STOP CASSINI Newsletter #188 -- September 17th, 1999

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To: Woody Smith, Curator for the WWW, NASA

From: Russell Hoffman, Founder and Editor, STOP CASSINI newsletter
Re: Statements you (and possibly others) have made
Date: September 17th, 1999


This letter assumes Woody Smith and "Dr. Planarian" are one and the same. If this is incorrect, I apologize, and state that in that case, I have been carefully misled by someone unbeknown to me. However, since my letter of last week (part of STOP CASSINI newsletter #187) I have not heard anything from you to make me believe you are two different people, and indeed, have uncovered further evidence in Dr. Planarian's emails to make believe he is you. I expanded the "ugly headers" in your -- that is, Dr. Planarian's -- first letter to me (shown below).

Had I done it before you wouldn't have had to drop your "accretion disk" hint to help me discover your identity, or that of the person you wish me to believe you to be (whom you know I believe to be a scoundrel, one Woody Smith, Curator for the WWW at NASA, to whom this newsletter is addressed).

Now, on the assumption that email headers don't lie (at least not here), and nor do I (ditto), and thus assuming we both know exactly who you are and that you are who I thought you were, let's get down to business.

I called you a liar. I stand by that. I said you should resign, and the reason is because you are lying to the public (not just me) when you should be telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

BTW I hold no malice towards you or anyone, but I expect honest service from my servants, and every government employee is my servant, because I am a free citizen of the United States who has certain inalienable rights, and among these are the right to live in a democratic country, and democracy demands the truth.

I have been honest with you. I strongly advise you start being honest with me and with all other members of the public you ever have to deal with.

Here are some questions you can answer honestly, for starters. I will have more as time goes by. You should consider yourself obligated to answer each question honestly and completely, I assure you it will do your soul good to do so.

First, there are some questions specifically for you, and then there are 44 questions I have asked others (but no one has been able to answer them all thus far, although one kind and unsuspecting gentleman tried. (I have yet to have the stomach to publish his feeble efforts and embarrass him with his honest and honorable actions (feeble though they were as answers -- and he gave up a third of the way through!).))

You say you are going to kill me. I hope you have the decency to tell the world now, you said it in jest.

Why? Because I was talking to a film crew from Switzerland last Tuesday, about a matter completely irrelevant to Cassini, namely, German Ace Franz Von Werra.

Franz Von Werra was shot down during World War Two and became a prisoner in England. He escaped several times, the last of which was in Canada, where he jumped out of a window of the moving train and swam across the river to America. (A movie has been made of this man, and a documentary is in the works (it was the producers of the documentary who were visiting).) Once here, in our great land, he sought asylum. Pretty bizarre, you may think, a Nazi pilot seeking asylum during World War Two in America (in Ogdensburg, New York, to be specific).

Well, to make a long and wondrous story short, he got arrested.

I have a copy of the arrest document from Saturday, January 25th, 1941. Note the date, long before Pearl Harbor.

It reads as follows: "Baron Franz Von Werra charged with Vagrancy. Pleaded Guilty and given a Suspended Sentence and turned over to U. S. Immigration Officer John H. Wilkes. time 10 10 A.M." It's signed Sgt. L. LeBean. Above it, "Officer McRoberts + Bell" replaced a Traffic bulb at the corner of Patterson and Ford St.

I guess that answers the question of how many cops it takes to screw in a lightbulb, at least in Ogdensburg.

To again make a long and amazing story short, he got away, fled to Mexico, went back to flying, got shot down, and died. I have not yet found out what happened to his pet lion but his sister, I have just learned, died about five years ago and would not talk about her famous brother very often.

Von Werra was a Nazi. I am an American, part Jewish, the son of soldier who fought against Germany in the U. S. Army, who was strafed by German planes (perhaps by von Werra himself!) and I have every reason to hate this man, but I can't. Why not? Because Baron Franz von Werra was a gentleman. Nearly everyone who met him became a friend of some sort. Everyone he dealt with knew they had met someone special. After he got back to Germany, things changed drastically for the Allied Prisoners of War. Why? Because von Werra inspected the POW camps upon his return from his unscheduled visit to England, Canada, the United States, Mexico and probably a few other countries. (I was shown a wonderful picture of him in a sombrero, where he obviously was again making friends and having his picture taken while on the lam, while undoubtedly eager to get back into the fighting.)

The documentary will also contain film clips of British ex-POWs which prove that the treatment of all Allied aviators improved remarkably after Von Werra's inspection. He was, in fact, disgusted if not horrified at what he found and even wrote a book about it (which I am praying some day to own a copy of). The book was banned by the Nazis, but he was such a hero, dashing, carefree -- well, they didn't make him eat poison like they did Rommel, but then, he didn't try to assassinate Hitler, either. He was a good Nazi, I guess. But he was a gentleman warrior, and if ever our boys have to go and fight another war (this seems highly likely, since we have fought something like 38 wars since World War II, all of which I somehow managed to miss by nature of the date of my birth, so the question didn't come up as to what sort of fool I'd be if I had been drafted in 1974 when I turned 18) -- as I was saying, if ever our boys have to fight again, I pray they will fight enemies as honorable as Baron Franz von Werra.

Oh, one more thing. There is some question as to whether von Werra was a real baron. But I explained to my visitors from Switzerland that in America, we have kings driving taxicabs in New York City, so we really didn't care one way or the other. What's a Baron anyway?

We talked about my favorite plane, the P-39 Airacobra, (aka Air Cobra aka Aircobra, aka Aerocobra, and several other variations I've seen), which was underpowered by about 20%, and otherwise might have been the best plane of the war. Sometimes the military makes some very wrong decisions about what sort of equipment they need.

The German military, by the way, also changed the way they did interrogations of the prisoners -- it was not just living conditions that improved. The fact is, after von Werra's reports, the Allied aviator prisoners were treated much better and the information gleaned from them was likewise greatly improved. Everybody won, except von Werra, who was killed in his Messerschmidt 109, and Germany, which lost the war, but I'm sure many German guards survived the trials after the war because they had stopped being so brutal after von Werra's inspections.

Anyway, to make a long story short I want a monument placed at the point where he came ashore in Ogdensburg, New York, and that is why I have a web site about him, and that is why the documentary producers were here, and that is why we were talking about honorable fighters, and that's how the subject of you came up. I told them every indication (as I have presented in my newsletters) is that Dr. Planarian is Woody Smith, and that Woody Smith is a liar. And that neither one of them is an honorable fighter.

It was in the course of this discussion that I asked the following question to these two gentlemen, both of whom I was meeting for the first time. After discussing von Werra, and what an fair fighter he was, I asked if they knew the phrase Dr. Planarian had used, namely that if he told me where he had made his living, "he would have to kill me". This is, of course, a standard joke in America, where the government agent says to the civilian, in answer to, for example, asking what the optical resolution is of a military satellite or something, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

Well, I admit I asked that question because of Dr. Planarian's remark, who may not be you, and if it isn't you (which I doubt), I apologize for thinking of you at the time (whom I don't know from Adam). But the interesting thing is, neither professed to having ever heard the phrase at all. So it wouldn't be funny in Switzerland. And if Dr. Planarian is you, he has indeed threatened my life, because if he is you, then I know where he's made his money (NASA), and I know who he is (Woody Smith), and he's a government employee (Curator for the WWW), and he is willing to lie to the public. Well, I don't know if he's lying about having to kill me but I hope so. In any event, the real Woody Smith has a lot of lies to apologize for already. And his doppelganger does too, whoever he is.

Nuclear power is on its last legs, and soon it will be dead. The only question left is what will the funeral look like? And what will we do with the waste? What do the citizen-soldiers of democracy and truth like me have to do to unmask tools of oppression like you? I don't know. I tried being nice. I tried being smart. I tried being informed about the issues. I tried following the hogwash procedures of the Environmental Impact Statements and it's "Drafts" and "Finals" and so forth, and nothing -- NOTHING -- worked. You folks have formed an virtually impenetrable wall which is nearly impossible to break through.

But unlike you, I do not find the "nearly impossible" impossible. I have broken your armor. I have unmasked your lies. You, specifically, should step down because you have lied. And all your cohorts should either get an education about the dangers of plutonium or step down. And yes, just as I am absolutely positive that Dr. Planarian is Woody Smith or he is attempting to make me believe he is Woody Smith, so too do I have plenty of proof that the vast majority of NASA employees couldn't tell me a thing about the biological impact of vaporized plutonium, or even the radiological difference between a half-life of 87.75 years and one of 24,131 years (I love that 4th and 5th column accuracy!). But I have listened carefully to dozens of honorable American scientists, and other honorable scientists, and other honorable people, who have all given me a compelling picture of the destructive powers of the atom upon human tissue.

And I have heard from thousands of people (in virtually every publishing house in the world it is known that such letters must each represent the views of 50 or 100 or more people) and they all condemn NASA for what they are doing, for the arrogance, the lies, and the crimes against humanity. And a few score supporters too -- I've heard from them as well. Zenon Kulpa, David Grinspoon, and all the rest.

The fact is, the BEST NASA can claim is that they are either stupid or uneducated!

Because otherwise they are evil.

The excuses have all been unmasked, (please refer, for example, to my "response to Mike Orton", mentioned in previous correspondence), which by the way he did not answer in a straight and forthright manner, but instead gave a few more details to prove that in his mind, "in fall the rods" and that's the end of that.

There IS a Nuclear Mafia. I have been lied to by dozens of you scoundrels, and yet also I have met enough pro-nuclear people in person, and in other matters where that they did not know my views, to know that within the nuclear industry there are many fine and upstanding people. Indeed, I believe the vast majority of them simply cannot imagine that everything they have been told is a lie. Or that people like you are one of their spokespersons. Or that the little atomic explosion (for that's what nuclear decay really is: Tiny, unstoppable nuclear explosions) is every bit as deadly to living organisms as the big atomic explosions which the military rocked the world with so often and so gleefully -- first as a test, then two used in war, and then another thousand tests which have since killed millions who are "downwind". But we all are downwind, eventually. Cassini supporters rely on the fact that if you disperse plutonium, it becomes impossible to identify WHO dies from it, but statistics don't lie (if used properly) and neither does common sense -- plutonium would not be destroyed by Cassini's having reentered the Earth's atmosphere, I'm sure you know that and I certainly know that as well. It would just be dispersed and where it lands, nobody knows. But we DO know that an utterly invisible particle of plutonium 238, merely a tenth of a millionth of a gram, will kill any person, and probably any animal it gets into. When inhaled or ingested, it will irradiate the nearby cells with 10s of thousands of REM of deadly "alpha particles". This is well known, high-school stuff, if our high schools bothered to teach the truth about radiation dangers. But beyond that, common sense tells us that with about 6 billion people (6,000,000,000) on this planet and billions and billions of invisible particles of plutonium spread all around the world, somebody is going to get some. Lots of people. In fact, most of us would get some, according to NASA's own documents (which Woody Smith has evidently never read, nor has Dr. Planarian I'm sure). The new twin questions become, how much will people get, and exactly how dangerous is this stuff?

And here, data starts to get fuzzy. NASA carries out the digits on many of their propositions of what will happen to 4 and 5 decimal places (as I mentioned before) as if the values had been carefully calculated. But the truth is much of the data NASA relies on was faked! And NASA takes this faked data, based on people who had already survived 5 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and with all sorts of other people (such as deformed babies thrown away in the delivery rooms) and adds new wild-assed guesses about how much plutonium will go here, and how much will go there, and all of a sudden something that Dr. Sternglass can calculate would kill tens of millions of people, and Dr. Gofman, the eminent and respected Dr. Gofman, has said it would kill at least a million, NASA claims will kill no more than 120 people, as if they had a clue within 4 or 5 (or more) decimal places what the death toll from a Cassini reentry might have been. But 120? Dream on. If it were 120 NASA scientists, you know what? I wouldn't care!

Not because I don't like NASA scientists, or "Federal employees" for that matter. But simply because, like astronauts, people should be able to decide what risks they wish to take, and if the NASA scientists wanted to risk their own lives on "the search for life" (which Cassini is sometimes said to be searching for, and sometimes not, as suits NASA), I think that's admirable of them.

But NASA isn't risking their own lives, they are risking the lives of the public at large and worse than that -- they are hiding those deaths -- as nuclear proponents always do -- among the billions of other cancer deaths that will occur. That is utterly improper.

As Dr. Helen Caldicott has said, "It's our Earth too!" We have a right to the truth of what NASA -- and the United States Military -- has been risking, and as a citizen, I specifically am demanding that you, Woody Smith, resign. And not for anything Dr. Planarian might be trying to put on you now, if indeed it is a smear campaign against YOU by "the mysterious Dr. Planarian". I mean you should resign specifically for what you said about Cassini as Woody Smith, Curator for NASA, who has NEVER, EVER written RUSSELL DAVID HOFFMAN a single letter under his own name and directly.

I don't care who Dr. Planarian is or what he says. If he is someone faking your email address (with a technology that is beyond my know-how, if indeed it's possible at all), then I would expect you to want to do everything you can to catch the guy. I have included, below, the headers for the first email Dr. Planarian sent me and if it would help you, I will send you the other headers. But I suspect he is you and there is only the lies you've been telling all along as Woody Smith that are of any importance at all. For Dr. Planarian OR Woody Smith to win any sort of lawsuit against me, I'm sure you would have to prove malice because I am doing everything I can to get to the truth of these matters, and no more. But along the way, those who lie to me I denounce. If they work for the government I demand they be fired. Woody Smith, I denounce you and demand you be fired. I am sending this demand to at least two of your bosses. And Dr. Planarian, I demand that you expose yourself, whoever you are. If you are trying to smear Woody Smith, your work was done in February/March of this year when he smeared himself.

Since you -- Woody Smith -- said you are some sort of expert in the RTGs, you should have no trouble answering these questions. If you can't find the answers in NASA's books, then I'm sure you can dig them up somewhere. Hint: I've been sending you the STOP CASSINI newsletters for months and months now, ever since I first published your letter in them. Dr. Planarian says he's read my stuff -- and while I realize the joke may be on both of us and not just on me, I don't believe it is. I believe you are Dr. Planarian and demand that you apologize as Woody Smith for your lies which I presented in newsletter #103, and I demand of whoever Dr. Planarian is that he come out of the shadows and prove his worth and debate the issues along with Woody Smith and every other NASA employee who ever answered a single Cassini letter from anyone. I have named as many as I could in the 187 previous issues of my newsletters. I demand of all of you:

Answer the questions shown below, or resign without dignity or delay. You have all been part of a lie that must come to an end. I demand of Daniel Goldin: Resign. I demand of Bob Mitchell: Resign. I demand of Mary Beth Murrill: Resign. I demand of all the following people: RESIGN:

"Daniel Goldin"
"Roger Launius"
"Steve Garber"
"FredGregory" br> br>
"Woody Smith"
"Brian Welch, NASA HQ PAO"
"Douglas Isbell"
"Sandra M. Dawson"
"Charles S. Morris"
"David F. Doody"
"Leslie J. Deutsch"

Every one of you has lied to me, if only by your silence in the face of watching others you know are not doing their civic duty. I'm fed up. I'm fed up with the lot of you. I demand that Al Gore, who has NEVER told the truth about his nuclear connections, RESIGN. I demand that William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, whom I do not believe can honestly claim he has never heard of me or my complaints, RESIGN.

The lot of you are liars and scoundrels, or duplicitous in the lies of others. Silent witnesses to genocidal threats to our Earth.

Upon receipt of your completed answers, I doubt we will have anything else to talk about. Prior to receipt of your completed answers, I feel utterly comfortable calling you a liar and a scoundrel, and I hope for the sake of NASA and all other Federal employees that you resign your post and never again attempt to mislead the public about anything.


Russell Hoffman
Founder and Editor
STOP CASSINI newsletter

P.S. #1 The author gratefully acknowledges the help of many in the philosophical matters pertaining to this letter, but accepts the blame for any errors which might be contained within. However, in the opinion of the author it would take a preponderance of evidence which does not exist, to disprove the ultimate conclusions that NASA is full of bunk, arrogant and dangerous.

P. S. #2: After you have answered these questions honestly I will be happy to answer Dr. Planarians questions (which I presume to be yours as well, based on the evidence I presented in newsletter #187, and that shown below), although they are largely off-topic, irrelevant, disjointed and often just plain weird.



1) Why did NASA change the flyby point of closest approach from near Africa to the South Pacific, as indicated by their web page which you are apparently the curator of?

2) When did NASA first publish the location as being near Africa?

3) When did NASA change the location?

4) Who at NASA authorized the change in location of the point of closest approach?

5) Who at NASA actually changed the web page to reflect the new location?

6) Who at NASA wrote the phrase "as it would happen" (or one very nearly like that) regarding the specifics of the original location?

7) Only three "TCMs" were scheduled for correcting the so-called "bias", these TCMs occurred as Cassini was flying between Venus and Earth. Since a small thrust change could have a significant effect on what part of Earth the flyby was closest to, and since NASA said they were very, very accurate in the actual flyby location and time, one could assume that these three maneuvers were done correctly. Were there any other thruster burns in addition to these three which were specifically done in order to "put it right on the numbers", in other words, to make it pretty for the public? If no thruster burns were done, were any other operations done to ensure that it came in when and where NASA had predicted, and if so, why, and who authorized those operations?

8) Have you written any other statements about Cassini for NASA or on your own time besides the ones we received from a reader near the beginning of this year? This would include reports sent to the public, press releases or printed documentation of any sort. Much of NASA's published statements do not have authors' names attached. Are you the author of ANY statements about Cassini which I do not already know about AND which I have not already published in my newsletter (all the issues containing statements by you have already been sent to you under the name Woody Smith)?

9) Why did you (that is, Woody Smith, Curator of the WWW at NASA) state in a letter to a citizen of the United States: "If the rocket blew up on launch (this is a realistic scenario -- it happens) no plutonium would be released" when Dr. Horst Poehler has made it abundantly clear in his Cassini Cancers article that such is not the case -- Pu CAN be released in a launch accident (especially one which "pile-drives" the rocket into the Earth, as has happened before in the history of rocketry, or a late launch accident, which causes the probe to reenter at much higher speed than at other times during the launch)?

10) Why did you (that is, Woody Smith, Curator of the WWW at NASA) state in a letter to a citizen of the United States: "If the craft reentered the Earth's atmosphere on the gravity-assist flyby (this is so extremely unlikely that it is virtually impossible) no plutonium would be released" when even NASA's own documents clearly state that a release would be EXPECTED (NASA's own word, found on page 4.51 of the 1995 EIS for the Cassini mission)?

11) In the above statement, what in the world does "virtually impossible" mean?

12) In the same statement, what in the world does "extremely unlikely" mean?

13) Why did you (that is, Woody Smith, Curator of the WWW at NASA) state in a letter to a citizen of the United States: "The Russian Mars98 probe had a similar unit aboard" when it was in fact Mars'96 you were talking about, but you said "Mars '98" in two separate emails? And can you provide me with the documentation showing how similar the units really are? I know we took the original concept for the RTG technology from the Russians in the 1950's (this is indicated in documents giving Congressional testimony) but did we also take the later generations of RTG technology from them as well, or did they take it from us?

14) Why did you (that is, Woody Smith, Curator of the WWW at NASA) state in a letter to a citizen of the United States, regarding Russia's "Mars '98": "That probe was lost due to a failure of its third stage and plunged back into the atmosphere in the Pacific Ocean. No plutonium was lost" when there is absolutely NO proof that that is where the probe ended up and there is considerable evidence that it ended up over Chile or Bolivia? And even if it ended up in the Pacific Ocean, how do YOU know that "no plutonium was lost"? What measurements did American personnel take to prove that?

15) Why did you (that is, Woody Smith, Curator of the WWW at NASA) state in a letter to a citizen of the United States, about the safety of the RTGs on board Cassini: "Your fears are wholly unfounded" when in fact, the citizen's fears are absolutely founded on scientific principals that are irrefutable except by bullies, liars, con-men, and other government creeps?

In addition to the above questions (and I may have more at a later date), please answer the following 44 questions. Your answers will prove whether or not you are now an honest person. Your previous statements have already proven that at least as of last week you were still a very dishonest person.

I realize that for a man of your knowledge some of these questions are easy, but please bear with them; they get harder towards the end and I think you will have a lot of trouble answering them if you honestly believe the things you have said about the safety of Cassini.


(1) How many RTGs (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators) are there on Cassini?

(2) How many GPHSs (General Purpose Heat Sources) are there in each RTG?

(3) How many GISs (Graphite Impact Shells) are there in each GPHS?

(4) How much plutonium is there in each one?

(5) How many LWRHUs (Light Weight Radioactive Heater Units, also known simply as RHUs) are there on board Cassini (roughly, since I'm not sure NASA ever gave a final exact figure)?

(6) How much plutonium is there in each one?

(7) What was the likelihood, according to NASA, that the LWRHUs would incinerate in a Cassini reentry accident?

(8) What is the maximum percentage of plutonium which NASA EXPECTED to be vaporized in a reentry accident, according to page 4-51 of the June 1995 Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini mission?

(9) What's the which minimum EXPECTED to be vaporized, according to that same page?

(10) What particle size range and mean can be expected from a vaporization, if it is approximately the same as for the reentry which occurred in April 1964 which provided actual data regarding the vaporization characteristics of plutonium?

(11) What particle size is ideal for lodging permanently in a person's lung if it is inhaled?

(12) How much radiation do the cells around a particle of plutonium receive, according to the late Dr. Karl Z. Morgan and related to me in a conversation in 1997, which I described in a statement published in a NASA Cassini document?

(13) How many Curies of plutonium did SNAP-9A carry?

(14) What chance of reentry did NASA give for SNAP-9A?

(15) Did the SNAP-9A reenter Earth's atmosphere?

(16) How many Curies are there in 2.1 lbs plutonium, assuming the mix is the same as for NASA's radioactive thermoelectric generators?

(17) How much plutonium was on board Russia's Mars '96?

(18) Where is it now?

(19) How much plutonium was on board Apollo 13?

(20) Where is it now?

(21) Can you prove it's there? Have you seen it? Has anyone seen it?

(22) What were NASA's official odd's against a Space Shuttle failure prior to the Challenger accident?

(23) What were NASA's official odds on the same thing shortly after the Challenger accident?

(24) What is the half-life of Pu 236?

(25) What is the half-life of Pu 238?

(26) What is the half-life of Pu 239?

(27) What is the half-life of Pu 240?

(28) What is the half-life of Pu 241?

(29) What is the half-life of Pu 242?

(30) For the next seven questions, the launch weight percentage may be given:

(31) What percentage of Cassini's plutonium is Pu 236?

(32) What percentage of Cassini's plutonium is Pu 238?

(33) What percentage of Cassini's plutonium is Pu 239?

(34) What percentage of Cassini's plutonium is Pu 240?

(35) What percentage of Cassini's plutonium is Pu 241?

(36) What percentage of Cassini's plutonium is Pu 242?

(37) What percentage of the RTG fuel is oxygen?

(38) What kind of radiation does plutonium 238 give off?

(39) What is an alpha particle?

(40) If inhaled or ingested, is an alpha-emitter dangerous?

(41) If so, why?

(42) What health effects does plutonium cause?

(43) How much plutonium 239 is considered by most people in medical science to be a fatal dose, because it will almost surely cause lung cancer if lodged permanently in a lung?

(44) How much Pu 238 would it take to have the same radiological effect?

------ end of quiz -----

Mr. Woody Smith, whom I believe to be Dr. Planarian (not that it matters), if you choose not to answer ANY of the above questions honestly and completely, you should RESIGN. So should all the other NASA employees named above, and numerous others whom I will continue to name and denounce. As a citizen of the United States of America, as a citizen of the world, as a human being trying to discover the truth and save lives from a clear and indisputable (except by disreputable scoundrels like yourself) danger, I am entitled to honest answers to ALL these questions, including whether or not you are or know who Dr. Planarian is, and any other questions I might have, and nothing less. You have misrepresented the truth. Both as Woody Smith, and as Dr. Planarian, or as either one, or even if it's two people including one you (the real Woody Smith) doesn't even know, it is time for full and honest cooperation in all these matters. (Thus, if Woody Smith is being dragged into this Dr. Planarian mess unfairly, he should step forward and end that matter simply by denying his involvement in the Dr. Planarian affair, as I previously asked him to do. It is not a great step and he knows I'm eager to have that matter cleared up.)

However it would not absolve the real Woody Smith from far greater crimes than misrepresenting himself to me. Woody Smith lied, and denied the obvious. It's time for him and everyone else named above to step out of the way and let the real debate begin. An honest one in which all truths are told about the dangers of low level radiation. And about what NASA knows and doesn't know about risk assessment and 4-decimal-point accuracies.


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Although I have found your submissions consistently to be filled with the most irrationally alarmist claptrap and misstatements and misapplications of facts that would make even a speechwriter for George W. Bush proud, I have never yet seen you make such a blatant misstatement on a fact so generally well known and so easy to check as you did on your most recent mailing. I had heretofore believed you to be, but now this confirms that you in fact are, nothing but a member of the Black Helicopter crowd.

You said, "Ever notice how there are no nuclear power plants around Washington DC? That's probably because of the danger -- dangers the Government is WELL AWARE OF but WON'T TELL YOU!"

Uh huh. What's Calvert Cliffs in Maryland? How about North Anna in Virginia? Thanks to the miracle of the Virginia Railway Express many Federal government employees actually live on the shores of Lake Anna itself, which is the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant cooling pond.

No, they probably wouldn't put a nuclear power plant in Alexandria or Tacoma Park, but that is not due to the danger but because land there is prohibitively expensive and not well suited for industrial purposes (in part because people already live on it). But North Anna and Calvert Cliffs are still easily close enough to D.C. to put the lie to your garbage.

Nuclear power is the safest and cleanest way to generate electricity, as everyone with two or more synapses to rub together knows. How many people would have died of lung cancer or emphysema already if the megawatts generated by Calvert Cliffs were from coal or oil fired generators instead?

Have you ever considered obtaining something resembling a life? Perhaps a good psychiatrist could help.

Dr. Ivo Planarian


What you can do today to stop NASA's nuclear madness:

NASA needs to be told in no uncertain terms NEVER to launch nuclear rockets of any type ever again!

To learn about the absurd excuses NASA used to launch Cassini and its 72.3 pounds of plutonium in 1997, ask them for the 1995 Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini mission, and all subsequent documentation. At the same time, be sure to ask them for ANY and ALL documentation available on future uses of plutonium in space, including MILITARY, CIVILIAN, or "OTHER" (just in case they make a new category somehow!). To get this information, contact:

Cassini Public Information
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena CA 91109
(818) 354-5011 or
(818) 354-6478

NASA states that they do not have the resources anymore to answer most emails they receive. Liars! They have $13 billion dollars to play with. They can answer the public's questions!

Here's NASA's "comments" email address:

Daniel Goldin is the head of NASA. Here's his email address: or

Here's the NASA URL to find additional addresses to submit written questions to:


Be sure to "cc" the president and VP and your senators and congresspeople, too.

Always include your full name and postal address in all correspondence to any Government official of any country.

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