STOP CASSINI Newsletter #192 -- September 23rd, 1999

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To: William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States

From: Russell David Hoffman, Concerned Citizen

Date: September 23rd, 1999

Re: A sign from God? Either that or perhaps "one in one million" aren't such long odds after all! STOP CASSINI #192, September 23rd, 1999

Today's subjects:

(1) NEWS FLASH: NASA probe lost during "orbital injection":

Around 10:30 last night (September 22nd, 1999) I sent out a newsletter in which I stated (in newsletter #191) "There are 100 days left [until Y2K] and the only hope left -- at least in America -- is that God gives the world a warning, and soon." (I had first published the statement earlier in the day on the Y2K-nuclear list).

Then, at "about 2:00 am" this morning, according to JPL, NASA lost all credibility. Thus the timing couldn't have been much sweeter. I regret that NASA scientists had to lose their 100+ million dollar probe, but if the lesson is learned it will be well worth it for them in the long run.

Even if it's pure chance and not a sign from God at all, I can't help but gloat -- for who really knows?

I said it's what was needed. I just think this looks like an answer to my "prayers" (for I had no specific sign in mind, I merely said it was what was needed). And, just as I would have wanted, and just as I'm sure God prefers (if there is a God, of course), we are given a sign in which nobody gets hurt.

This is far better than if Cassini had come to Earth and spread it's 400,000 Curies of radioactive death among the 6,000,000,000 of us.

Now I can say "I told you so!" and not have to cry over the deaths.

Russell D. Hoffman
Founder and Editor
STOP CASSINI newsletter



Don't keep pretending you can beat the odds every time, or that God is on your side when you risk genocide. I think it's pretty clear neither of those statements are true. Or at least, the odds are probably less than "one in one million". An "orbital injection" is only ever so slightly different from a flyby. YOU COULD HAVE SCREWED CASSINI UP TOO. You didn't get lucky this time but you can learn from your mistakes. I demand that you do so! The precautionary principal, which is a fundamental tenant of all good science, demands that you do so.

--- rdh

(3) The Game is Up for the U. S. Military nuke missions, too:

The United States Military also sends plutonium probes into space -- in orbit about the Earth. Of this I am certain, and it must be stopped. The Titan IVA which blew up 42 seconds into launch in August, 1998 was probably a plutonium-powered probe and may have exposed half a million people or more to increased levels of plutonium poisoning. In any event, other military rockets undoubtedly contain plutonium. This MUST be stopped!

(4) Apologies will be accepted, but first of course they have to be offered:

And to think, in my last newsletter (#191) I said I thought it would take a sign from God to wake everyone up to the world's threats, since earthquakes, hurricanes, impossible evacuations, wars, and other turmoil all together clearly aren't doing the trick. And everyone's inability to deny my arguments (though many have tried!) hasn't done it either. But facts like these, you would think would be harder to argue against.

Well, Jean Dixon had her followers and I, I suppose, shall ever-more have mine. NASA should be thankful that the things I predict require mere science to prevent, no astrology needed, and the merest grasp of the fundamentals of statistics are needed to determine that the catastrophes I have forecast are possible. No Tarot, no tea leaves, no Nostradamus, not even a belief in God, whom I said we'd need a sign from and then this happens, is necessary to want to do things "my way" instead of NASA's nuclear way. All you need is a belief in honest science and a willingness to face the facts of the situation in all its ugliness.

Because my basic philosophies are simple: The "demon hot atom" is dangerous to humans and other living things and we must keep IT away from US. Everything else follows logically from what we must do to accomplish that. Cassini was utter madness, and this probe proves it. And as for Woody Smith: He owes me -- and the public -- an apology, and he should resign from Boeing (where I hear he actually gets his paycheck) and Boeing should be disbarred from all future NASA contracts forever.

Paducah should be shut down, along with Oak Ridge and all the other nuclear genocidal machinery operating in America and around the world today. The first nightmare, where we let these cancerous demons grow, is over. The next nightmare, where we dismantle them (which, while frightful, is far better than the first nightmare) is about to begin.

If this loss of a probe is a sign of anything, it is a sign that NASA cannot calculate the odds against a catastrophic miscalculation or other error in their operations. Not just flybys. Everything. They are not perfect but they have claimed they would be.

I expect an apology from Louis Friedman. I expect an apology from David Grinspoon and I expect column space in Astronomy magazine. I expect an apology from James Oberg. I expect an apology from Jackie A. Giuliano. I expect one from Woody Smith and Mary Beth Murrill, and many others. I expect apologies from dozens of space magazines and from Scientific American and IEEE Spectrum as well. Oh, the list goes on and on, and if any ONE of them has the courage of their convictions now, then I challenge them to provide the explanation for why they are not apologizing to the public -- telling us that despite their previous prognostications, "one in one million" wasn't long enough odds at all!

If this doesn't prove it to the powers that be here on Spaceship Earth, then clearly, the maniacs really are running the asylum, just as I have speculated.

It's time close all the General Electric Mark I reactors around the world, and all the Westinghouse reactors -- all the reactors have weak spots. A flood, which Woody Smith compares a meltdown to, might kill thousands, but it leaves the earth as it found it (unless mankind pollutes it with something). A nuclear accident destroys everything around it for centuries or millennia. And we ALL live near Three Mile Island, or near Chernobyl, or near 1,000,000 other nuclear waste dumps. In truth, science knows of NO WAY to contain nuclear waste at this time -- it's time to stop making more and risking another dispersal into the environment, through NASA's stupidity or anyone else's. Eventually, nuclear waste always requires a bigger and bigger container, or it is leaked to the environment. It cannot be removed from the environment (the cost is prohibitive, when it's even possible). Billions of people will die from the nuclear poisons that are being spread throughout the world. Sea dumping of Naval reactors is a crime against humanity, and must be stopped. Those reactors (what's left of them) must be recovered from the seabeds and buried properly ON LAND, or else undersea isolation chambers must somehow be devised. But they cannot just be left to leak their poisons into the ocean's depths as is happening.

Everything we can do is a victory for future generations. There is nothing left to do but hope the world gets this message, in less than 100 days.

There's plenty of work to be done and jobs will be there for the taking, but as for the roots of America's success, we better start paying attention to reality and accept our many frailties or the warning the loss of this probe carries will go unheeded, to the detriment of billions of souls.

Because eventually, every nuclear plant's waste will be dispersed into the environment. That is what is happening around Hanford. That is what is happening around Beatty, Nevada, and that is what happens everywhere the "demon hot atom" is supposedly stored.

Maybe this isn't a sign from God, but as a wake-up call for NASA that I was right and they were wrong, it's pretty close. I think I can rest my case and hope people will have listened.

Russell D. Hoffman
Founder and Editor
STOP CASSINI newsletter
192 issues into it, with no sign of stopping

(5) From the mailbag: Once again Larry Klaes has the details first:


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 15:23:19 -0400
To: "Russell D. Hoffman"
From: Larry Klaes
Subject: NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter believed to be lost

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:15:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter believed to be lost
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

PASADENA, CALIF. 91109. TELEPHONE (818) 354-5011

NASA'S Mars Climate Orbiter believed to be lost
September 23, 1999

NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter is believed to be lost due to a suspected navigation error.

Early this morning at about 2 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time the orbiter fired its main engine to go into orbit around the planet. All the information coming from the spacecraft leading up to that point looked normal. The engine burn began as planned five minutes before the spacecraft passed behind the planet as seen from Earth. Flight controllers did not detect a signal when the spacecraft was expected to come out from behind the planet.

"We had planned to approach the planet at an altitude of about 150 kilometers (93 miles). We thought we were doing that, but upon review of the last six to eight hours of data leading up to arrival, we saw indications that the actual approach altitude had been much lower. It appears that the actual altitude was about 60 kilometers (37 miles). We are still trying to figure out why that happened," said Richard Cook, project manager for the Mars Surveyor Operations Project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "We believe that the minimum survivable altitude for the spacecraft would have been 85 kilometers (53 miles)."

"If in fact we have lost the spacecraft it is very serious, but it is not devastating to the Mars Surveyor Program as a whole. The program is flexible enough to allow us to recover the science return of Mars Climate Orbiter on a future mission. This is not necessarily science lost; it is science delayed," said Dr. Carl Pilcher, science director for Solar System Exploration at NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. "We have a robust program to explore Mars that involves launching on average one mission per year for at least a decade. It began with the launch of Mars Pathfinder and Mars Global Surveyor in 1996, continued with Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander and will be followed by more missions in 2001, 2003 and 2005. In fact, Mars Polar Lander will arrive in just over two months and its mission is completely independent of the Mars Climate Orbiter. The science return of that mission won't be affected."

Flight controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA and Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver, CO will continue their efforts to locate the spacecraft through the Deep Space Network during the next several hours. A special investigation team has been formed by JPL to further assess the situation.

Mars Climate Orbiter is one of a series of missions in a long-term program of Mars exploration known as the Mars Surveyor Program that is managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, DC. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.


MH 99-080 9/23/99

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Hi Larry!

Thanks for sending me this! NASA sends me them too, but hours later than you get them for some reason. Maybe they like you.

-- Russell

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

It is interesting to note that we did get a press release from NASA today. It was from Joe Wells and said that the Space Shuttle Columbia will depart tomorrow for Palmdale, California for "extensive inspections and modifications" according to KSC Release No. 74-99, which stated, "While at Palmdale, Columbia's 100 miles of wiring will be given a thorough inspection. This is part of NASA's fleet wide wiring inspection. The wiring problem was first identified on Columbia as a result of the STS-93 mission."

Columbia has been taken out of service for a estimated nine-month retrofit. According to NASA, "While in California, workers will perform more than 100 modifications on the vehicle. Columbia will be the second orbiter outfitted with the multi-functional electronic display system (MEDS) or "glass cockpit".

What they clearly really mean is, they are going to completely gut it and rewire it, hopefully this time with less opportunity for frayed wiring.

-- rdh

(6) Commentary about the look and feel of this latest NASA failure:

This next item discusses the bizarre timing some more. My, this is fun. Laughing our way into a Y2K-related global nuclear meltdown less than 100 days away has it's plusses. My warnings about Cassini and about NASA's inability to meet its self-imposed yet impossible safety claims are no different than my warnings about the preposterous position being taken by the entire nuclear industry regarding their ability to promise ZERO meltdowns EVER. It just can't happen, yet they always claim that is what they will achieve. -- rdh


From: "Barbara Edwards"
To: "Russell D. Hoffman"
Subject: RE: Mars Probe Lost
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 15:21:41 -0700

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Hi Russell:

Yes, please let everyone know about this. It really does have a "sign from God" quality about it. It was on the KNBC news this morning here in Los Angeles from 11:00A - 12:00P.

I couldn't believe what they were saying as I was listening - it was just too perfect :))

Take Care,

Barb Edwards

-----Original Message-----
From: Russell D. Hoffman []
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 1999 3:11 PM
To: Barbara Edwards
Subject: Re: Mars Probe Lost
Importance: High


Thanks for a great synopsis of the situation. Mind if I print it directly in tonight's newsletter?

Personally, I'm in shock over this. NASA's reaction as you've described it is dumbfounding.

One could almost say I asked God for a sign last newsletter (#191). I certainly said it would take signs from God to change human perceptions.

This appears to be his answer, or at least it certainly suffices as one. After all, this way, NOBODY GOT HURT. That certainly seems like the way God would do it if He could. And what a wake-up call it should be.

But yet still, the people will not wake up. NASA will not wake up. Instead of firing the guy, or at least having Woody Smith AND Daniel Goldin apologize to me personally (Yeah! That'll happen!) for high crimes and misdemeanors against a United States Citizen, instead of holding immediate public hearings to ask the question: "Could it have happened to Cassini?", they'll go about their business as usual and go to work with with their Woody tomorrow, who will misrepresent everything, just as before.

Their behavior is that of the criminally insane and they've got to be stopped. NASA's excuses have been PROVEN hollow. NASA (and Woody, who by the way actually is paid by Boeing I'm told, which as far as I can tell is a subsidiary [of some sort -- rdh] of NASA) refuses to learn on their own. They refuse even to learn from experience. Therefore the only question left is, when [and how] will we [the people] rein them in?


Russell Hoffman

At 11:38 AM 9/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
From: "Barbara Edwards"
To: "Russell D. Hoffman"
Subject: Mars Probe Lost
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:38:00 -0700

Greetings Russell:

Don't know if you've heard yet, but the Mars Probe was lost as a result of NASA's injecting it into an orbit around Mars that was 20 kilometers too low, causing it to crash into the planet. They indicated this was probably due to a "software error".

They stated that at a cost of $125 million this was an inexpensive probe to lose and that considering how many probes they have launched this type of "mishap" was inevitable.

All I can say is that I'm sure glad Cassini's flyby was more successful than that of the Mars Probe.


Barbara Edwards

Russell D. Hoffman,
Carlsbad, California

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