and he has published extensively on the health effects of Chernobyl "Clinical and experimental aspects of the effect of incorporated radionuclides upon the organism (Gomel 1995), "Structural and functional effects of radioisotopes incorporated by the organism" (Gomel 1997), always in Belarus. His work is absolutely outstanding, supported by animal experiments.

We were however unable to invite him to speak in western official congresses, which is a great pity. We proposed him for the M¸nster Congress on Low Level Radiation in November 1998, and he was refused with no clear explanation, other than "there are already too many speakers", although we had proposed him several months in advance. At the same congress in M¸nster, Prof. V. Nesterenko, also from Minsk, was denied to speak, even in the discussion, despite the fact that he was present due to the help of a NGO, and very much qualified to intervene.

This reflects the shroud of secret held in the West over possible testimonies on behalf of the victims of Chernobyl

We hear today from Belarus and the Swiss Italian Television, that Prof Bandazhevsky has been arrested mid-July, and held in isolation. No trial has been announced for the moment.

His state of health is very bad according to our sources.

It is said that a student has denounced himself for "having given Prof Bandazhevsky money to registrate in the State Medical Institute". Sources consider this to absolutely ridiculous, in view of the lack of money of students.

Sources believe this may have happened because Prof. Bandazhevsky criticized the use made of funding of 17 million of roubles of official Chernobyl help, only 10% being usefully used, 90% having been used for other purposes.

Others believe it could have something to do with his efforts to publicize the real state of health of the Chernobyl victims. While in Minsk, we visited in person his Institute of Pathology and saw a collection of about 15 - 20 heavily deformed fetuses and stillborns, he had just the day before shown to a Parliamentary Committee on Chernobyl. According to him, they were collected in 2 weeks only, whereas in a Western Universities there would be as many in one year or more.

Please help.

Please express your concern to the Embassy of Belarus in your capital, to Amnesty International (Barbara Lochbihle, others), the Chernobyl organizations in your country, the OSCE Advisory and Monitoring Group in Belarus, care of OSCE in Vienna : (, the ODIHR (, maybe the Ambassador of Russia in Washington Dr. Y. Schchterbak, to tell them the arrest of Prof. Bandazhevsky, your desire to receive news from him, what are the conditions of his detention, how is his health, what are the charges against him, did he see a lawyer, etc etc

For more details, write to Vladimir Tschertschov :

Thank you very much
Professor Michel Fernex, University of Basle, PSR/IPPNW Switzerland
Ms. Solange Fernex, President, WILPF France

------------------------------------------------------- home: - Simplifying group communications


(3) The mathematics of activism (revisited):

In issue #205, (item #2) we presented a brief mathematical outline of how activism can spread, if the idea is sound and well presented. I'm happy to report that I can show you this in action. A number of people picked up on that very message in particular: Paul Swann, for example, cut it out of the newsletter and posted it on the Y2K-nuclear forum. This prompted me to cut it out myself, and add an intro, and send it to some key people I know in other activist movements. Andy Caffrey, of Earth First in Northern California, wrote back and said he had posted it to "2,000+", and added that they are mostly college students. If everyone knows someone who can do what Andy and Paul have done, in a week we can be a major force! It is mathematically possible, and it is humanly possible. Below is the introduction for the item from newsletter #205 (available online at our web site, of course).

-- rdh


Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 14:08:42 -0700
To: Andy Caffrey
From: "Russell D. Hoffman"
Subject: The mathematics of activism -- please read this and pass it on!

Hello Andy!

Our Y2K-nuclear cause is floundering, despite Dr. Helen Caldicott and Patch Adams and dozens of others disrobing last week and marching down the streets of San Francisco, and despite all our other efforts thus far. I do fear greatly for the Earth, and all environmental causes really, REALLY do need to join us -- at least just for a moment -- and call for nuclear disarmament, and for shutting down the nuclear power plants AT LEAST for what we are calling a "holiday" (there are extremely good technical reasons for doing this), and, to complete the puzzle, turning to renewable energy resources.

It really can be done -- technology has progressed 1000-fold in the 55 years since the "demon hot atom" (nuclear weapons, nuclear power) first came on the scene -- windmills are now cost effective, geothermal, wave, a hundred small-scale power systems -- even tide systems for electrical energy production! -- forget power from the sun! (Solar) Forget nuclear! Never mind even wave energy! There is enough energy on this earth -- if properly harvested, which can now be done ecologically -- just from pull of THE MOON upon the oceans!

We don't need nukes, and we certainly don't need nuclear weapons, and Y2K is a dangerous precipice which approaches inexorably -- yet still, the debate of what to do flounders on red herrings in a sea of murky confusion.

This next article discusses the mathematics of activism, and it says what WE need, right now, today. If you agree that it is a very interesting mathematical discussion, I hope you'll want to pass it around. If everyone could give us a little help in the next week or two, by doing the very small steps the article suggests, we might be able to actually accomplish something before Y2K determines our fate, for worse or for even worse (there is no doubt now, there will be disruptions).

For more information about Y2K, including personal preparation things everyone should be doing, or to get the rest of the newsletter this item is clipped from (#205), please visit the URL's given below.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give,


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA


Andy does an amazing amount of activism, especially on global warming and corporate rule, and we hope others will want to connect with him.

(4) Please do this today, for tomorrow you may be radioactive:

This message was posted on the Y2K-nuclear list because a lot of people there have been asking "what do we do?":


cc: President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, others
From: Russell Hoffman
Re: What to do, why to do it, what happens if we fail , why WASH is so vital, etc.
Date: October 12th, 1999 (79 days before Y2K)

Hi all!

I have thought and thought about it, and John Thomas's kind but sad words (in a post to the Y2K-nuclear group earlier today) have provoked me to think about it yet some more, and there is an answer, to what we can do, and it is this, and I think it is the only thing that will work:

We each must utterly, firmly, totally believe that it will ONLY be through OUR OWN SOLITARY EFFORT that we will succeed. Be thankful for the help of the others, but pretend (and it may not be "pretend" at all as I discuss below) that their effort will not be enough -- but that their effort, with YOUR effort, will do the trick. Believe that utterly, go forth, and you, know, multiply. 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 4.

Today there are 79 days left before Y2K. The mathematics of geometric progressions remains IN OUR FAVOR. So do not lose heart. Do not think it cannot happen. Even between Christmas and New Years', thousands of nuclear warheads can be "pit-stuffed". Nuclear power plants can be powered down. This battle ends 1/1/2000 at the EARLIEST, and not a minute sooner.

But if we are to win, we have to each believe that no one out there is going to solve the problem but us, and failure is not an option. The hell that might spring forth from the "demon hot atom" does not allow any of us, in our hearts, to let up. We all know that. But what to do, what to do? It is simple: Everything you have ever wanted to try, as an activist, that is what you should do now. Run naked through the streets? Sure. Tomorrow I plan to speak at a public hearing on a U. S. Navy nuclear fraud. Tonight I'm not even sure which fraud the hearing is about -- but the public never gets to speak first and never for long (we've heard it will be three minutes this time), so I figure I can wing that one and submit detailed comments later. And I've already promised the local activist organization that if their clothes come off, so will mine in the same instant. My wife likewise, has offered her (far more enticing) body, but so far, the group here has not found the moment. It won't do without cameras and spontaneity, so it's really not my call. I've promised to use my body as a diversion for anyone else brave enough. That's all I can do today. I'm not the leader of that group. So for all those who aren't ready to disrobe, don't worry -- we can each do the other things. And that moment will come, I can practically promise you. We'll all be buck-naked by December 31st. My goal is to lose 10 - 15 pounds first.

But what else can we do? Well face it: That alone won't turn the world around on the nuclear issue, even if it wakes them up a bit. But still, if every couple of days or weeks some group somewhere in the world strips down and Stands Naked Against Radiation Lies, or uses whatever slogan they like, sooner or later the media will realize this is really, really bizarre.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and every day I can, I write a newsletter and email it to Clinton. Maybe the only ones that read my email there work for the NSA or the CIA or something, I don't know. My message, hundreds of thousands of words in over 200 newsletters, has never gotten through -- Clinton does not appear to be the least bit smarter about the nuclear issues than he ever was, nor does Gore. So I urge others to do what? To write a newsletter of their own, and send it to Clinton! Take mine, add your name and a comment of your own, and make it yours! Or write an entirely new one! Relatives scattered around the country get all my newsletters, as do many friends -- even ones who haven't picked up the phone and called me in years (nor I them) -- if I have their email address, they've been getting the newsletters. Some of them came out against Cassini before the launch -- I hope to see their naked asses on the line against the lack of proper preparations for Y2K as well, and soon! What will happen if REAL scientists and academicians everywhere, who respect life and the wonder of it all and the joy of good health, in every field, start SNARLing and saying "ENOUGH!"? And the rest of us as well, the writers, the thinkers, the grandmothers, the poets (even the bad ones) -- we can all simply do everything we can possibly do, and since it is well known that the longest journey not only begins with the first step, but that every step along the way is your own, then clearly, the thing to do is to believe that your journey alone will win this victory for our side.

We must each believe that if one of us drops out, or is silenced, or can't bear to take off their clothes, it doesn't matter, because another one will take up the slack, and do the thing that is necessary.

Let me take this opportunity to explain why I think the W.A.S.H. campaign is so vital. If I cannot achieve my own personal goal, of closing the nukes down forever and pit-stuffing, filling with cement, dismantling etc. the nuclear weapons, it is still true that Y2K is an unprecedented danger -- a potential horror created not by angry humans, but by their technology -- by hundreds of millions of lines of code imbedded in billions more lines of code. Yet, it is much bigger than bad code -- it is NOT something we can just blame on stupid people -- and anyway, blame does not really matter. Who failed at Tokaimura does not matter. The system failed -- again. Y2K is coming. It is as real as a heart attack, as real as an asteroid aimed our way -- and just as easy (even easier) to predict the exact moment of impact. The only unknown is the size of the crater it will leave.

Can the world get together on this? It's like in the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY, where everyone has to communicate with everyone else by MORSE CODE because all the other systems were taken over by the aliens. Our enemy is apathy more than anything. Not even the "Nuclear Mafia" is made up entirely of evil monsters. Sure, Edward Teller is crazy, but even he is not "evil" in the true sense of the word. He's no Hitler. But the result of his actions over the decades has far surpassed the damage even Hitler did (boy am I going to get hell for that statement, but I'm ready to defend it (and I say it as someone who is part Jewish, and who's father fought in WWII against the Nazi horror)). Hitler's tools were limited to non-nuclear weapons, true, but even he had enough sense not to use the biological and chemical choices he had. Why not? Because hell hath no fury like a people poisoned or gassed, and the only way you can get away with nuking people is by beating them the conventional way first -- at least, that's what worked for America.

But there are many furies worse than that of a people being slowly and silently nuked to death, as is happening today. Why? Is it because cancer, leukemia, and birth defects are all very silent killers? There are no explosions, no air raids, no gunfights, no videos on the evening news. It is done under the cover of "all those other cancers" and "we all have to go some time anyway" and other cheap and false excuses.

Must the defender always sink as low as the aggressor? Can he afford to when the consequences of his actions are the cancerous deaths of his own descendents? There are always many choices. Nuclear weapons have no positive aspects. They are expensive to think up, deadly to build, impossible to use, and dangerous to store, dismantle, upgrade, test, move, or anything else.

Nuclear power plants are just nuclear weapons that are too big to move.

After Y2K, if anything goes wrong, the world will not forgive us if we failed to slay the nuclear dragon for just 80 or 90 days. It will not care if we were planning to allow it to come back and do its damage once again, after Y2K was over. That is why W.A.S.H. is so vital. Because if they are turned on again, well, others who come after us will eventually win. It is inevitable, and the only question is how many accidents will occur first. Other accidents, spills, leaks, lies and disasters will convince the people the nuclear power plants are horrific mistakes, the nuclear fuel cycle is dangerous at every step, and dilution is NOT the solution to nuclear radiation problems. This battle will be won eventually.

But if we fail to get the power plants turned off for Y2K, and fail to get the nuclear weapons de-alerted, we will have lost OUR battle. The consequences of losing may be awful. Something so bad, we don't often speak about in detailed terms on this forum, but Bill Smirnow often sends out my own description of it -- "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons" (URL given below). It is in fact an unspeakable thing. A horror which we would inflict on those who follow us more than on ourselves, for our time is limited to ONE generation, 6 billion people, but over the next 500,000 years, there will be trillions, even if there is a "small" nuclear war, or only a couple of meltdowns, or even a whole bunch. Ten meltdowns on Y2K might kill the industry, but right now, TODAY, they feel they could survive a full-scale meltdown any day it happened. Right now, TODAY, we are failing in our mission utterly.

That is why I believe I cannot succeed without help. But who -- which of you amongst us, or some other -- is the genius who can tie that last bind,if indeed, it can be done (and all of us who pray, surely pray it can be done)? Who will find that one last person who makes us a force to be reckoned with? THAT person who finds that one last person who turns the tide -- THAT person is the one who is vital, and today, none of us know which of us will find them, but we can be pretty sure that one of us must find that vital last link, or no one will.

So, there is my answer, those of you who wonder what to do. You have known all along what to do -- that is why you are here. You just have to believe that your effort is the one that matters most, no matter what everyone else does, you have to believe that your ideas for what to do are the ones that will work, and go and do them. A thousand different ideas will work a thousand different ways.

If we lose, the world will go on. It probably won't even question, in our lifetimes, why we failed. But if anything goes wrong which we might have prevented, the world will surely, eventually, wonder why those who knew didn't do more.

That is all I can say right now.

I thank you all for everything you've done and for reading my many posts, (I'm working on several more right now), and as always, feel free to distribute these words as you see fit.


Russell Hoffman
Peace Activist
[the usual closing URLs included, of course, as below]


We will try to present the highlights of the Potassium-Iodine and other informative things from the Y2K-nuclear list in the coming days. -- rdh

(5) Io, Io, it's lost in space we go, Io, Io Io Io!:

Galileo, a space probe with 264,400 Curies of plutonium (mostly Pu 238) which NASA launched some 10 years ago, put itself into something called "SAFE MODE" just prior to it's flyby of Io yesterday. It stayed in "safe mode", which really is "beat's me exactly where I am and what I'm doing, let me rethink this" mode for 9 hours, coming out just two hours before its flyby of Io, a moon of Jupiter.

Galileo carries two Radioactive Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) and was launched with the help of numerous lies and misrepresentations on the part of NASA and its supporters, which we have tried to document through the STOP CASSINI newsletter. This is the second time this year that Galileo has had to "reboot itself" which is approximately what "safe mode" is, but much more complicated since it has to figure out where it is and where it's going all over again as well as everything a normal computer has to do when it resets itself. (That's why it takes so many hours to come out "safe mode".) In 1998 Galileo went into "safe mode" twice as well, which severely crippled one of its primary objectives (a study of Europa).

NASA should never have been allowed to launch monstrosities like Cassini and Galileo, but the next breed -- such as Europa Orbiter and Pluto-Kuiper Express are not much better!

To complain to NASA about their future nuclear space probes or try to get some questions answered, here are two addresses you can use:

For Europa Orbiter:
"Europa Orbiter comments"

For Pluto-Kuiper Express:
"Pluto-Kuiper Express comments"

(6) Explorer -- Columbus -- was discovered by Indians:

On October 12th, 1492, a bold explorer from Europe who had gotten lost was discovered by native Americans. Most of the native Americans around at the time subsequently got sick and died, or were slaughtered. Those remaining were put on reservations. Those reservations which had Uranium in their soils were then mined by the native Americans who then got sick and died. Many of the remaining reservations now have Cassinos on them, where chance again determines who wins and who loses, but the maximum loss is much, much less than when they mined uranium (some still mine uranium, too, or live near the radon-spewing slag heaps of their former occupations).

(7) United States Government official contact points:

NASA needs to be told in no uncertain terms they have lied too often to the public and we want a SEA CHANGE away from their nuclear policies!

To learn about the absurd excuses NASA used to launch Cassini and its 72.3 pounds of plutonium in 1997, ask them for the 1995 Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini mission, and all subsequent documentation. At the same time, be sure to ask them for ANY and ALL documentation available on future uses of plutonium in space, including MILITARY, CIVILIAN, or "OTHER" (just in case they make a new category somehow!). To get this information, contact:

Cassini Public Information
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena CA 91109
(818) 354-5011 or
(818) 354-6478

Here's NASA's "comments" email address:

Daniel Goldin is the head of NASA. Here's his email address:

Here's the NASA URL to find additional addresses to submit written questions to:


Be sure to "cc" the president and VP and your senators and congresspeople, too.

President Bill Clinton
White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20500
Phone -- (202) 456-1111
Fax -- (202) 456-2461
e-mail --

Vice President Albert Gore
White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,
N.W.,Washington, D.C. 20500
Phone -- (202) 456-1414
Fax -- (202) 456-2461
e-mail --

Secretary William Cohen
1000 Defense
The Pentagon
Washington D.C. 20301
Phone -- (703) 695-6352

Secretary Bill Richardson
Department of Energy (DoE)
1000 Independence Avenue SW
Washington D.C. 20585
Phone -- (202) 586-6210
fax -- (202) 586-4403

Always include your full name and postal address in all correspondence to any Government official of any country, because otherwise they will throw it out unread, or hand it directly to their police force to try to identify the author. (Thus, nothing good will come of it.) Also, ALWAYS include a personal message of some sort, indicated YOUR OWN VIEWS, even if you include a lot of material written by other people (me, for instance).

(8) Subscription information:

Thanks for reading! Welcome new subscribers!

Home page of our STOP CASSINI movement: (Accept NO imitations!)

To subscribe, simply email the editor at and state:
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length and subject matter. Thank you!

To unsubscribe email me and say

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(9) Authorship notes and associated links:


Many of the issues presented by Russell Hoffman in this letter are based on conversations with Dr. John W. Gofman (who isolated the first working quantities of plutonium), the late Dr. Karl Z. Morgan (who was known as the "father of health physics"), Dr. Ernest Sternglass (who has done statistical studies about LLR), Dr. Jay Gould (ditto), Dr. Horst Poehler, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Ross Wilcock and dozens of activists, as well as many others on both sides of the nuclear debates, including ex military nuke expert Jack Shannon (responsible for the design of the D2G Navy reactor, the most widely used reactor in the U. S. navy), award-winning investigative reporter Karl Grossman, ecologist and human rights advocate Pamela Blockey-O'Brien, etc. Also, I've read a few dozen books on the various subjects. And scads of government documents purporting to explain how something so dangerous can be safe. Professionally, my pump training software is used throughout the pump industry and even in some nuclear power plants around the world to train their staff about mechanical pumps. Any errors herein are regrettably my own, but I believe it would take an extremely unlikely preponderance of errors to invalidate my basic position on these issues.

Russell D. Hoffman, Carlsbad, California, Peace Activist, Environmentalist, High Tech Guru:

Hoffman's Y2K Preparedness Information:

Learn about The Effects of Nuclear War here:

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